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Thursday, 31 March 2016

#GIVEAWAY & #IABBAddict: Dissident by Cecilia London

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Author: Cecilia London

Title: Dissident

Pages: 273

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Date published: March 17, 2015


“I will always be with you…” 

Rising Democratic star Caroline Gerard hasn’t had an easy year. After losing her husband, she is raising two small children alone while trying to navigate the tricky and sometimes shallow halls on Capitol Hill. A string of nasty speeches has her scrambling to apologize to any number of candidates, including newly elected Republican Jack McIntyre. Falling in love again is the last thing on her mind. 

Jack McIntyre might have a reputation as a playboy, but he has his sights set solely on his new colleague. Can he break through Caroline’s grief and capture her heart? 

Told mostly in flashback and set against a chilling fascist backdrop, Dissident is a rollercoaster ride of political intrigue, passionate contemporary romance, and undying love. 

For readers 18+. Ends on a cliffhanger.

“You’re lovely,” Jack murmured into her ear.
Was that directed at her, or was he mimicking the lyrics?
He was holding her closer than she thought was necessary for a dance between friends, but she wasn’t about to complain. They moved slowly but they’d been practicing all night and were starting to fatigue. Caroline leaned into his shoulder as if it were the most natural thing in the world, not realizing that they had almost completely stopped dancing.
“Caroline?” She heard Jack’s sweet voice again. “I’m not sure we’re dancing anymore.”
“Does it matter?” She lifted her head up.
Jack looked into her eyes. “Not unless it matters to you.”
He slowly brought his lips to hers. She didn’t turn away this time but closed her eyes and waited. It was sweet, kind, tender…and definitely not platonic. And it felt incredibly good, the pleasure wafting over her. She’d forgotten what it was like to be kissed, really kissed. She didn’t want him to stop. Jack cupped her cheek in his palm and pulled her closer to him with his other hand. Caroline brought her hands up to his hair and held them there, not wanting it to end.
She had been wondering what it would be like to run her hands through those gorgeous, perfect silver locks. His hair was soft, and she traced her fingers through it as Jack teased her tongue with his. She wanted to tug at it, bring him even closer to her, but then saw Nicky’s face in her mind and pulled away.
Caroline covered her mouth with her hand. “What was that for?”
Jack withdrew his hand from her waist. He seemed to be confused. “I-”
“It was the music,” she stammered. “We - it’s a romantic song. It’s hard not to get sucked into it. It’s fine.”
She thought Jack looked a little unnerved, but he recovered quickly. “Sure. Just a little kiss between friends. It didn’t mean anything.”
“Right.” Caroline kissed him on the cheek. “See? Nothing whatsoever.”
“Yeah.” Jack looked at his watch. “It’s late. I’d better head home. I have to get up pretty early tomorrow.”
“Not a problem.” She exhaled, grateful for the escape. “Thanks for the dance lessons.”
“Anytime,” Jack said. “I mean that.”
“I know.”
“See you on Tuesday?” he asked. “Lunch, maybe?”
“You bet.”
She turned off the music and escorted Jack up the stairs, watching him through the window as he started his Cadillac and drove away. It was nothing, that kiss. That song, the entire night…they’d gotten too caught up in the entire thing. Dancing could be an extraordinarily sensuous experience between two people who knew what they were doing, and Jack was an excellent instructor. It was only natural that she felt such incredible physical chemistry with him. That was it. Nothing more.
But Caroline was still trying to avoid the thought running through her mind – her increasing desire for him to turn his car around, run through her front door, and take her in his arms again.


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BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Acting Happy (Texas Desires, #2) by Rylie Roberts

Title: Acting Happy
Series: Texas Desires #2
Author: Rylie Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 22, 2016
Cover Design: Reese Dante

Kenzie Stanton’s constantly matchmaking mother won’t take a hint. At twenty-eight years old, she’d learned rainbows and fairy-tales don’t exist. She swears if she ever gets back on her feet, and out of the hot water her ex landed her in, she’ll embrace a new life that’s relationship-free. When a tall, handsome man with sexy eyes and a smoking-hot body shows up in her family’s store, she has no trouble ignoring him. Until his kindness and genuine nature truly test her resolve. 

The tabloids describe Ty Bateman as a cynical, take-charge, run-over-them-before-they-run-over-you kind of guy. In truth, the life of extreme celebrity has turned him into a tainted, jaded man—being virtually imprisoned behind the windowless walls of his home to avoid the clicking cameras of invasive paparazzi and the overzealous media will tend to do that to a person. When the time comes for his yearly weekend with his childhood friends, he decides to buy a secluded mountain cabin and take an extended vacation from his overwhelming reality. Rejuvenating his soul and making decisions about his future are his top priorities until he spots a blonde beauty in short-shorts carrying groceries out of the only store in town. 

Kenzie and Ty are both hiding out in the mountains…but for very different reason. Reality can only wait so long before it comes knocking on their doors. Even if Ty can break through Kenzie’s barriers, he’s not entirely sure his hurt beauty can withstand the mental brutality of his world. For these two damaged souls, is the possibility of failure too much to try for a life of more than acting happy?

4 out of 5 (very good)

Acting Happy is the second book in the Texas Desires series, and this one concentrates on Ty. He is a move star, very close to being burnt out. He has insisted on a holiday and has retreated to the mountains where he has organised a weekend with his buddies, to reground himself. Not long after he arrives, he sees Kenzie helping a lady with her shopping. It is one of those moments where your heart stops, and your breath catches in your throat. He NEEDS to know this woman. Unfortunately for him, Cole also sees her and wants the same. However, Ty lays his claim out there, and is also patient enough to wait for the weekend to end and Cole to go home. Kenzie has her own secrets and retreat and certainly didn't count on meeting Ty. Will their worlds ever be able to combine?

I enjoyed this book more than I liked Chasing Happy, simply because, although he knows what he wants, Ty didn't steamroll Kenzie either. He works with her and they are able to find a mutually agreeable compromise. I will say that I loved Reed's appearances in here. He grew on me in the previous book, and his support in this one just confirms how much he has grown and what a benefit Lara is to him.

One thing that I love about Rylie's books is that you don't just get to 'good bit' and then it's finished. No, with Rylie, you go on further and get more story of how they live, work and generally be together. This makes for a more well-rounded story for me, and I love that extra look into their lives.

Well written, with a smooth pacing, and excellent characters, this is completely enjoyable and definitely recommended by me.

* I received this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in return for a fair and honest review. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

"Acting Happy (Texas Desires #2) by Rylie Roberts is a fun, sweet, heart catching read." ~Melissa (Goodreads Review)

"Do you love  heart happy read?  Something that is fun, flirty, and just makes you giggle like a schoolgirl with her first crush?  If you answered yes, then you absolutely must read Rylie Roberts' newest release..."  ~Emily (Goodreads Review)

"I finished in two days.  I can't wait for the third book!  This group of friends are amazing."  ~Sandra (Goodreads Review)

"I loved this whole story and enjoyed how there were funny scenes, some suspense, and most of all, lots and lots of super hotness!!!!! ~Geri (Goodreads Review)

“Holy hell! I’ve never seen that around here before.” The commotion caused Ty to press the brakes, looking back at Cole whose whole attention was focused on the grocery store that had just come into view on the left.
“Sit down, you fool,” Connor yelled. Ty was forced to pay attention to the unusually heavy traffic, coming to a stop in front of the only streetlight in town. He turned his head to finally see what Cole had let out one of those catcall-style whistles at. She turned their way, confusion clear on her face.
The world kind of stopped for Ty, and for the briefest of moments, their gazes connected. His heart seized for one, then two, beats before resuming with a violent thunderous thump. Ty could hear Connor slapping at Cole’s leg, but he became transfixed on the face of the angel in front of him. The earth settled back under his Jeep and he amended his thought. That was if angels actually frowned.
“Who the hell is that?” Ty asked as if the guys would even know. She was gorgeous in all her tall, tanned summer good looks. She turned away, that casual gait stiffening as she walked behind some older woman, carrying several bags. Ty just sat there staring. She wore cut off blue jean shorts that he suspected might show a little ass when she bent over, a form-fitted pink tank top, and her long blonde hair was piled in a high ponytail hanging down her back. Her legs looked to be a mile long and she was muscular and fit. He could see the definition in her arms and legs as she moved. For him, she was stunningly beautiful and so out of character from anything he’d seen in this little backwoods town before.
“Hey, gorgeous. Look this way!” Cole yelled and whistled again. That had everyone in the area looking at them. Well, everyone, but her. She kept her eyes straight, ushering the older woman to her car when she had stopped her progress to stare at the crazy man making all the ruckus in the back of the Jeep.
“Sit your ass down and act right,” Connor yelled from the front seat. Ty registered the honk from behind and reluctantly looked up to see the light had turned green. He was holding up traffic. He did a quick left turn into the small grocery store parking lot and watched as the beauty shut the trunk of the car and walked around the corner of the building, completely out of his view. At least she hadn’t gotten inside the car because his buddies would think he was nuts chasing down that car just to meet her.
“Damn,” Ty said, parking crooked in the first open space he found.
“I swear to God, man. This whole town’s looking at us,” Connor said, not using the door, instead jumping out of passenger seat. “Get your ass out of there.”
“Shit, man. I might be in love.” Cole did about the same thing, jumping free of the open Jeep, and slapped Connor on the back as he strolled past, heading for the front doors of the store. “You might’ve just seen the future Mrs. Cole Willis.”

Rylie Roberts is the Amazon #1 international best selling author and native Texan who loves to write and read romance. Please follow the newsletter by emailing or following me on social media. Stay tuned, there's more on the way.


RELEASE BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Clayton by Seraphina Donavan

I’m playing to win, and I’ll fight as dirty as I have to.
Release Date: March 31st, 2016

My father, Samuel Darcy, wrecked everything he touched—the business, our family, my mother. I knew if I didn't stop him he'd destroy it all. So I got down and dirty, stopped playing by the rules, and rolled in the mud right along with him. I bartered my soul, and in the end, I lost the one thing that I wanted most in this world.... my wife.

Six months ago, Annalee gave me an ultimatum. Tell her about my secrets, or move out. I can’t confess to her that I’ve done shady business dealings to ruin my own father. In the end I let her go.

But now? Now I can have her back. Taking down my dad, I learned that you don’t get what you want by following the rules. What I want now is my wife back. I want her back in my life and in my bed….I’m playing to win, and I’ll fight as dirty as I have to.

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Seraphina Donavan is a hopeless romantic with a wicked & oh-so-dirty mind! Those things, combined with her love of writing, prompted her to take the leap and transform those fantasies into written words on a page. As a curvy girl herself, Seraphina has made it a point to celebrate those women with delicious curves with her work through writing and the hot men who love them.

She currently has 18 published books and one anthology and is working on many more..

Living in Central Kentucky, Seraphina spends her time rescuing stray animals, working for a non-profit agency and dreaming of becoming a best-selling author. She lives in a home that has more character than working parts and enjoys spending time with her fur babies. Feel free to contact her with any questions or thoughts on your mind.. She loves connecting with her readers & hearing from anyone!

If you'd like to see more information about Seraphina's books, events and appearances or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website:


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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

PROMOTIONAL TOUR - Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners by Dr. James A. Farmer, Ph. D

In his book, Finding the Right Relationship: How to Avoid Toxic Partners, Dr. James Farmer gives the readers what they have been waiting for, a psychotherapist who is currently in the world of dating. Dr. Farmer shares his thoughts, personal experiences, and insight for making a good partner assessment.  He presents systematic ways of getting results to all who deserve a meaningful and healthy relationship. 

The book is a gift for all of us.  It is full of common sense, wisdom, and straightforward ideas of how to make smart choices. Those who read Dr. Farmer’s book will develop an understanding of how you can become more effective in partner selection.

Follow the March Promotional Tour with Dr. James A. Farmer and The Killion Group, Inc. to each of these blogs to show your support for Dr. Farmer, his book, and his mission to help singles find lasting relationships.
Brooke Blogs – March 3rd
Charmed Reflections – March 8th
Yah Gotta Read This – March 10th
Xtreme Delusions – March 15th
Hart's Romance Pulse – March 25th

Title: Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners
Author: Dr. James A. Farmer, Ph.D
Genre: Family & Relationships
Release Date: February 26th, 2016
Print Length: 58 pages
Format: Digital
Digital ISBN: 9781524215088


Healthy men and women deserve healthy relationships with other men and women who can offer solid emotional support, understanding, a spiritual connection, and love that can withstand outside pressures.

Finding that kind of relationship is fraught with obstacles--people who are poison to themselves and toxic to others. How can you find a lasting relationship while also avoiding toxic people?

Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners is the in-depth, practical guide book to finding and growing meaningful, life-long connections with people who share your philosophy on life, your goals, and your desire for a healthy relationship.

Available Here: Amazon | Kobo | iBooks

All people have their own personal definition of the meaning of happiness. Happiness is based on their individual perception of what they believe makes them feel good. For example, a ballroom dancer, a drug user, and an actor will most likely define happiness differently. Some of us believe we can find happiness in healthy relationships. We spend a lot of time and effort searching for the right partner, someone who has also developed their own expectations and standards in their search for a partner. These expectations develop from our cultural values and personal beliefs on what we think we should seek in a companion. We are bombarded with TV shows, magazine articles, movies, celebrities, Hollywood, and books showing us the psychology of relationships and how to select the right partner. Meanwhile, the latest statistics show that every other marriage ends in divorce.
My point is, when a partner does not meet our expectations, we may feel disappointment and discouragement. For some of us, when we have a series of consistent relationship disappointments, we reach a point of “it is enough.” In the end, we realize there is no right partner, but a long line of disappointments, compromises, and settling for less.

James A. Farmer, PhD, is a counselor, developmental coach, and licensed psychotherapist who believes young people men and women should take charge of their own life.  He advocates the integration of unique, insightful and effective strategies to help individuals to reduce life’s painful struggles and move forward.  Dr. Farmer has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose and live life more fully.  He is the host of the Dr. Farmer show.  Dr. Farmer is the founder and CEO of two business initiatives, the JAFA Group, Inc. and Rhodes Institute, that have helped many people improve their mental health.  A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa and the Ohio State University, he is a seminar presenter, and public speaking.  In addition, he is trained in building authentic self-esteem, changing poor attitudes and a self-defeating mindset.  James is a consultant/coach who works with the human side of businesses and a therapist who counsels individuals, couples and families. 

Connect with Dr. Farmer: 

Website | Facebook

Tour Organised by: 

The Killion Group Inc