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Friday, 19 February 2016

#SPOTLIGHT - Destiny of the Witch (Mountains of the Immortals #1) by Raven Moon

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Urban Fantasy


Rainelle Sterling heard the rumors about the Smokey Mountains, but she never believed them. 

She made plans for a weekend getaway, full of fun for her brother and friends. 

When they came face to face with supernatural creatures, she suffers a devastating loss. 
Faced with telling her parents, she learns things about herself, and her family she never knew. 

Broken trust and deceit from the ones that she's loved and trusted just may break her. 
But for now, she must remain strong, not for herself, but for her family. 

If only she knew then, what she knows now, maybe, just maybe, things would be different. 
Now, she is on a mission of revenge.

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Raven resides in Charlestown, Indiana, living the Country life with her family and pets.
She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3 beautiful girls. Her children and grand children are my life. I love making any type of craft and swag. 

Raven never dreamed or thought of being a writer, she hated reading and writing in school, so why is she doing this now....She started writing in July 2015. She lost her dad unexpectedly in Oct.2014 and in July of 2015, she picked up her laptop and started writing and that is what got her here today. 

Raven will take what ever is thrown her way and turn it into something positive, learn from it and grow as she goes. 

Are you ready for a ride of your life, She is, so join her, and do this TOGETHER!

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Twitter @blackravenblue


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