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Thursday, 10 November 2016

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Big Meat by Paige Conners

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Big Meat by Paige Conners ( )

•Cover Artist: SK Designs ( )



A Sasquatch and a demon walk into a bar... 
Sounds more like a joke than a date to Lindsay
Anthony is a traditional guy from a traditional family 
More likely to grunt than talk 
Taller and furrier than the average man 
His dog is bigger than some adults including Lindsay
Lindsay is his opposite in almost every way 
The only family she has is the one of misfits she's claimed 
Tiny where he's tall and loud where he's silent 
Her cat is a furry ball of evil so very stereotypical
When they finally admit to the sparks that fly between them
Can they find balance with each other or just a punch line?
*** Warning contains explicit sexual content and adult language. Not intended for readers under 18 ***


Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books. 5/5 (Exceptional)

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

This was such a sweet romance read. It flowed well from start to finish and the story line kept you reading. The details and descriptions were great and kept you wanting to read and kept your attention to what was going on. They really set the scene mentally for you so you could close your eyes and visualize what you were reading.

Lindsay and Anthony are definitely characters that you will fall in love with. They are closet freaks in their own right but they are a fun couple to read about. I really enjoyed the surprises that you get as you read more about Anthony’s character.  He is definitely not the “sweet and normal” guy you think he is. It makes the story a little more fun to read and makes it a little different than your normal sweet romance.

I loved that we are still getting to read more about Frankie and Joe as well. The story wouldn’t have been the same had they been left out as Lindsay and Anthony played just as big of a party in Frankie and Joe’s story as Frankie and Joe played in Lindsay and Anthony’s. The tragedy that strikes in this book and the tragic history lesson you learn wouldn’t be the same without the couple as well. You’ll get your fair share of humor as you read the story as well.

I was really pleased with this story and enjoyed what I read. I would highly recommend you getting your hands on a copy of this book immediately.

About the Author

Paige has always loved books and reading. Growing up books provided an escape to magical worlds where magical creatures were real. As she got older those magical creatures became dream worthy men. After years of voraciously reading some very helpful friends nagged at Paige to write a book for her own. She will love them forever and ever and ever!

Paige lives in Western Pennsylvania with her two tiny demons and her husband. She has a very serious Food Network addiction and collects tattoos.

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Exclusive Excerpt
I lean forward and lightly brush my lips against his. I feel him jolt like a shot of electricity passes through him too. I’ve never felt anything like it before in my life and just know I need more. I lick the seam of his lips trying to coerce him into opening his mouth for me. If a simple closed mouth kiss can affect me so much, I’m not sure I will be able to survive an open mouthed kiss with our tongues tangling together but I’m desperate to find out. His lips part but instead of allowing my tongue access his pushes into mine and twines with my tongue. His free hand is holding my head still for his passionate oral assault. His thumb brushes my temple toying with the baby fine wisps of hair there while his palm tilts my head and jaw to the angle he wants, his long fingers stretching to play with the fine hair at the back of my neck.
The sparks that pass through me have my entire body tingling and overly sensitive. Every inch of my skin feels alive and is straining for Anthony’s touch. My nipples tighten to diamonds and are starting to get painful with how hard they are. I feel my pussy clench with anticipation while my clit pulses with my thunderous heartbeat. My hands drop to Anthony’s massive shoulders and dig in trying to pull him closer to me. I want to wrap my legs around his toned waist, but he keeps himself back just far enough that I can’t.
Anthony pulls back from the kiss, and we’re both breathing hard staring at each other. I don’t know why he stopped kissing me, I’m more than ready for him to pick back up where we left off at. What I’m not ready for is him tracing my eyebrow with his thumb and bringing his beer bottle to his lips for a deep swallow. I feel my face pulling into a frown while he mumbles about how I’m killing him.
“Come on Babe, we’re going to dinner before I do something I’ll regret.” He pulls me tight when I start struggling to get away from his words. No one wants to think of being a regret. “I didn’t mean like that Inferna Gattina, calm down. I meant taking you before we were ready. I don’t want to rush you.”
“We’ve known each other for ten years Anthony! Even sloths would agree we’re not rushing anywhere!” I struggle in his arms again, this time not to get away but so I can smack some sense into the stupid man. Then convince him to pick up where he left off.
“Stop, please. It’s just important to me for both of our sakes that we’re not skipping steps in this relationship. I need to make sure you understand this isn’t just some hormonal sex based fling.” I feel myself freeze at his words, despite not wanting to be in a rush I feel like he is. Then I feel ridiculous about thinking of sex as less serious than a relationship, but truthfully for a lot of people it is. “Let’s go out on a couple dates, we’ll get used to seeing each other as more than friends and then we can see how we both feel and go from there.”
“So pretty much I have to take you out on three dates so you can make sure I’m not using you for sex and will still respect you in the morning?” I tease as I feel him start to relax under my hands. I didn’t realize how important this must be to him until I felt the tension leave when I agreed to this ridiculous idea. We’ve known each other ten years, if he wants to make us wait three dates that’s fine with me since I know how important it is to Anthony. “Can we count yesterday as date one? It had food and entertainment.”

“No, you have to take me out in public and keep your tiny little hands to yourself for it to count,” he replies as he lifts me off the counter and leads me to the door where my shoes and purses are. I guess we’re getting date one out of the way tonight.

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