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Saturday, 21 May 2016

#SPOTLIGHT - The Fire Within (Kell of the Deep Space Corps #1) by Bobby Treat

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Science Fiction, LGBT, Romance, Adult


Telepathic warrior fems kicking alien Dragonlord butt, steamy lesbian romance, a bionic commando with PTSD and a shadowy past, nanotech medicine leading to very long lives, and a futuristic take on crime and punishment — not just idle speculation but a serious prediction. 

In 2099, the United Nations include Texas, The States, Luna, Mars, and Ceres. The Deep Space Corps went to the stars and returned with friends — the walking celery Spruigh and levitating knotted-snake Bokka. Nanotech medicine pushes life expectancy to 120 years. Babel, the new Internet, hosts virtual reality via brain modem. A career in the DSC is Kell Stark’s dream, but the Corps hides alien threats — until she catches Skirrl dragon-lords circling the System like vultures. That and her mutant abilities put her in the crosshairs of the telepathic Skirrl. 

Nothing in Kell’s life has been simple, certainly not her cousin Jimmy’s trial for assaulting her at sixteen. She’s angry, isolated, volatile, and not always herself. Sex is a handy distraction, but it’s not enough. The Commandant of the Corps leaves her to fend for herself, and the warrior Spider hired to guard her has PTSD and a shadowy past. 

The challenges she faces are daunting, but she has a fire in her belly; she will not yield. This is the story of a young woman fighting to save the human race, her life, and her sanity. 

Warning: adult language and sexual content.

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B. R. Treat hails from Snyder, Texas, which everyone agrees is "smack dab in the middle of nowhere", but a great place to grow up. It was an oil boom town in those days, but today it's a wind-farm boom town. Ah, progress!

His science fiction is influenced by E. E. (Doc) Smith's Lensman series, Clifford D. Simak's "Time is the Simplest Thing", Tanith Lee's "Birthgrave", Robert Silverberg's "To Live Again", Roger Zelazny's "This Immortal" and "Lord of Light", Isaac Asimov's "The Gods Themselves", and Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai/Childe series.

He retired from the US Air Force and along the way earned a B.S. in Math at Texas Tech in Lubbock; an M.S. in Operations Research at AFIT in Dayton, Ohio; and a Ph.D. in Management Science & Information Systems at U.T. Austin. He was Volunteer of the Year at the Austin Rape Crisis Center in 1988.

His wife, Elizabeth Slaughter, is his best reader and sounding board by far.

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