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Monday, 11 January 2016

REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Twofer by Daisy Harris


by Daisy Harris



MM romance, romantic comedy


Bottoms up!

If a college freshman can’t get laid in sun-drenched Miami, he’s doing something wrong. Frankie Perez is determined to help his roommate get some man action in any way possible.

When Frankie’s arsenal of dating apps, fashion advice, and playing-hard-to-get lessons doesn’t work, he realizes Jeremy needs remedial help. Except tutoring Jeremy in the art of sex gets steamier than Frankie expected—and it scares the hell out of him.

Jeremy’s not sure why he’s wasting his time hooking up when he’s only got eyes for the slinky, sexy roommate he comes home to at night. But the hotter their chemistry simmers, the quicker Frankie dances away.

In near desperation, Frankie suggests the two of them team up to find a third to top them both, forgetting that two bottoms aren’t immune from lusting after each other. In a world where every man is an option, choosing one to love can be the sexiest risk of all.

Warning: Contains questionable morals, copious immature hijinks, an X-rated photo shoot, and disastrous threesomes. Sex toys were misused (but not harmed) in the making of this book.

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Jeremy turned to stare at the mirror. Behind him, Frankie was bent over, stepping into his briefs. Jeremy held his breath for that flash of c**k. Of course, he’d seen Frankie naked before, but Jeremy normally did his best to keep his eyes to himself.
“Why I agreed to organic chemistry on Friday morning I have no idea,” Frankie muttered as he dragged off his shirt.

“You want to become a pharmacist?”

“Yeah. There is that.”

Focusing on his own face, Jeremy assessed whether he had a chance with the man of his dreams that night. Jeremy’s nose was too big, and his blue eyes and dirty-blond hair were both boringly Midwestern. Besides, his height didn’t make dating any easier. Six-three hadn’t seemed too tall in Wisconsin, but in Miami, he felt like a giant. Not to mention, few tops wanted taller bottoms. At least Yacob, the sexy T.A. from Jeremy’s physics class, was equally tall and unfashionable.

Frankie came to the mirror to look at himself from next to Jeremy’s shoulder. “Guess I should slap on some deodorant and get dressed.” Frankie narrowed his eyes. Then, having decided he liked what he saw, he pursed his lips and sent a kiss. “If you need a wingman at that party… I was gonna take a break between Thursday and Saturday anyway. You know how bridge-and-tunnel the clubs get on Friday night.”

“No. I don’t, actually.” Unlike Frankie, who flashed his cousin’s driver’s license wherever he went, Jeremy didn’t have ID. Most weekend nights he spent playing video games or hanging out in his friend Austin’s dorm watching TV.

“We’ve got to work on that. There are tons of hot guys at the club.” Frankie smiled. “A lot of foreigners too. Bet you could feed your fetish.”

Jeremy snarled. “I don’t have a fetish. I—”

“Have a thirst for the unknown?” Frankie made his eyes wide and innocent, though the expression couldn’t possibly have fooled anyone. Despite his change of clothes, Frankie still wore a hint of eyeliner.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

This is a fast-paced and humorous story of two college Freshmen, figuring out that things aren't always straightforward in life, especially when you're talking about love. Jeremy is from the Mid-West, feeling very out of place both with himself and his situation. Frankie seems to be everything that Jeremy isn't - confident, secure and oozing sex appeal. Between the two of them, they need to figure out how to bring Jeremy out of his shell so that he can go after his first crush. Will things turn out the way they expect though?

I loved Frankie's mama - there is a nugget of advice right at the end of the book which is perfect for this story. The two boys try to hold back their laughter, I failed spectacularly, snorting out loud as I read it. Frankie and Jeremy are good together and the adventures they go on are great to read. 

For anyone looking for a M/M romance on the lighter side, I can definitely recommend this.

* I received this book from Goddess Fish Promotions in return for a fair and honest review. *

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Retired party girl and science fiction enthusiast, Daisy Harris spends most of her time writing sexy romance and plotting the fall of Western civilization. Her books can be found on Amazon, Nook, and wherever else fine erotic romance is sold.

Ms. Harris lives in Seattle, where she tortures her husband by making it rain. She enjoys watching bridges cause traffic, watching football games cause traffic, and blithely wearing wool socks with sandals.

She has never taken a single picture in which her bra strap is not showing.

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