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Monday, 22 January 2018

#Promotional_Post & Excerpt - The Atlantis Twins (Mermaid Curse #1) by M.S. Kaminsky

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Mythology, Fantasy
Never trust a mermaid with a broken heart. 

Seventeen-year-old Marei lives on Alabaster Island, a remote tropical isle inhabited by twenty-one families. Nobody under the age of eighteen has ever left to visit the mainland. The island and its strange customs are all that Marei and her friends know.

For years, Marei dreaded The Binding. On that day, each teen must write his or her choice of life mate. But with childhood sweetheart drowned long ago, Marei has no boy in mind. And so she leaves her paper blank. This sets off a chain of events that ruptures the bedrock of her life and leads her to question the only home she’s ever had. 

She encounters a mermaid, beings thought to have gone extinct. The mermaid tells Marei to leave the island and offers to help. When a handsome teen from the mainland becomes stranded after a supply drop, Marei falls in love. Her secret plan to flee becomes an obsession. 

But the mermaid has a hidden agenda of her own. Now Marei must confront the shocking reality that lies beneath island life. The choices she makes threaten to upend her fate and that of her island community forever…but only if she can escape alive.

A girl I'd never seen before lay in the rocks near the water. She had her head angled so I couldn't make out her face. Her hair lay dark, matted and tangled. Look up. I commanded.

Often while watching the goings on I'd make mental requests of my fellow islanders: Walk faster or scratch your nose. As far as I could tell, they went unheard. But today the girl obeyed my command and looked up. Her eyes were dark, piercing and filled with anger.

There was something odd about her. I rubbed my eyes. Maybe it was a trick of the light? I adjusted the focus and zoomed in closer. Half of her body was female, she wore a torn t-shirt with unreadable lettering. But the lower half of her body caused my breath to catch. Fins. Scales. Fish. Mermaid. A mermaid? But weren't those creatures gone centuries ago?

I wracked my brain trying to remember what we'd learned in Assembly, wishing I'd paid more attention. Meanwhile, she continued to stare. Somehow, even from that great distance, she could see me. Then I remembered: The Mermaid Curse. I drew back from the telescope, heart pounding. 

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M.S. Kaminsky is an author and filmmaker who writes suspense thrillers with twists of fantasy, mystery and fabulism. His most recent release, The Mermaid Curse Series reveals the dark side of mermaids in a gripping young adult story that spans generations of women. When he’s not writing or making documentaries, he enjoys improv theater, travel, and escaping to nature with his husband. 

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