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Sunday, 14 February 2016

RELEASE BLITZ - Off The Record by Helen J. Barnes

♬♩♫♪ Off The Record Release Day Sale ♬♩♫♪

To celebrate the release of Off The Record (DJ Series 1.5) The Final Note (DJ Series 1) is #FREE.

Like that isn’t enough all other titles in the Series are on sale for just 0.99!!

(Note: This sale is valid for 48 hours only. Normal prices will resume on 16.02.16. Promotion available to customers only.)

There has never been a better time to get stuck into some hot, body popping, club rocking, DJ loving fun. See you on the dancefloor?

The Final Note (FREE)
Off The Record RELEASE DAY PROMO (0.99)
Disrespectful Diva (0.99)
Crazy Perfection (0.99)

♬♩♫♪ Off The Record (DJ Series 1.5) by Helen J. Barnes ♬♩♫♪


It has been my lifelong dream to really break into the music industry. Mixing and producing music has always been my ultimate; my love, my life, my drug, my sex, my everything!
That was until I met Alannah Matthews. Now I exist solely for her. I breathe for her. I live to make her happy. She makes me everything I am.

I know she understands my affair with music, she has been my biggest supporter since the first time she ever saw me play. When she saw me audition for Mark Hardy and Jimmy Rayner in London she saw just what music means to me, and that realising this dream means the world to me.
Only, it also means I will have to move from Manchester to London to be nearer Epic Records HQ. This is where Alannah’s support stops.

Have you ever had a dream that morphed into a nightmare? Well, that’s exactly what the opportunity of a lifetime turned out to be for me.
This is my time to shine. This is my chance to rock London. This is my rise to the top, in my own words. 

Without Alannah, it is a unique and very beautiful form of torture! - Dayton Scott

(Advice Notice. Contains adult content suitable for readers 18+ years of age. This novella is a continuation of The Final Note, DJ Series 1, and for optimum reading experience we advise reading The Final Note before starting Off The Record.)

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