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Sunday, 3 July 2016

#SPOTLIGHT - Dracones series by Sheri-Lynn Marean

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Paranormal, Romance


If it lives…it can die… 
For a thousand years the Ilyium druids have hunted the Dracones without mercy. 

Tierney and her friends were seven when the enemy swept through their village in a brutal massacre. Terrified, they fled the realm of Tartaria for Earth. Keeping their Dracones identity secret, they grow to adulthood in Washington state. 

But no matter how far they run from the nightmares, escape is impossible. Which is crystal clear every time Tierney gazes into the tormented eyes of the man she loves. 

As a kid, Jax only wanted to protect his brother. He ended up abused, broken and full of rage. Now, with his Awakening approaching, his power are becoming unpredictable. If he survives the change allowing him to shift into his dragon, he fears endangering the one he loves above all others; Tierney. 
Their past catches up when Tierney has a vision of the Ilyium beheading her father. Ancient instincts are triggered as Tierney and Jax battle to overcome their legacy, learn to trust in themselves and each other in order to save her father and avoid the Ilyium’s sinister plans. 

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Tierney’s smile always brightened his day. With her, he felt like he could do anything, but his attraction to her when he turned fifteen was like a light bulb being turned on. He already knew he loved her, but when she began to change from a gawky teenager into a sexy woman, his feelings intensified.
Her appearance, combined with her touch and pure soul, never failed to drive the darkness inside him away. She always filled him with light, making him forget his past. His craving became so bad he started to avoid her, which only made it worse. Like an alcoholic craving the bottle, he ached to get close but was afraid if he gave in, he wouldn’t be able to tear himself away. And she deserved more than a piece of shit like him who couldn’t even control his emotions.
Now, six years later, he still had a hard on for her, making it near impossible to concentrate on anything else.
The fear on her face drove all sexual thoughts away, making him cringe. Sami sure pegged him when he called Jax an ass. “Hey, Tiern, how ya doing?” He stepped through the door, his heart racing as he fought the need to go to her and offer comfort. Her brilliant amethyst eyes met his, and Jax’s breath caught in his throat, paralyzing him. “Jax…”
His name on her tongue filled him with arousal and he stared at her inviting lips. Would they be as delectable and sweet as they seemed? Guilt consumed him as he caught the hurt in her eyes before they darkened with anger. He ached to pull her into his arms and tell her everything would be okay, but if he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from wanting more.
Eyes narrowed, her anger scorched him. “What do you want?”
What did he want? Damn. What a loaded question. You, of course. He wanted to touch—
kiss—every inch of her. He wanted to feel her arms around him, forget the darkness in his soul… “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay,” he said, suddenly uncomfortable under her scrutiny. Her glare stung him deep in a part of himself he tried to forget even existed.

**arc copy received in exchange for an honest review**

The Ilyium have been hunting the Dracones for centuries. A few managed to escape to Earth only to find their hunters came too. Join Tierney, Jax and Sami as they fight to save Tierney's father, and other paranormal beings kidnapped. But also, they fight for each other.

Dragons are always gonna push my buttons, and I very rarely turn down the chance to read books with dragons as the main being. First time authors will also do it for me. They gotta start somewhere and I am happy to give anyone a chance. So when I came across this DRAGON book, by a FIRST TIME author, I knew, I just KNEW I had to read it!

And I'm so glad I did!

Its a little bit different, and different is always good. Dracones are the main paranormal being, but Tierney, Jax and Sami have yet to reach full maturity and cannot yet shift. Jax turns in the span of the book. But we have other beings here too, the Weres and Phoenix. 

Its written very well, from all the main characters POV, including the bad guys. And you all know how much I love hearing from the bad guys. BUT a little twist there, that was sprung on yu right at the end, so did NOT see that one coming.

It does, at points, move fast, like rocket speed, and things get dropped in along the way that could have had a bigger build up. As a speed reader, it meant at points, I had to go back and check whether I had missed anything. But thats not always a bad thing. Once I got my head round Ms Marean's way of doing things, I paid better attention. Still surprised me at points, though.

I enjoyed, very much, and I really wanna see how this author progresses. Sami is next, and I really need to read that one, cos its gonna be a scorcher!!

4 stars

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If this is the start I can't wait for the whole series. Sheri-Lyn knows how to write a book. And this is her first!!! I was lucky enough to be asked to read her book and provide an honest review. The story flows it is enthralling and if you can put it down before the last page you’re doing better than I did. I can't wait for the next book!!!

     I absolutely loved this new twist and take on all the Paranormal, the Dracone (dragons) with their different magic, there are a mix of Fallen Angels and Dragons. Then you have the mysterious and very powerful Okami Wolves, they are the original wolves’ cousins, but neither shifter, nor were.
They all live in constant hiding for hundreds of years from a dark evil bent on destroying all paranormal.
     Brothers Jax & Sami and their adoptive sister Tierney have been together forever, only Tierney and Jax have been in love since childhood, but Jax bears scars both mental and physical of abuse at the hands of the man that was supposed care for him and protect him. He does not deem himself worthy of Tierney's love, his father has told him all his life how worthless and dirty he is.
     Tierney can't understand why Jax keeps pushing away from her, she knows he feels something for her, she has seen it in his eyes. Now they must all search for her father Zander (Fallen Angel) who has disappeared and now they have the help of ones they never knew existed the Okami Wolves.
     There are so many other Paranormal’s in this book, like witches, night walkers and the list goes on.
     This new series is so suspenseful, that I could not put it down. I read it all the way to the end and this was not a short story by any means. I so look forward to reading the next book in this wonderful series.

      And the passion although not much, is so hot, you will really need a water hose. And I love the vivid description of the Dracones, I can almost see them, it is that vivid…Bravo to this new author, great first book!

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Paranormal, Romance


At the young age of only seven, the Ilyium swept through Samarias’s village in a brutal massacre. Sami, his brother, his best friend, and her father fled their world for Earth, making a new home in Washington State. At nine, Sami’s father arrived and yanked his boys away from the security of their new home. At ten, they returned—broken, and silent. 

Now at twenty-one, Sami continues to hide the secrets of the past, pretending everything is fine. But it’s all a lie. With his dragon powers awakening, Sami longs for freedom from the pain and guilt, along with a soul mate of his own. 

When Sami recently infiltrated an enemy compound and witnessed the Ilyium send a woman to a fiery death, it hit him hard, but he can no longer pretend anymore. Everything is not as it seems. After learning the woman is alive, and somehow connected to Sami, his world is turned upside down. Confused, angry, and with his emotions unraveling, Sami loses control. When he is called on to fly to Calgary to rescue someone else in trouble, strange things happen, and now he comes face to face with the demons of his past. Sami has some brutal decisions to make, possibly sacrificing what he desires most in order to do the right thing. 

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“What are you doing here, Sami?” she whispered the question, gazing up at him.
“Brimstone…uh, needed a ride and I’m trying to help find your sister.” Sami gazed down at her, noticing that her lips were just inches from his. Her scent surrounded him, making it hard to concentrate on anything except how close she was to him, and the wondrous feelings racing through him.
“No, that’s not it, is it?” Her eyes narrowed angrily on him.
“I don’t understand…why do you hate me?”
“Who says I hate you?” Her eyes widened in surprise and her voice grew husky as she spoke. Cocking her head to the side just a bit, Hellfire ran her smoky eyes up and down him, making his blood boil under her gaze. Sami fought to stay calm. It sure seemed like she hated him, although now…
“I know what you want…” Her eyes continued to look him over as her hands reached out to touch him again.
“What?” Sami shivered. Her hands slowly ran up the muscles of his chest to his pecs beneath his T-shirt, before moving on to squeeze the muscles in his upper arms. He didn’t dare take his eyes off her.
“Mmm…nice…” She bit her lip as she surveyed him, silver eyes glittering with mischief. Sami’s blood ran hot and his cock strained against his jeans. He held his breath as her gaze slid down to his waistband. Her tongue darted out and wet her lower lip before worrying it between her teeth. Then silver eyes met his, shocking him at the fire he saw in them. “This is what you want…isn’t it?” she asked, wrapping her fingers in his hair, she pulled his head down.
The second Sami’s lips touched Hellfire’s, his blood rushed furiously in his veins and his cock throbbed with a desire to be buried deep inside of her. She tasted better than he could have ever imagined.
“This! This is what you want, isn’t it?” She breathed and pulled away, making him groan. He was on fire, and all his pain and darkness had gone. He wanted her so badly, his pulse was racing, and his dragon was roaring like a gorilla beating its chest for more.

I was gifted my copy, direct from the author.

This is book two in the Dracones series and you really should read Awakening first.

Sami is 21, but has yet to have his Awakening and it could happen at any time. He carries some terrible guilt from things that happened in his childhood and he carries a lot of pain. A certain Phoenix' touch takes all his pain away. But she pushes Sami away, who then goes to rescue a Dracone child who has no idea what she is, and is on the verge of her Awakening. Which in turn triggers Sami's and the two are joined in a way they never saw coming.

It's only been a couple of months since I read Awakening, but I've read a lot of books since then (I don't reread!) and it took me a little while to catch up with everyone and everything, but once I did, this book flew by!

Poor Sami is, quite literally, a mess. His guilt at killing his father, of what Jax, his brother, had to put up with and of what his father made Sami do is killing him. He uses physical pain to releive his emotional pain. When he witnessed Hellfire's demise when they rescued the others, well that just added to his guilt. But Hellfire is a Phoenix, and she is born from the ashes of that demise. And she takes all Sami's pain away, then piles it back double when she rejects him. Goldy, on the other hand, accepts the help she needs from Sami and the pair form a bond like no other.

And I cannot, for the life of me, see where these three are going, I really can't and its driving me nuts! Neither can I see the bigger picture. I can't see where Val Jean fits in, where Thaniel fits, where the new characters introduced here fit either. And that's worse than these three!


This is NOT a bad thing, not at all. This is a GOOD thing. Because I'm not sure if I've missed it, or it hasn't been totally laid out for me yet. I really don't care. Its keeping me on my toes, and its keeping me totally engaged with this series.

Hurry, please, Ms Marean, with the rest of Sami, Goldy and Hellfire's story. There was a little chapter at the end of this one, but I didn't read it. I didn't want to be left hanging any more than I already was!

4 stars

**same worded review will appear elsewhere upon release**

Sheri-Lynn Marean did it again! She captured my attention within the first few pages, leaving me feeling satisfied about reading her latest addition and craving more. This author is different from most when it comes to her series. I find others are very repetitive in their writings,constant use of same words or sentences, no real individuality for each book, just different characters. Revelations focuses on Sami and his inner demons past and present. Just like any war there are many battles and obstacles to overcome. Can he find happiness after Hellfire, his destined soulmate? Can he ever make peace with his traumatic childhood and stop blaming himself? Can he learn to be honest about his feelings and stop hiding his pain from his closest loved ones? Only one way to find out and that is by reading the newest addition in the series, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Holly's Review

I was gifted my copy by this wonderful author.

Loving this series!! Characters are well written and very likable. If you like Dragon shifts, you will absolutely love this series. I highly recommend it! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride that is Dracones revelations.

Sheri-Lynn Marean, Author of Dracones awakening and Dracones revelations, the first two books in the Dracones series, resides in western Canada with her husband, three kids, one dog, one cat, and two fish. Sheri-Lynn did not grow up thinking she’d become an author. Instead, she grew up riding and working with racehorses, drawing and selling her animal artwork, and of course reading. Sheri-Lynn fell in love with reading at age twelve when she read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. She has not stopped reading. With a wide variety of reading interests, Sheri's passion presently is the paranormal romance genre. One day, after reading an unsatisfying book, she decided to write her own book, with her own characters, doing what she wanted them to do. She began to type and the characters came to life in her head. She has never looked back. 

My website is:   I do have a newsletter, and please, feel free to sign up. I promise I won’t flood you with news. In fact, I haven’t figured out how to do the newsletters yet, that is on my ‘to learn and do’ list, but when I get it figured out, I will let you know when there is something exciting to tell you.

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