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Thursday, 15 June 2017

BOOK BLAST, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Goddess's Choice (Kronicles of Korthlundia #1) by Jamie Marchant


Fantasy (epic)



In a world where the corrupt church hides the truth about magic, the fate of the joined kingdom falls on the shoulders of two young people from opposite ends of the social hierarchy.

Crown Princess Samantha’s life begins to fall apart when she starts seeing strange colors around her potential suitors. She fears that she’s going insane--or worse that she’s defying the Goddess’s will. Robrek is a lowly farmboy with incredible magical powers. He has been biding his time waiting to get revenge on those who call him a demon.

Thrown together by chance, they must overcome their differences to fight their common enemy Duke Argblutal, who, with dark magic, is slowly poisoning the king’s mind and turning him against his own daughter.  Time is running out for those chosen by the Goddess to prevent the power mad duke from usurping the throne and plunging the joined kingdoms into civil war.

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Since the lady didn’t care, Robbie didn’t feel the slightest bit embarrassed that he couldn’t dance. She whirled away from him, and he swung her into his arms. She laughed, and he wished the night could last forever, but far too soon the lady stumbled and caught hold of his arm. “Should we sit one out, Milady?”

Breathing heavily, the lady nodded. “I guess I’m more tired than I thought.”

As Robbie led her back to her retainers, he noticed the grim looks on their faces. The scarred man had joined the two younger ones who’d been following them around. Scarface bowed to the lady. “Milady, we have a long ride back. We truly must leave.”

The lady sighed. "I guess you're right." She turned to Robbie. “I had a good time. It was fun.”

It was the best day of my life! Please don’t leave! Please say you’ll come again! “Yes, Milady. It was fun.”

“I truly wish I could stay longer, but we do have a long ride, and it isn’t fair to keep my men longer,” she said. Robbie cursed her men into the seven hells. The lady, however, let go of his hand. She kissed him on the cheek, caressing his face with her soft lips. “Goodbye, Robbie. Remember me,” she said, then followed the scarred man off into the darkness.

How could she think he’d ever forget her? Robbie touched his cheek, feeling as if he’d just lost the most precious thing in the world. He hurried away from the dance floor before anyone could see him crying. He wiped his eyes as he threaded his way through the now deserted stalls toward Wild Thing.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

The Goddess's Choice is an epic fantasy that is not for the young (only the young at heart) as there are scenes in it which some readers may find disturbing.

The King is in his 90's, his daughter is in her teens. He wants her to choose a consort for when he dies, she doesn't want any of them that suck up to her. By contrast, Robbie is also in his teens, but living on a farm where his brother and his father both beat him. He has an aptitude for healing, but never sees any benefits from it. These two are as alike as chalk and cheese, and yet when they meet, something calls to both of them.

There is so much that goes on this book, and for the majority of it, we are with Samantha and Robbie separately. They both have things to do before they can meet up, even though they both know that they can never be together (and we all know how that turns out!) 

With an amazing array of characters and situations, this book has been exceptionally written. The pace is smooth and although it is a LONG book, it won't feel that long as you get swept away in the story. This is the first book, and I can't wait to get my hands on book 2 as I am not prepared to leave their story where it is right now. Absolutely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Jamie began writing stories about the man from Mars when she was six, and she never remembers wanting to be anything other than a writer. Everyone told her she needed a back up plan, so she pursued a Ph.D. in American literature, which she received in 1998. She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University. One day in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized she’d put her true passion on the backburner and neglected her muse. The literary article went into the trash, and she began the book that was to become The Goddess’s Choice. She is now releasing an expanded edition of the novel. Her other novels include The Soul Stone and The Ghost in Exile. In addition, she has published a novella, Demons in the Big Easy, and a collection of short stories, Blood Cursed and Other Tales of the Fantastic. Her short fiction has also appeared in the anthologies--Urban Fantasy and Of Dragons & Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds—and in Bards & Sages, The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and She claims she writes about the fantastic . . . and the tortured soul. Her poor characters have hard lives. She lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She still teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. She is the mother of a grown son.


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  2. Thanks for hosting and especially for the kind review, and so your readers know this is the expanded edition of the novel. The original edition was released 5 years ago, and two other volumes in the series, The Soul Stone and The Ghost in Exile, are already available if they like The Goddess's Choice. I'll be checking back throughout the day, and I'd love to answer any of your readers questions.

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