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Friday, 6 January 2017

#SPOTLIGHT - The Atriian Trilogy by Fawn Bonning

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Adult, Erotic, Dark, Fantasy


The Heart of Hannen

Christine's life has gone horribly awry. She believes she knows the true meaning of misery and shame . . . until destiny lands her in a different world.

Hannen Fallier has been horribly mauled. And not only his face. He believes his heart to be mangled beyond mending . . . until destiny lands Christine in his path.

Can their love survive, or does destiny have other brutal plans?

The Leader of Lors

How far will a mother go to protect her child?
Christine will go to beyond the ends of the Earth,
back to the brutal world of Atriia,
back to the man who will possess
her at any cost.

He is Lor Zeria,
the very Leader of Lors,
revered and respected by all,
yet feared by Christine as no other.

This is a tale of fantasy and bravery, 
of adventure and horror,
of passion and obsession, 
of survival and betrayal.

And for Christine Clavin . . .
it is her own harrowing tale
of destiny.

King Kynneth

She escaped Lor Zeria with her life and her child,
but now she must face his brathern.

He is King Kynneth, hungry for power and bent on revenge.
He means to rule the world of Atriia and to claim Christine as his own.

Will he conquer the world?
Will he conquer Christine?
Or does fate have other plans?

The world was a hazy gray.
It was not her world.
It was his. And he was a devon who knew no mercy.

She knew mercy.
She had wept as she held Reeva where she lie writhing and moaning upon the floor. She had rocked her, comforted her, pleaded to her for forgivings. Then she had crawled to the bunker to fetch the down pillow.

Aya, she knew mercy.
She had sat upon Reeva…had leaned in her weight, ignoring the hands clawing at the pillow, ignoring the legs kicking.

She knew compassion.
She was rocking with racking pain where she sat cradling Reeva’s head. With trembling fingers, she closed the departed eyes, then brushed the blood from the parted lips. She ran fingertips along the bridge of the largest nose she had ever seen, and tucked hair behind ears that could rival a tippet’s.

She knew hatred.
She curled her fingers about the blade’s hilt and dragged it close, sliding it along cold polished tiles. She closed her eyes tight, shutting out his world, shutting out Reeva’s pale face in her lap, shutting out the goggling guards in the doorway. They’d been given strict instructings not to interfere. She had been given instructings as well. She had one turning to carry them out before Breea’s head would join Fiora’s.

She opened her eyes and lifted the blade.
The world was gray.
It wasn’t her world.
It was his, and he knew no mercy.
He knew no mercy.

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Fawn Bonning, author of dark fantasy, erotic romance, and horror, was born and raised in South Florida. She now resides in Tennessee with her husband, four sons, and ten dogs. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, Japanese gardening, and strolling through the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee.

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