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Saturday, 23 January 2016

BOOK BLITZ - Desperately Undone (Undone Series Book 1) by Christine Winston

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Romance, Suspense


Having been kidnapped ten years ago, Bree Richards knows just how dangerous this world can be. Since then she has locked herself and her memories away; that was until his release day loomed. His blue eyes have haunted her dreams and waking life for months. As Bree delves further into what happened during her captivity, she recalls a terrifying attack. With more unanswered questions than she started out with, Bree makes the decision to hunt him down. 

Michael Ryan won’t ever forgive himself for what he did to her. He tried to make things right ten years ago but her beaten and bruised body was evidence enough that he had been a coward. She was the most fragile and beautiful thing he had ever set eyes on and he needed to save her. Unfortunately he was part of the reason she needed saving. When she forces her way into his hotel room, wielding a gun and holding him hostage, she demands that he face the demons of his past. Can he convince her to leave before they catch up with him? Can he watch her walk away forever? 

Landing herself into more trouble than she bargained for, Bree finds herself traveling across the country with her tormentor. With Boston’s underworld and the sexy Agent Davis on their heels, Bree is forced to trust the one man who destroyed her life. The one man that she couldn’t seem to forget. 

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My name is Christine Winston, I'm 30 and I am an author from Dublin, Ireland. I have always loved reading but writing is something I've taken up in the last five years. My first book Cooped Up was released in February 2015 and my new book Desperately Undone in July 2015. I love creating characters that every reader can relate to in some way and have enjoyed some good positive feedback. I am so proud of my first two books and look forward to many more.

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