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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

VBT & #GIVEAWAY - Mated with the Cyborg by Cara Bristol


Sci-fi Romance



Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out.

Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death.

His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.

Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves?


Some might have cheered Mariska’s impending demise. The organization’s brutality had incited a backlash of negative sentiment against all its members. Many espoused the notion that the only good Lamis-Odg was a dead Lamis-Odg.

Kai couldn’t buy into that. Mariska had been no party to the actions of her father or Lamani. She was vulnerable. Innocent. But not stupid or cowardly. In the month spent observing her, her quiet fortitude and inner strength had impressed him. Even before he’d caught the shocking glimpse of her face, he’d been struck by her beautiful eyes. A rich shade of melted caramel, fringed by dark lashes. Expressive in their attempt not to be. She didn’t trust him.

Her wariness pierced him in a way it shouldn’t. She was a person of interest and her emotions shouldn’t impact his decision-making. And, in fact, she was wise to be suspicious. Obido had bugged her quarters and employed spybots to keep tabs on her. While Kai wouldn’t intentionally harm her, he would manipulate her to obtain whatever information he could on Lamis-Odg.

The reign of terror had to be stopped. Direct intervention in Mariska’s fate jeopardized that goal. Doing nothing was the right thing to do. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

Why did he feel like he was no better than Obido?

When they approached the gangway inside the small cargo transport bay, one of the smaller shuttle ports on the station, two Lamis-Odg guards drew their weapons. “Halt!” one of them cried.

“It’s okay. He’s with me,” Mariska said.

While one guard leveled his weapon, the other scanned him. “The android is not authorized to board,” the guard said.

“He’s not boarding; he’s loading my luggage. He’ll disembark after he carries it to my stateroom.”

“Negative. He shall remain here.” The guard motioned. “Leave the cases.”

Kai set the bags down, and the sentry scanned them. “Clear,” he announced. He jerked his head at Mariska. “You may take them now.”

She dragged one toward the craft.

“My duty is to serve the daughter of Obido. Allow me to set the bags inside the door. I shall not enter,” Kai said.

The two guards glanced at each other and shrugged. “All right.”

Under armed watch, he deposited both bags inside the portal. There was nothing else he could do. He sought Mariska’s gaze. Don’t go. “Have a safe flight.”

“Thank you.”

She boarded. Kai stomped down the gangway.

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Cara will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I love writing romance; it’s my dream job! I live in the middle of the United States in Missouri with my husband of 22 years. I have two grown stepkids. My husband and I enjoy traveling and recently returned from a Danube River cruise.

What was your favourite book as a child?
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. It’s a about a young girl who is accidentally left behind on an island and must fend for herself. I read it at least eight times. Island of the Blue Dolphins was the first book I ever checked out of the library.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

When is that? Lol. My writing schedule is pretty intense.  I read—in 2015 I had challenged myself to read 100 books (my usual is about 60 books per year). I also watch a little TV, walk for exercise and recently started a yoga class. As I mentioned, my husband and I like to travel, and we’ve been all over the world: Europe, China, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and of course Canada and Mexico, which are ”close.” My goal is to set foot on all seven continents. I still have South America, Australia and Antarctica to visit!

When did you start writing and when did you finish your first book?
I wrote my first “novel” (it was 30 handwritten pages) when I was 10 years old. I went on to become a newspaper reporter, and then a public relations manager while writing mainstream fiction as a hobby. I started writing erotic romance in 2009, and I sold it to the first publisher I submitted it to, and since then have had every single submission accepted. After releasing fifteen books with publishers, I went Indie last year. Mated with the Cyborg is my 23rd book.

Are you a planner or a pantser?
I’m a panster—usually.  I get a story idea and as I think about it, the characters talk to me. I get snippets of dialogue and the opening scene starts to take shape. When I know enough for three or four chapters I start writing. As the characters continue to develop, they direct the story. However, I almost always know the ending at the beginning. So I know the destination—I just have to figure out how to get there.

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?
I would have been more prolific in the first two years of publishing. I produced two novellas per year in 2009 and 2010. I struggled for years to get my mainstream fiction published, so I was kind of unprepared when my erotic romance got published so fast and so easily. It took me a couple of years to change my behavior to reflect the fact that writing had become a career.

What has been the toughest criticism you’ve been given as an author?
The toughest thing to accept is that no matter what you write and how good a job you do, somebody won’t like it. One person’s “love” is another person’s “hate.”  You have to roll with the punches and keep writing.

What has been the best compliment? 
The best compliment in the whole world is when a reader tells me that I’m an “auto buy,” that she’ll read anything I write. My goal is to entertain my readers with a great romance that leaves them feeling warm and fuzzy at the end of the story.

What sort of writing environment do you create? I.e. music or not? Pen and paper or laptop/PC?
I have a lovely home office that is all mine! Mine. Mine. Lol. My husband and I used to share an office, but now I have my own and truly appreciate having my own space. I use a laptop because I can take it with me when I travel. I write in silence; I find sound distracting.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
Thank you! Thank you for reading and buying my books and for the reviews you write. You have so many book choices, I’m honored that you chose to read me.  If you’d like to be notified of the next Cy-Ops Sci-fi romance, please sign up for my author newsletter. It’s the best way to find out about new releases, freebies, and contests.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here

Multi-published, Cara Bristol is the author of more than 23 erotic romance titles. She writes science fiction, contemporary, and paranormal erotic romance. No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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    1. I still have the book. We had them bound. That was my first lesson in procrastination too. Writing a novel was a year long class assignment. I waited until 2 weeks before it was due to begin. And then I didn't know how to end it. I kept writing and writing. I turned in the longest novel in the class. Lol.

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    1. Thank you. Sweet 'n Spicy Designs did the cover.

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