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Monday, 1 August 2016

RELEASE BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Professed by Nicola Rendell

At a secret masked ball at Yale, Naomi Costa is literally swept off her stiletto-blistered feet by a man with a killer jawline, a perfect body, and an even-better kiss. They bust out of an emergency exit and have axis-shaking sex. He pours whiskey in her belly button and after they run out of condoms, they have to get creative. That kind of sex.                                                                                                                                                                     The next day, she learns that he is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a brand new member of the Yale faculty and the hottest thing to happen to academia since… well, ever. She has to take his damned junior seminar to graduate, but it gets worse. He’s also her College Master: her boss, her advisor, her everything. And he’s just moved in, right downstairs.                                                                                                                                                 They can’t stay away from each other. They're either fusion or fission or both. They’re making out in libraries, hiding notes between stones, and sneaking off to nautically themed AirBnbs. Hear that sound? It’s the academic code of ethics going up in flames.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
   If they're found out, he’ll lose his job and his reputation. She'll lose her scholarship and be forced to return to the life of lobster fishing that she thought she’d escaped.

And they will be found out, yes they will.

So what the hell are they going to do? 


To the reader: Things get damned dirty in this book. The characters curse, the sex gets explicit. It’s an erotic love story with fury. Be advised.

Other tasters’ notes: HEA. Sweet. Funny. Dirty. Muddy. Wet. Inspired by a real professor.

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I need to drink whiskey from that belly button. Screw every other idea I've ever had. Jack Daniels. Belly button. Naomi. That’s the only fucking philosophical logic I will ever need.
She’s still on the heels of her orgasm, and I want to leave her there just like she is, but I have to take her with me. I have to keep her close. I hook my head under her bound wrists and take her off the bed to bring her with me as we kiss—because I cannot stop kissing her, will not stop kissing her. With my hand behind me, I fling open the minibar and fumble around blind. Chips, nuts, pretzels, what is that, a roll of Mentos?
Jack Daniels, where the hell are you?
Grabbing what feels like the right little bottle, I turn to look down. Gin. I toss it towards the desk. Second try, and bingo. I've got it.
But I’m going to have to let go of her to open this damned bottle. Proof that the world is an unfair and unkind place. It’ll have to be done. I let go of her face, and it makes her moan, but she doesn’t pull away. Instead, she grips onto the back of my neck with my tie and hangs on even tighter through the kiss.
As I crack the lid, her eyes widen, inches from mine. I feel her cheeks rise as she smiles. With one last dip into her mouth, I force myself to break the kiss, ducking down to get my head out from under her bound arms.
We stand there staring at one another for an instant. Her pupils dilate, and that’s when I press her to the bed. “Hope you’re not ticklish.”
Even as she lands with a cushy thunk on the mattress, she’s giving me that all-trouble smile. She scoots back towards the pillows, her long black hair a gorgeous tangle behind her, the same color as my tie. There’s a tan line at her stomach, and it’s killing me.
“So ticklish. But I can take it.”
        I lie down at a right angle to her body, with my cheek to her stomach. I can smell her wetness in the air and on my fingers.
        “Ready?” I ask. I sink my cheek deeper into her skin. God, this skin. God damn, this superfine skin. I tip the bottle towards her stomach.
“Ready,” she says. I feel her whole body quiver. The ticklish before the tickle is the agony of agonies.
When the whiskey hits her, she grips my hair tight. For one second, I resist all temptation: I watch it all unfold. The whiskey shivers, her body shivers, and then the shivers come out as a jagged gasp.
I lick it off, and she squirms and sucks air through her teeth. I suck it from her and growl into her body. Her feet hook around my calves. I move to her nipples, dribble on a few drops and smear them around with my tongue. I move to that perfect little depression at the base of her neck. Straight-up Naomi. Fucking heaven. Her skin, that hair, her sounds, the way her body moves under my mouth? Lemonade, when it’s too hot for anything else? I can still feel my first orgasm deep in my cock, but I’m hard again. She’s not only wrecked all my philosophies. She’s turned me into a goddamned teenager.
        I grab a condom, from my wallet this time, and tear it open. “We’re going to need more of these.”
        But she shakes her head into the pillows. She holds my stare as she slides her hands all over her body, red polish on porcelain. “Put it here. Put it everywhere.”
Christ. It’s official. I've been pussywhipped in record time.
And I don’t even know her last name.

Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.

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  1. Light or dark chocolate : Dark!
  2. Favourite colour: Chartreuse.
  3. Dogs or cats: Dogs, unless it’s a Scottish Fold!
  4. Tea or coffee: Tea. Ceylon.
  5. Light side or dark side: Dark side.
  6. Morning, noon or night? Morning.
  7. Black and white or colour? Black and white.
  8. Drawings or paintings? Paintings.
  9. Dresses or skirts? Skirts.
  10. Books or movies? Both!
  11. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
  12. Chinese or Italian? Chinese.
  13. Early bird or night owl? Early bird.
  14. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla.
  15. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert.
  16. Hugs or kisses? Both!
  17. Hunting or fishing? Fishing...catch-and-release.
  18. Winter or summer? Winter.
  19. Spring or fall? Fall
  20. Rural or urban? Rural
  21. PC or Mac?  Mac.
  22. Tan or pale? Tan.
  23. Cake or pie? Cake
  24. Ice cream or yogurt? Ice cream.
  25. Ketchup or mustard? Mustard.
  26. Comedy or mystery? Both!
  27. Boots or sandals? Boots.
  28. Silver or gold? Gold.
  29. Jazz or classical? Classical.
  30. Dancing or singing? Singing.
  31. Checkers or chess? If I knew how to play chess, I’d definitely say chess.
  32. Board games or video games? Vieo games.
  33. Wine or beer? Wine!
  34. Freckles or dimples? Freckles.
  35. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? BBQ.
  36. Body weight exercises or lifting weights? Do I have to pick one? Can’t we go for a walk?
  37. Baseball or basketball? Baseball.
  38. Facial hair or clean shaven? Beards. More beards.
  39. Smile or game face? Game face.
  40. Bracelet or necklace? Necklace.
  41. Fruit or vegetables? Fruit.
  42. Sausage or bacon? Sausage
  43. Scrambled or fried? Fried
  44. Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos.
  45. Antique or brand new? Antique
  46. Dress up or dress down? Dress up
  47. Cowboys or aliens? Cowboys.
  48. Pancakes or waffles? I want to go back to sausage.
  49. Sci-Fi or fantasy? Fantasy.
  50. Numbers or letters? Letters.
  51. Washing dishes or doing laundry? Laundry. I hate pruny fingers.
  52. Orange juice or apple juice? Apple.
  53. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset.
  54. Pen or pencil? Pen.
  55. Multiple choice questions or essay questions? Essay.
  56. Adventurous or cautious? Cautious.
  57. Saver or spender? Saver.
  58. Glasses or contacts? Neither on me. Glasses on him.
  59. Classic or modern? CLassic.
  60. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? Personal chef!
  61. Internet or cell phone? Internet.
  62. Call or text? Text!
  63. Spicy or mild? Spicy
  64. Marvel or DC? Marvel
  65. Truth or dare? Truth. Always truth.
  66. Leather or denim? Denim.
  67. Stripes or solids? Solids
  68. Bagels or muffins?Muffins
  69. Whole wheat or white? White.
  70. Hardwood or carpet? Hardwood.
  71. Bright colours or neutral tones? Neutrals.
  72. Raisins or nuts? Nuts.
  73. Picnic or nice restaurant? Nice restaurant.
  74. Black leather or brown leather? Brown leather.
  75. Long hair or short hair? Long hair on me. Short on him.
  76. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”? Oh that’s such a trick question. I think I’m probably “Ready, fire, aim,” but realize that way too late.
  77. Fiction or non-fiction? Both!
  78. Smoking or non-smoking? Non-smoking. If we’re talking cigarettes.
  79. Think before you talk or talk before you think? See 76.
  80. Asking questions or answering questions? Asking!

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