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Monday, 19 March 2018

NBTM, EXCERPT, GUEST POST & #GIVEAWAY - Hope and Honor by Marilee Brothers


Romantic suspense with a touch of fantasy



Life is becoming more complicated for soul reader Honor Melanie “Mel” Sullivan. Her boss needs help with his rebellious teen daughter who believes rules are made to be broken and Mel’s current boyfriend, Homeland Security agent Mick Petrov, is becoming an absentee lover, dropping hints about a major decision he faces. To make it worse, Mel’s ex, 3 Peaks detective “Billy the Kid” McCarty wants her back. And those aren’t the only challenges. When a paramilitary group called New Dawn wants her soul-reading skills, Mel meets five-year-old twins who steal her heart. Unwilling to abandon the motherless children, she strikes a deal with the compound’s charismatic leader. Drawn deeper and deeper into New Dawn’s twisted agenda, Mel must figure out a way to save the twins and herself before it’s too late.

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My peripheral vision catches sight of a sudden movement. I walk down the steps and turn right until I reach the edge of the building. I peek around the corner and see a little girl pressed against the rough siding. Her dark hair is braided. Her jeans and jacket are too big and look like boy clothes. Her gaze is fixed on the ground. Her thumb is in her mouth. She’s clutching a stuffed rabbit.

I take a step toward her and smile. “Hi. Are you waiting for your dad?”

She nods.

I take a step closer, trying not to spook her. “I’m Mel. What’s your name?”

Without removing her thumb, she mumbles something unintelligible. I take a step close and squat down until we’re eye level.

“I didn’t quite get your name. Maybe if you take your thumb out of your mouth it will work better.”

She lifts her head and I’m looking into eyes identical to those of the little blond boy. Bright and blue. My heart breaks when I look into her soul. Streaked with pale blue accents, it’s a soft shade of pink and bisected with a jagged black line. This little girl has experienced severe trauma.

“I think I saw your dad and brother go into the hall. Am I right?”

She nods. The thumb comes out of her mouth. “Papa and Gunner.”

“Can you tell me your name again, sweetie?”

“I’m Kimber.”

“Do people call you Kim?”

She shakes her head. “Nope. People call me Kimber, ‘cause that’s my name.”

“Got it,” I say. “How about you keep me company until the meeting is over. I’ve got nobody to talk to and I’m lonesome. We could go sit on the stairs and wait together.”

“Not there. No females. We can sit on the bench, though.”

She takes my hand and leads me to a rickety bench a few yards in front of the porch railing. We sit in companionable silence for a few minutes. I’m dying to know more about Kimber, but don’t want to bombard her with questions.

“This is Blossom Bunny,” she offers, thrusting the stuffed rabbit in front of my face.

Blossom Bunny is not attractive. Her fur is dull gray and splotchy. Her long, floppy ears droop down to her skinny legs. Black, beady eyes peer straight ahead atop a little pink nose.

“Very nice,” I lie.

“I love Blossom Bunny. She has zippers in her ears. I keep important stuff there.”
She lays the bunny across her lap, lifts one of the floppy ears and points out the zipper.

“Very cool. It’s good to have a place to keep important stuff.”

She nods solemnly, unzips one of the ears and pulls out stubby pencil, a little rubber ball and a hair ribbon. Seeing her sparse array of treasures makes me sad.

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What Makes You Laugh?

I love making people laugh and enjoy sprinkling my absurd sense of humor throughout the books I write, even if the subject matter is deadly serious. Therefore, I thought a post about laughter might be appropriate. Are you aware that laughter has health benefits? In addition to relaxing the whole body, it boosts your immune system, triggers the release of endorphins (the feel-good chemicals), protects the heart and, best of all, adds joy and zest to your life.

I think we all know humor is objective. What I think is funny, you may find utterly ridiculous. According to Wikipedia—and we know they are the experts in all things—humor is based on a number of variables such as age, geographical location, intelligence and possibly gender. I would amend that to say absolutely gender, since my husband enjoys physical humor (slapstick, pratfalls, etc.) while I crack up at satire.

 Here’s an example: I recently read a silly but hilarious book by Dave Barry titled Insane City. The loony plot involves a destination wedding in Miami, Florida. The groom, Seth, and his Groom Posse get wasted and Seth somehow ends up with a Cuban girl and her friend, Duane, who has a eleven foot albino python named Blossom. When they attempt to get into a taxi, the driver says, “No snakes!” to which Duane replies, “She’s a service snake.” This struck me as rolling on the floor funny. In fact, days later, it still makes me giggle. But when I related it to my husband, he gave the obligatory chuckle, “Heh, heh, heh.” This alerted me to the fact that, to him, it was only mildly humorous. What? How could he not think a service snake was funny? That thought remained unspoken.

Then, I remembered the last time he laughed his cute little buns off. It was a Cheech and Chong movie. The two were in Mexico and Cheech ate tacos made with an unidentifiable meat source. You already know the result. In order to counteract the inevitable Montezuma’s Revenge, he slurps up an ice cream cone. The part that made hubby roll on the floor? Cheech, butt cheeks clenched, running for a bathroom and yelling, “Come on, ice cream!”

Okay, kind of funny, but not service snake funny. Maybe that’s why I almost cried when Gary Larson quit drawing The Far Side. I own all his books, every sketch he ever made and still enjoy them. Yet, I know people who shrug their shoulders and say, “I don’t get it.” I don’t hang out with these people. Life’s too short.

So, what makes you laugh? 

Marilee Brothers is a former teacher, coach, counselor and the author of ten books. Marilee and her husband are the parents of three grown sons and live in central Washington State. After writing six young adult books, Marilee is once again writing romantic suspense for the adult market. She loves hearing from people who have read her books. Feel free to contact her at and sign up for her newsletter The Obsessive Page Turner.

Her author page on Facebook is: and she occasionally tweets @MarileeB. Check out Marilee’s Amazon page here:

Marilee’s blog is Book Blather, where she features aspiring and published authors as well as some tidbits of her own.

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