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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

#PROMOTIONAL_POST & #GIVEAWAY - Ashes of Night (The Haunted High #5) by Cheree Alsop

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A dangerous force is about to attack Haunted High. Students are sent home and professors flee, leaving only Finn and his team to protect the school they love. But Finn has other problems that start with his own kidnapping and end with a revelation of such magnitude it has the potential to change the way he sees his entire world. Can Finn stop the demon prince and end the threat to Haunted High once and for all, or will the school he has come to love become the demon’s latest victim?

Book 1- The Wolf Within Me
Book 2- The Ghost Files
Book 3- City of Demons
Book 4- Cage the Beast

Book 5- Ashes of Night

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4 audio book downloads of The Wolf Within Me, book 1 in the Haunted High series (Int) - ends 24th May

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Cheree Alsop is a best-selling, award-winning author and the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with joy and laughter. She is married to her best friend, Michael, the light of her life and her soulmate who shares her dreams and inspires her by reading the first drafts and adding depth to the stories. Cheree is a fulltime author and mother. She enjoys reading, riding her motorcycle on warm nights, and playing with her twins while planning her next book. She is also a bass player for her husband’s garage band, Alien Landslide.

Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great adventures, and never stop dreaming. 

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