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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - In This Iron Ground by Marina Vivancus

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Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Length: 85,000 words approx.

Damien is nine years old when his parents die. What should have been the worst moment of his life begins a journey shadowed by loneliness and pain. The night of a full moon, four years and seven foster homes later, Damien flees to the forest, desperate to escape everything. 

Instead, he finds the Salgado pack, and the earth beneath his feet shifts. Damien has seen the Salgado children in his school: Koko, who is in his class, and Hakan, two years older and infinitely unreachable. Damien is suddenly introduced into a world that had only ever existed in his imagination, where there is magic in the forest and the moon. He meets creatures that look like monsters, but Damien knows that monsters have the same face as anybody else.

Over the years, Damien and Hakan grow closer. First, just as friends and foster brothers in the Salgado house, and then into something heated and breathless when Damien joins Hakan at college. Despite what he may yearn for in the darkest part of the night, Damien knows, deep down in that bruised and mealy part of his core, that he’s not good enough to be part of the Salgado family, their pack. He’s not worthy of calling Hakan his home.

Even though he knows in the end it’ll hurt him, he’ll hold onto this for as long as he can.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains themes of emotional and (nonsexual) physical child abuse and the subsequent emotional, cognitive, and behavioural impacts.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

In This Iron Ground is an amazing story, that introduces you to Damien. He is a foster child as his parents died in a car crash. He is in the system, and unfortunately has the moniker of 'problem child'. The best thing that happens to him is he meets the Salgado's, and is introduced to a world he never knew existed.

This is a fantastic story, that draws you in, and makes you feel. I was crying for Damien, for how he felt, for what he went through. I love it when an author draws you in like that! I liked all of the characters of the Salgado family and friends, but funnily enough, not the McKenzies.

This is a story that is exceptionally well written, with no editing or grammatical errors that disturbed my reading flow. The pacing is perfect, and emotions are deep. The characters change and grow as the story progresses, and yet still leave you wanting more from them.

This was the first story by this author I have read, and she is now on my 'look-out' list. Absolutely recommended, and I sincerely hope there is more in this world to come. Brilliant.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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When Marina was a child she couldn’t sleep. Night after dissolving night she just couldn’t sleep. Nothing much worked – until she started making up stories in her head. Suddenly, the transition into unconsciousness was a smooth dive into calm waters.

Marina is currently in a period of sleepless upheaval, and she hopes writing down the stories in her head will cast the same spell it did decades ago.

Marina hopes to write in a variety of romance sub-genres, from contemporary to supernatural to sci-fi. Her style, however, tends to focus on character-centred stories that explore different facets of the human experience, such as mental health. She also enjoys writing explicit, drawn-out sex scenes, so expect those to be a prominent feature of her stories.

Marina tends to keep to herself unless prompted, so don’t be shy in approaching her! 

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