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Monday, 23 April 2018

NBtM, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - A Maiden's Honor (The Woman from Eden #1) by Josanna Thompson


Historical Fiction / Romance



Sarah Campbell is a rarity among women in her time. Raised by her Scottish father and the natives of a remote island in the South Pacific, Sarah and her father embark on a perilous journey to Scotland. Their crew betrays them and murders her father for the purpose of selling Sarah into slavery. She is rescued by an unlikely hero, Hassan Aziz, the most feared pirate on the Barbary Coast. She quickly discovers that she is unprepared for the complex world that is suddenly thrust upon her. Sarah must find a way to survive in a world that intrigues and terrifies her.

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Cora studied Naa’il. “May I ask you a personal question?”

“That depends on the question.” Naa’il’s posture stiffened.

“Do you love your second wife?”

“Yes,” Naa’il said without hesitation.

“Don’t you owe it to her to investigate whether or not she was telling the truth?”

“I know what I saw. Our laws are clear, Cora. Samina must be punished,” Naa’il said bitterly.

“Then I suppose that I should be put to death too.”

“This is different,” Naa’il snapped.

“Why? We are not related, yet we are alone. We have even shared a bed.”

“You are my slave; you must obey me.”

“I see.” Cora grimaced. “Regarding your wife, permit me to give you something to ponder.”

“Continue.” Naa’il flicked his hand in the air.

“Why do you post a guard outside your wife’s door?”

“He is there to protect her.”

“Precisely. When a soldier hears a scream from the person that he is assigned to protect, he is not going to hesitate to ascertain why, for he fears that delaying, even for a moment, may kill her. Likewise, when a woman is frightened, she is not going to delay her scream long enough to cover herself, especially if an intruder is attacking her. My point is Your Excellency, if you love your wife, love her enough to try to confirm her story. If she is truly innocent, then perhaps she and her guard deserve mercy.”

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An Interview with a Portuguese Book Blogger
Josanna Thompson

One of the best parts about sharing A Maiden's Honor with the world, is interacting with the readers. I love when they contact me, and I will gladly give up my secrets about this story. That’s what happened when a Portuguese blogger contacted me last January about reading and blogging about A Maiden’s Honor. I was intrigued and thrilled that someone had discovered my book in Europe. Madalena was so excited about reading my book. How could I say no? So, I wrapped and sent a copy of A Maiden’s Honor to her. I had given numerous copies of my book to reviewers. I had never heard a peep from them. Madalena, on the other hand, kept in touch as she read A Maiden’s Honor. I answered her questions and fed her a steady stream of backstory information. She shared her thoughts as she read through the different sections. The result was an extra special experience for the both of us. I thought it would be fun to share her experience with you.

Josanna: Tell us a little about yourself?  How did you get started blogging?
Madalena: Hey! I’m Madalena, 19, I’m from Portugal and books are my passion.

For as long as I can remember, books were always a part of my life. Around the age of 14, I found out about Booktube, people making videos about books fascinated me and I could spent hours watching it. I was so interested in the fact that there was a community on YouTube about books, and that there were people that actually cared, people like me. So I decided to create a blog. At the beginning it was just a few words about the book but, with time, I started loving to write about my thoughts on a certain story and, later, I created my (bookish) Instagram that helped me connect with readers all around the world and made me start to translate my reviews to English. And that is the story about how I started blogging - first in Portuguese, now in Portuguese and English. It’s something I love and hope to do for as long as possible.

Josanna: There are thousands of books to choose from, what drew you to A Maiden's Honor?
Madalena: I was searching authors with books that would catch my attention. The title, “A Maiden’s Honor”, was the first thing that drew me to the book, it is different and I was curious. When I saw the synopsis, I knew I had to read it, it sounded amazing - and it is.

Josanna: Sharing A Maiden's Honor with you was extra special for me because we kept in touch while you read it. What was your experience like interacting with me?
Madalena: Amazing. Reading such a complex book is not always easy, however, while I was reading it, I was able to know how everything was created and how the author felt about the characters and the things that were happening. The book itself is absolutely out of this world, but being able to share this experience with such an incredible person was even better.

Josanna: Who were your favorite characters and why?
Madalena: That’s a hard question… I would say… 55% Cora, 45% Sarah. Sarah is an amazing character, she was different and strong. But Cora… she was just amazing. Everything she went through, and the reasons why, made her an extraordinary character to me.

Josanna: Did A Maiden's Honor live up to your expectations?
Madalena: Absolutely. This is a genre that I love, but it tends to drag. So, I was expecting a great book (trust me, my expectations were high) but with some moments dragging. Spoiler alert: It did not! A Maiden’s Honor is a piece of art. Everything is written in such a beautiful way, the story is action-packed and the characters are so different. A Maiden’s Honor was everything I was expecting, and more.

Josanna: Your final thoughts on A Maiden's Honor, i.e. do you recommend it?
Madalena: YES. YES. YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. One of the best books I’ve read ever.

Isn’t Madalena delightful? Her blogs are lots of fun to read. You guys, she writes in English AND Portuguese!  Click on the link below to read her blogs. I also included Madalena’s review of A Maiden’s Honor. Madalena is also very active on Instagram.  

Madalena’s Blog

Madalena’s review of A Maiden’s Honor

Madalena on Instagram

Thanks for reading this interview. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as Madalena and I enjoyed sharing it with you. To those reading A Maiden’s Honor, please feel free to contact me through Facebook or my website,   I would love to hear from you.

Josanna Thompson is the author of A Maiden's Honor and The Woman from Eden series. She has lived in many different places in the United States, including the Southeast, the Midwest, California, and the Northeast. When she is not writing; she enjoys traveling, exploring, and scuba diving.

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