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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

VBT, #GIVEAWAY, INTERVIEW: Love Painted in Red by Cristiane Serruya





Tavish MacCraig, thirty-three-year-old Highlander, forsook his medical and military career, after being a POW for 6 months in Afghanistan, to run his family’s internationally renowned art gallery in London, The Blue Dot. Despite being surrounded by wealth and beauty, Tavish’s days are bleak, his nights, living nightmares, and his heart, an empty shell. But when he meets Irish painter Laetitia Galen, a powerful and sizzling attraction ignites between them.

Laetitia, who fled hell on earth when she was sixteen, now works as a well-paid housekeeper in a forsaken country manor in Warwickshire and sells her paintings in an obscure gallery. To preserve her new life and recently found peace, she resists Tavish and The Blue Dot's fantastic offer of an exclusive contract.

Laetitia becomes Tavish’s obsession; Tavish, Laetitia’s unattainable dream.

Meanwhile, a man with a burning grudge plots his long-awaited revenge, which could destroy them all over again.

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The unusual sound of a motor rumble coming from the security system broke Laetitia’s concentration, making her frown at the new stencil.

On the camera she saw a car, its license plate unknown, coming down the lane toward the house.

Damn! I forgot to close the gates and turn on the alarm. Again!

Her carving knife clattered on the ground of the studio as she ran out. Pulling off her gloves, she entered the house by the kitchen and hurried to the hall.

A man was crossing her pebbled driveway and entering the front garden.

Laetitia knew that there were things in life that took their attraction from intricate symmetry, delicate structure, and innocent nature: rare orchids, unbroken seashells, and icy snowflakes; and those that were irresistible for their great power, refusal to be tamed, and dangerous potential: active volcanoes, huge waves, and craggy precipices.

And there were things that were simply too immense, too savage, or too intense to be contained in a single image or explained in mere words, even if there were a thousand of them.

The tall, powerfully built giant of a man walking toward her door belonged in the latter category, she was sure.

Wearing a tailored charcoal three-piece-suit, a baby-pink shirt, and a dark-gray tie, he was frighteningly male, terrifyingly beautiful, and vitally imposing.

His skin was an exquisite shade of the lightest coppery-gold. His mane was made of the darkest midnight-black silky locks, which shimmered under the soft sun. Wind-blown strands brushing against his forehead and wraparound glasses did nothing to diminish the sharpness of the man.

Who are you? By his firm strides, he wasn’t lost, which in her suspicious mind was not a good thing.

A funny flutter began in her stomach when he climbed the three steps to the double doors. His forehead creased for a moment, his ink-black brows going down, as if he was carefully weighing his next move.

Laetitia didn’t move but held her breath, waiting for him to leave, as she did whenever people came probing for information—when and if they came.

She didn’t know if she was afraid or excited, when, using one of the old iron lion knockers, he banged twice and called, “Ms. Galen?”

Even muffled by the old oak-carved doors and thick brick walls, his voice was a deep baritone, rich and sensual. It seemed to wash over her like warm rain on a summer night.

Damn. He knows me. She frowned and walked stealthily to the front door.

Cleopatra entwined around her calf, purring as if approving of the man outside.

Laetitia debated with herself: she had been careful ever since she had left Ireland in the dark of night, and she’d never had contact with such masculine power, yet there was her matured, innate sense saying that the danger he posed was not the one she feared.

Cleopatra tilted her head at her and lazily walked back to the kitchen, giving her a last look, encouraging her to open the door.

“Traitor,” she whispered, yet agreeing with her in some measure. She wanted an opportunity for a bit of unruly emotions to let her unthawed heart beat again.

He knocked again and called louder, “Ms. Galen.”

There was a quiet command in his deep voice. It compelled her.

Laetitia opened her door. “May I help you?”

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Hello and thanks for hosting Tavish, Laetitia, and I on your lovely blog. I’m so happy to be here with you and your readers today. Let’s start with the good news. All my books are on KindleUnlimited, so after you read this, visit Cristiane Serruya's Amazon Page and read for free!

1- Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my husband, two teenage daughters, and Loki, my Shetland sheepdog. I’ve graduated at Law School, with a Master’s in Business Law, and I also have a BA in Fine Arts, all from PUC-RJ. In 2011, after twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And—amazingly!—it was just the piece that was missing from the puzzle of my life. Now that I’m hooked, I can’t free myself—and don’t want to be freed. Despite my mother language being Portuguese, I write in English—don’t ask me why—and I am planning on translating my books to Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French.

2- What do you do when you’re not writing?
If not typing away stories, I am reading my favorite authors and pampering my family. I am also a lawyer and I still have a few cases I have to give attention to.

3- When did you start writing and when did you finish your first book?
TRUST Series, from which Entwined Fates is the first installment, started in a very unexpected way. In 2009, had a horrible flu that kept me in bed for days. I felt so bad that I could not even read, so I decided to tell myself a story. It was only on February 28th, 2011 that I began to write the story of three wealthy, beautiful, and strong characters, full of secrets and tragedies, and desperately looking for love: Sophia, Ethan, and Alistair. The thing grew up and up, so I decided to give writing a chance and published the first volume on November 2012.

4- Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
Don’t tell my readers, but meeting interesting people—in person or on line—gives me the inspiration for my characters. *smile* Also, there’s a little bit of me in my characters as well—yeah, including the bad ones! But I don’t have exactly blueprints. The only one that is closer to a it is Sophia Leibowitz, from TRUST Series. Also, there’s a lot of me in her.
In Love Painted in Red, I interviewed many people about many things, but especially about war and strange cults. Then I mixed everything in my cauldron spiced it with my imagination and out came Tavish, Laetitia, and their love story.

5- Is there a certain type of scene that is harder to write than other? Racy? Love? Action?
There were very difficult scenes to write in Love Painted in Red. It was an emotional experience writing of the lead characters' pains, especially Tavish, a war veteran. The impact of war on soldiers is heartbreaking and I struggled to capture some of that pain in a meaningful way. Love Painted in Red is my homage to those who dedicate themselves to make this world safer.

6- Do you have any strange writing habits? Like writing in the shower?
Funny you ask that. I have my best ideas while showering! *grin*
But no, I have pretty boring habits. I have an office at home where I plan the story and characters and do the editing. My favorite place to write is the big armchair I have on my living room. There, drinking home-made ice-tea during the Carioca summer (almost year round) or hot tea in the Carioca two-week-winter and listening to music, I type away on my laptop all night until the sun comes out.

7- If you could cast your characters in a Hollywood adaptation – who would you choose for which character?
Readers’ imaginations are always better than reality, but if I could choose the cast for Love Painted in Red, it’d be: Joe Manganiello as Tavish with sexy sea-green eyes, silvery-blonde Jane Levy as Laetitia, and Josh Holloway as “the man with a grudge”. On my Pinterest,, I have boards for my characters, clothes, locations, and everything I find useful to help me build them.

8- How important are the names in your book? Did you choose them based on how they sounded or looked, or was it completely random?
I love names! Not even my secondary characters’ names are chosen randomly—maybe the tertiary ones. I research them, meanings, pronunciation, how often they are used on real life, and if it fits the character. It is almost as if I was choosing a name for one of my daughters. My characters are my virtual babies.

9- What sort of Starbuck’s coffee would your characters order? Simple coffee or some complicated soy-non-fat-extra-espresso-half-caff-nightmare?
Love Painted in Red characters had traumatic pasts and they are complex on themselves. Exactly because of that, both like uncomplicated things and uncomplicated people…well, until they met each other. Hey, what’s the fun with simple?!
Tavish Uilleam, a 6-foot-7 Highlander hunk, is Spartan so he would order a double espresso, black. Laetitia’s would be a little more elaborated: a cappuccino with extra cream, spiced with chocolate and cinnamon, and that’s it.

10- Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
The Diaries Series, from which FROM THE BARONESS’S DIARY: The erotic escapades of Baron Beardley’s wife is the first installment, is a 20th century romantic erotica and it will be released on September 13th, 2016.
It started with a single diary entry I wrote and was supposed to be a bonus scene for the print version of Love Painted in Red, where Laetitia, a painter, used the late Baroness’s diaries to develop a series of erotic paintings, but I realized I would be doing a disservice to my readers if I didn’t develop Lady Chloé Beardley’s own story. You can add From the Baroness's Diary on Goodreads already!

Cristiane Serruya is Brazilian and lives in Rio de Janeiro, with her husband, two teenage daughters, and Loki, her Shetland sheepdog. She has studied in England, France, Italy, and Switzerland and graduated in Law, with a Master’s in Business Law, and a BA in Fine Arts. In 2012, she published her first romance, and is proud of the awards her novels have received.
She still works as a lawyer, but writing has become an essential part of her life, and a fulfilling adventure, as it allows her to make friends all over the world.


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