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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

BLOG TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - Chasing Swells by A.L. Goulden

An absorbing journey about riding the waves of life, overcoming childhood loss, and letting go of the mistakes that barricade us from our potential.
Chasing Swells
A.L. Goulden
Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Date: June 21, 2016
A professional surfer struggles to reclaim the Championship when a travel writer is assigned to observe his journey between events. What seems like a dangerous diversion, both in and out of the water, forces him to accept that there's more missing from his life than another trophy.
When he won his first World Title at eighteen, they said he’d be the greatest professional surfer to ever compete. Fourteen years later, Dean "DeBaz" Bazner is inching towards retirement having never clinched another Title. This year he’s pushing limits to prove his beginning wasn’t a fluke, and it’s working. Until she comes along.
You don’t have to know anything about surfing for it to change your life. Travel writer Azure Thomas can attest to that. She was navigating the changing world of freelance journalism when she took this gig. She wasn’t prepared for a man that connects to her profound loss and sacrifices everything, except his soul, to live his dream. He’s more than a hot magazine cover, and surfing is more than a hobby. The dangerous diversion, in and out of the water, forces Dean to accept there's more missing from his life than another trophy.
Amongst tropical breezes, in the most beautiful locations on earth, CHASING SWELLS is an absorbing journey about riding the waves of life, overcoming childhood loss, and letting go of the mistakes that barricade us from our potential.
Loved it! A. L. Goulden knows how to keep you turning pages. The characters are fully developed and don't fall flat.
- aclaremont, Amazon Reviewer
Catching waves has never been sexier! This story is beautiful because you have a woman that is not confident doing a job where confidence is key to getting what you want and a guy who has all the confidence for both of them.
- The Book Fairy Reviews, Amazon Reviewer

“Where did all those people come from?” Oh my god! Azure moves towards the middle of their boat to take photos of the crowd. The boat unexpectedly goes vertical, as the waves get more aggressive. She grips onto the canopy, nearly dropping her camera to the deck.
“I gotcha,” Pilson says, scooping his shoulder under her arm. “Hang on. It’s gonna get real wild out here.” He laughs before his smile drops. “Holy shit!”
Azure’s head whips around, unable to breathe. At first, she doesn’t grasp the direction of his shock is towards the shore, not Dean. She’s lost until the small yacht aimed directly for them blows a horn. “Are they going to hit us?” she asks Pilson. The Captain skids the boat sideways, and the yacht occupants cheer with crazed delight at his skills.
“No,” Pilson says. “They’re just going to ruin our day.”
Azure’s eyes land on a familiar female body. The woman walks gracefully onto the bow pulpit, her black string bikini barely visible against her dark skin. “Is that—?”
“Unfortunately,” Pilson says, stomping his foot. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he shouts, making Azure jump. The woman turns her large black sunglasses and huge rimmed sun hat towards them, flashing her award-winning smile. Her wave is not even slightly intimidated by his tone.
Abigail fucking Leland? Is this happening? What was left of Azure’s stomach just jumped overboard, and their boat is steadily drifting closer to the yacht in the building current.
A loud laugh escapes Abigail’s lips as she grips the pulpit railing, dangling over the large swell. “Hey, Pilson! How ya doing baby?”
Pilson moves towards the railing near the stern and hangs over, as if two feet will give him a more private realm for discussion. “Seriously, what are you doing here?”
“I scheduled the New Zealand leg of my tour around this last year, remember?” She waves for her captain to get even closer while she moves towards their side of the yacht. The current does the hard work, and soon Azure realizes just how much taller the obscene vessel is. A telescoping gangway, or plank, starts extending above them, as her crew rushes to manually adjust its trajectory. She poses along the railing, provoking whistles from the crowd. The ramp settles against the deck of their now diminished boat, and before Azure really grasps what’s happening, Abigail Leland prances aboard.
Pilson reaches out to help her while Hamilton and his friends gather around. Azure can hear Lennox, still at the bow, cursing loudly under his breath. “For fuck’s sake.”
“Surprise!” Abigail says before hugging and kissing the guys. When she gets around to Azure, she says, “Hey there. I’m Abigail. But you probably already know that.”
A simper crosses Azure’s lips at the singer’s ego-filled laugh.
“We’re missing him!” Abigail runs to their bow.
Lennox looks back at Azure, moving to a new spot along the railing, away from Abigail. All Azure can really do is shrug and throw her arms up in defeat. Hamilton and Pilson instinctively reach for her hands. They escort her back to the bow just as Dean drops and grabs rail. Positioned deep inside the huge tunnel of water, he looks completely in control.
“Whoahoo!” Abigail shouts, her arms wide. “Your good-luck charm is here baby!”

All eyes not gawking at the Grammy star seem to stare at Azure.

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About A.L. Goulden

A.L. Goulden
A. L. Goulden has a BFA in Film Production from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her love of a good story came way before college, but when numerous instructors and peers praised her dialogue she realized her creative writing hobby was a skill worth honing. Her 18 year career in interior design, production design and art direction for film and television have spun a unique perspective on visually emotional tales of relationships and the thread that ties all things together.
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