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Friday, 1 July 2016

BLITZ - The Lost Days (Prairie Town, #3) by T.E. Ridener

Kelly Spencer has learned the ropes of being a single mom, but sometimes it’s still a little overwhelming, and very lonely. There are moments when she thinks she’s ready to try the whole dating thing again, but she is hesitant because of her children. 

Devin Rose doesn’t remember who he used to be, but he’s heard the stories. All he wants is to move forward and become the decent person he knows he can be, but it won’t be as easy as he initially thought. Through the darkness and confusion of his amnesia, Devin finds himself grasping at the first happiness he’s felt since the night of his accident. 

Nick Laveau returns to Prairie Town to help his estranged father with the family business, but he’s also looking for a second chance at happiness. He is searching for the two perfect puzzle pieces that will finally make him feel complete. 

They’re all searching for something and they’re about to discover more than any of them bargained for. Perhaps three hearts really can love each other fully, equally, and withstand the curveballs life hurdles their way. 

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This is book three in the Prairie Town series. It helps to have read the first two, but not necessary as much is recapped here. But you should, not least because I said so, but also because they are both, in their own different way, 5 star reads, same as this one! And we first meet Devin and Kelly in the previous books too.

Kelly is managing after the death of her husband 2 years previous. A noise under the sink brings Nick into her life and she begins to feel again. Devin is suffering, badly after the *incident* and moves into Nick's house as a room mate after he can no longer bear to be in his family's presence. The three of them together begin to heal wounds and mend broken hearts.

OH! I lurve Ms Ridener's Prairie Town books, I really do. They are so different to what I've been reading. 

Two things stand out for me here:

One: Only NICK goes into this with his eyes fully on the prize, or rather PRIZES. He alone is instrumental in bringing the three of them together. And I LOVED that! Usually, the two males go into a three way with their eyes open. But not here. And it made this book, for me, along with point two.

Two: Its whats NOT here. There is love, and passion, and heat and steam, yes ma'am, lots of steam. BUT there isn't the usual explicitness that comes with a menage book. Its nearly ALL glossed over, fade-to-black, I believe Ms Ridener called it. I will hold my hand and say, I much prefer explicit books, but I will also hold my hand up and say it didn't need it here. Not. At. All.

There are some truly shocking points in this book. Some I saw coming (maybe not as fast as I wanted to pick up those hints, but I DID pick them up!) and mostly not. It made me cry, broke my heart in places. And as much as it hurt me to read, it does make for gripping reading. Kelly's heartbreak at moving on from her husband. Nick's reasons for coming back to Prairie Town and Devin? Well, I'm not giving anything away about Devin, but I will say this. I LOVED Devin in this book, deeply. I felt for him at the end of 90 Days, and its intensified here. 

Lydia, Callum, Laney, Benji and Jeb, along with other characters all pop up along the way. Jeb, he has a nasty streak here, and it leads, I hope, into his book. Because Jeb NEEDS his book. I NEED his book!

If you like characters with a bit more bite, more sass and a bit more about them, these books are for you. If you never read Ridener before, these books are for you. If you never read a menage book before, this could very well be the one to start you off. 

Seriously, read these books. You won't be disappointed!

5 stars

T.E. Ridener resides in the small community of Gray, Kentucky with her equally eccentric yet amazingly interesting family. Miss Ridener has written a handful of novels as well as various short stories during her career as a writer. When she is not writing, she enjoys listening to nearly every genre of music, watching movies, and spending time with her niece and nephew. Her greatest accomplishment to date has been The Blood Betrayal Series, with characters she dreamed up while she was still a teenager. She believes that the Blood Betrayal Series will go far one day, despite the overrating of vampires in the past few years. According to her, vampires will never go out of style even if their fashion choices do!

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