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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

BLOG TOUR, REVIEW, & #GIVEAWAY - Awakening: Bloodline by Tiera Rice

Book & Author Details:

Awakening: Bloodline Book One
by Tiera Rice
Publication date: October 12th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal


Antanasia knows better than anyone that being royal comes with lots of expectations. Born into war as a Vampyre Witch, she has to battle the ultimate enemy: her own blood. When she has a terrifying Vision, Antanasia fights harder than ever to prevent it from coming to pass. Will she succeed? Or does she die trying?

Nadia is an average teenager celebrating her nineteenth birthday. But her day turns upside down when she starts developing unusual abilities that make her question everything she knew. Searching for answers to her predicament, she finds herself trusting Nicolae, a stranger with a familiar presence. Why does she feel so drawn to him? Will Nadia find answers to the questions about her past and take on her new role willingly? Or will she choose to remain in the dark and deny her destiny?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Awakening: Bloodline is a story of two parts - one is told by Nadia, who has just celebrated her 19th birthday in the present day. The other is told by Ananstasia in the past. They are one and the same, but it all becomes clear as the story progresses. Nadia has her friends and mother, but her life is changing and she doesn't know who she can speak to. New characters appear in her life, and she doesn't know what to do with them either. 

This is a fast-paced story, full of promise. I would say that although this is very well written, this book is more of laying down the groundwork for future books. It shows the relationships that Nadia/Ananstasia have, their enemies, their friends. Nadia suddenly has these abilities, but has no idea what to do with them. She also doesn't know who is "good" and "bad". It does end on a cliffhanger, but the surprise given wasn't really a surprise, as the details given in the book sort of gave it away.

This is an intriguing book, and I loved reading it from both points of view. I can't wait to read more and find out what happened to the other characters in the time from Ananstasia to Nadia. Definitely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Tiera Rice was raised in Rockland County, New York and is a realtor in Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties. She earned her degree in criminal justice from Temple University, is the founder of Laughter and Lemonade: a project that focuses on motivational posters for those experiencing a chronic illness, and co-founder of #26forTiera: a foundation that provides financial resources to single parents battling life-threatening illnesses.

A creator of poems and short-stories for many years, Tiera challenged herself by leaping into the world of novels. Having recently survived a battle with cancer, Tiera decided to use her writing to entertain and motivate her readers. When not writing or selling houses, Tiera can be found spending time with her friends and family, especially her young daughter, fish, and kitty cat. Her other interests include singing, drawing, and dancing.


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Monday, 27 February 2017

REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Imago (Imago #1) by N.R. Walker

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Length: 45,000 words


Nerdy, introverted genius lepidopterist, Lawson Gale, is an expert on butterflies. He finds himself in a small town in Tasmania on a quest from an old professor to find an elusive species that may or may not even exist.

Local Parks and Wildlife officer, Jack Brighton, is an ordinary guy who loves his life in the sleepy town of Scottsdale. Along with his Border collie dog, Rosemary, his job, and good friends, he has enough to keep from being lonely.

But then he meets Lawson, and he knows he’s met someone special. There’s more to catching butterflies, Jack realises. Sometimes the most elusive creatures wear bowties, and sometimes they can’t be caught at all.

Lawson soon learns there are butterflies he can’t learn about it in books. They exist only in a touch, in a kiss, in a smile. He just has to let go first, so these butterflies can fly.

Imago is the story of finding love, bowties, and butterflies.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Imago is the first book in a new series by N.R. Walker. It tells the story of Lawson, Nerd Supreme who knows what he is talking about! He is extremely intelligent (genius level) but won't take any nonsense and play the 'games' that other professors do to move on or up. He sees Jack on a flight to Tasmania, but immediately assumes that Jack would not be interested in him. Of course, we know that is wrong, so sit back, relax and enjoy, as these two get together.

The attraction between these two is instantaneous, but at the same time, they keep it slow between them. Their "courtship" (and yes, I use that word deliberately) is quaint and old-fashioned, in all the best meanings of the words. They get to know each other before moving further into each other. The fact that they can both hold an intelligent conversation, and have similar interests, are just added bonuses.

This is a sweet yet saucy story, with plenty of action, and low angst. It is very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow. This is another book by N.R. Walker that I would have no hesitation in recommending.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books! 

February 25 - Foxylutely Books

Author Bio

N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance. She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn't have it any other way.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things...but likes it even more when they fall in love. She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since...

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

RELEASE TOUR, REVIEW, & #GIVEAWAY - Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up - An Anthology

Title: Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up - An Anthology
Authors: Alyson Hale, Ariel Marie, Brittney Coon, Cristina Slough, J.A. Kerr, J.L. Baldwin, Jennifer Loring, Lilly James, Marie Skye, ML Rodriguez, N. Mills, QUINN, S. Valentine, Zack Halford
Release Date: February 14th, 2017
Genre: Dark/erotic romance anthology

Roses are red. So is passion. And blood.

Fourteen authors have brought you stories of pain and love.

Struggle and dissonance.

Lust and depravity.

Whether your poison is a naughty husband and wife, a kinky night out on the town, edging toward the pinnacle of pain and pleasure, or something a little more supernatural, come indulge in your deepest, darkest, most f*cked up cravings.

We promise we won’t judge...if you won’t.

Note: This anthology contains content that is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18. 

A rich lawyer gives his beloved wife the punishment of a lifetime after finding divorce papers in the mail.

An assassin's life is never easy--and neither is leaving the one you love in order to save them.

EXCITABLE by Brittney Coon
When a dominant is sold as a submissive to another dominant, a dramatic power struggle ensues.

CONSENSUAL by Cristina Slough
A couple tries to resuscitate their broken marriage by going to their first swingers party.

Sex addict Aiden knows his attraction to fellow addict Keira is dangerous--but then, so is he.

When the demons come out to play and stake their claim, there are always fatal flaws.

For one young man, the nightmare scenario of abduction and torture becomes the key to unlocking his ultimate fantasy.

WICKED GAMES by Lilly James
Lyle and Ivy live for their toxic relationship, but all wicked games eventually come to an end.

AFFLICTION by Marie Skye
A prominent doctor enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies, until he begins to question his original intent.

STORY OF US by ML Rodriguez
He is the first to introduce her to carnal pleasures she never dreamed of, but will he be the last?

Dysfunctional: an adjective that embodies Jezabelle's entire childhood and everything she strives to avoid, until a smooth-talking biker ruins all of her plans.

MISS X by Quinn
She calls herself a "professional mistress"--no love, no commitment, no future, until she meets a strangely familiar man who shows her how to feel again.

KILLER DOM by S. Valentine
Sometimes lust can carry you down surprising and dangerous paths...

A terminally ill billionaire uses an experimental procedure to feel endless ecstasy, but all he really wants is one last moment with his true love.

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I pull my wife’s zipper down and yank her dress off, ignoring her kicking against me. With her dark hair fanned out over the pillow and her full, round breasts splayed for my pleasure, I’ve never seen anything more tantalizing. Before I do anything to her, I need to make sure she wants this, but I’m certain she does. Her moans and the obvious hardness of her round, small nipples mean more to me than the fruitless jabs of her knees into my hardened core. When I steal a glance at her pussy, I can’t help but grin at the way it glistens. No matter how hard she fights, she can’t hide her desire for me. It’s written all over every inch of her body. She is still mine.
Easing into my planned night of debauchery, I run my rough hand over her smooth, naked flesh and capture her lips in another kiss. 
“Lana Grace Law, you are mine, body, and soul,” I whisper softly between kisses. “Trying to escape me is futile.”
“You’re a bastard,” she growls, her brows drawn down in anger. 
I shoot her a grin that makes her pelvis quiver. “I think you’ll come to forgive me enough times.”

EXCITABLE by Brittney Coon
Leo is lying on the bed like a good boy. I tie his hands and feet to the posts and pull the knife out from beneath the sheet I stashed it under.
“Do you want to see what the fucking queen of the sick and damned does with this?” I move the knife back and forth between my fingers.
“Shit,” he hisses. “I don’t want to—”
I straddle him and let the cool blade to touch his collarbone. “You using the mommy card already?”
He presses his head into the bed and chews on his bottom lip. “Fine.”
I let the knife lick his peck, making a small cut. He screws his eyes shut as I kiss the sting away.
“I dare you to untie me.” His voice comes from low in his throat, making me stop from making another cut.
“A dare, huh? You know I can’t back down from a dare…”
“Then let me go and this game is over.”
I toss the knife onto the floor. It clings on the wooden surface. “You done with me already?”
“No. I just want my fucking hands on you. I want you in my mouth. Why don’t we just forget these toys and—”
I untie him and sit on the corner of the bed. “And what, fuck like normal people?”
He licks his lips and brushes his finger over my breast. “We just do whatever animals do…”
“But we’re not falling in love. Deal?”

He pushed my hand away again. “Stop poking me, Belle,” he warned again.
The nickname only ignited my fury more. I could have died tonight or gone to prison. My whole fucking life, I made responsible decisions, and the one night I made a bad one, this guy swooped in and almost ruined everything. I slammed my index into his chest once more. His warm fingers wrapped around my wrist, and he pushed me against the wall. His fist hit the wall next to me. I couldn’t help it, I flinched, and I hated myself for it.
His eyes were bright with anger. I slapped him for making me flinch. Before I knew what was happening, my hands were pinned against the wall above my head. My heart slammed against my ribs, and our heavy breaths mingled together. The air between us shifted.
Our lips collided into a frantic kiss. His hands on my wrists tightened, and he pressed closer to me. He let go of my hands, and I tangled them into his hair as I tried to get closer. He cupped my ass and lifted me from the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist and shoved his cut from his shoulders. He had me sandwiched between him and the wall as he helped me yank his shirt off, only breaking the kiss to get it over his head. It was like being deprived of oxygen when he pulled away.
I sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of his bare chest. His arms were covered in full sleeves and on his chest sat a jester tattoo, one side of its face the laughing joker, the other half with tears silently falling. His hungry jade eyes met mine and something passed between us. If I was religious, I’d call it spiritual. 

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Wowsa! This book was filled with all sorts of dirtiness and I have to admit it made this girl blush over and over. As an anthology of course there are multiple different types of short stories but the theme was the same; dirty, sexy, fantasies, dark. Prepare yourself for some awesomeness when you finally get your hands on these stories!

The collection of different authors that entered a story to be told in this anthology is absolutely amazing.  They all have their own little twist on writing, but there wasn’t one story that I didn’t enjoy for one reason or another. The different types of short stories are another reason that kept me reading. It was like opening a surprise gift, what surprise could be on the next page.

If you’re not a fan of descriptive sex scenes, okay let me rephrase, scorching hot sex scenes at times, then back away slowly.  However, if that’s your thing, dive in head first, you’ll absolutely love these stories.

A few of my favorites were: Petition Denied, Excitable, Story of Us, Her Mistake, Miss X, and Another Last Glance. I loved all of them but these particular stories were some of my favorites and stuck out when I finished them all.

If you have a little dark and dirty in you somewhere, get a copy of this anthology, you’ll enjoy it and thank me later!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Friday, 24 February 2017

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - The Auction (Down And Dirty #4) by J.R. Gray

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Title: The Auction
Author: J.R. Gray
Genre: BDSM Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2017

Stark is too old to be selling himself, or his services. He’s too set in his ways, too piled in grief, and well…it’s been too long. But when your best friend is a big demanding drag queen, and hosting the event, it’s impossible to say no. It’s one night, he convinces himself, and then he can get back to his reclusive life.

Scotty can handle the club for one night. It’s Christmas Eve after all, and the auction is for charity. If she saw her ex she could deal with it, she hoped and it wasn’t like she had to bid on anyone. But when she comes back from the bar she finds her best friend had other plans, and now she has a date with a mysterious dominant.


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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Stark is dragged to the annual charity auction by his best friend, and host, and put up for sale. Scotty is dragged by HER best friend, and finds herself the owner of Stark's services for one evening. Can't be that bad, can it??

Ive read a fair few, but not all of Gray's books and all 4/5 star reads, and they are dark, and male/male books. 

Here? Male/female and while there is some *history* for want of a better word its not really dark as such. And it's also a good deal lighter in its BDSM element. 

For me, that's what made this book, how much LIGHTER everything was. A very welcome break between two books billed as DARK, let me tell you. 

Stark, a Dom, has been almost hiding since HER, since his wife died. And Scotty, a submissive, has been away from the scene since HER, her Domme, who dumped Scotty right there in the club. And this book is all about both of them shedding that history and making a new one. 

I loved that Stark was NOT the alpha male usually portrayed in BDSM romances and he was NOT totally in control of his reactions and emotions. HE was as damaged by his life as Scotty was by hers. It was amazing watching them push each other and push themselves to get just what they each want, and more importantly, need.

Thank you, Mr Gray, for an enjoyable hour or so, just when I needed it. I stayed up late, while ill, to read this and I'm glad I did 😊

5 full stars 

**same worded review will appear elsewhere, but I can't find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!**

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

“Remember boys and girls, this isn’t an auction for sex. You’re paying for a service only.” Pinky paused and then said a little softer. “But I’m not saying you can’t go wherever the night takes you, just had to get the fine print out of the way. Can’t have the cops up my ass…I’d much rather have them on their knees.” She winked and gave a little wave to the police chief sitting in the front row, and the crowd ate it up. Their ‘little’ club was full to the brim for Christmas Eve.

“Shall we get this party started?” Pinky raised the glass in her hand, and the rest of the room joined her.

More cheering, and my stomach flipped. The only thing worse than being a piece of meat on stage was going to be having to spend a night with a stranger. He was not good with strangers.

Pinky started to announce the dominants and submissives to be auctioned. As he said their names and preferred title, they did a lap of the catwalk. Most of them were dolled up or oiled to the max. Stark couldn’t bring himself to let anyone touch him with the stuff. He’d played along and was wearing the typical leather pants. The rest he couldn’t stomach.

“Anderson Stark.”

When his name was called, he moved a hand to smooth out his shirt, forgetting he wasn’t wearing one. “Please god, let no one notice me,” he mumbled as he stepped out under the lights.

When not staying up all night writing, J.R. Gray can be found at the gym where it's half assumed he is a permanent resident to fulfill his self-inflicted masochism. A dominant and a pilot, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. He frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns and conversations, to jot down notes or plot bunnies. Commas are the bane of his existence even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder. If Gray wasn't writing…well, that's not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave, insanity or both. The idea of haunting has always appealed to him. J.R. Gray is genderqueer and prefers he/him pronouns.

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