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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

BLOG TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne Lamb

Book & Author Details:

The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne Lamb
Published by: Booktrope Publishing
Publication date: August 11th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic


Welcome to the Apocalypse. Your forecast includes acid rain, roving gangs and misplaced priorities, in this comedic take on the end of the world as we know it, from debut author Daphne Lamb. As a self-entitled, self-involved, and ill equipped millennial, Verdell probably wouldn’t have ranked very high on the list of those most likely to survive the end of the world, but here she is anyway. Add in travelling with her work addicted boss, her boyfriend who she has “meh” feelings for, and a handful of others who had no businesses surviving as long as they have, and things aren’t exactly going as planned. But despite threats of cannibalism, infected water supplies, and possibly even mutants, Verdell is willing to put in as little effort as she can get away with to survive.


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A little girl limped in front of me.
“Hey!”I said as I caught up and knelt in front of her.  “Are you okay? Do you need help finding your mom?”
The girl faced me, reveling herself to be a little person.  “I’m a grown woman,” she snapped. “I’m perfectly capable.”
         “Sorry,” I said.  “I just thought you were lost.  You seemed like you had a limp.”
         “Yeah,” she snarled.  “That’s what happens when a big guy tries to attack you and your two kids.  I kicked his ass and strained a muscle in the process.”
         I raised my hands in surrender. “Sorry for the confusion.  You clearly have things under control.”
         “Nooo,” she said sarcastically.  “I need tall people to hold my hand.”
         She stormed off.   I walked in the opposite direction and then commandeered the line at the soup bowl.
         “What are you doing?” asked the girl with the ladle.
         “I’m reaching out for others,” I said.  “How many scoops do we give out?”
         She breathed a sigh of relief and shoved the spoon at me.
         “Thank God,” she said.  “Last time I do anything to impress a boy.”  With that, she was gone.  “I’m free!” she shouted.
         So I gave out soup to a line of people who never seemed to end.  It just kept going with endless faces every time – sad, depressed faces that looked at me with sorry eyes.  I dunked that spoon into the pot and poured its contents into their bowls until the pot ran out.  And then like magic, a grizzled man came up with a new one and replaced it without a word.
         “Sir?” I asked.  “Thank you for-“
         He grunted and walked off.
         If no one questioned the system, then neither would i. Instead, I ladled and avoided eye contact.  Uncomfortable at first, but bowl after bowl made the day go by incredibly fast. I kept  going until I felt a hand on my shoulder.
         I turned around and looked at a man I hadn’t seen before, hodling out a large platter of sandwiches.
         “Wait,” he said, squinting.  “You’re not Elizabeth. Or are you?”
         I shook my head.  “No, I’m Verdell.”
         “So where is she?”
         “Was she the blonde who served earlier today?”
         “Not her,” he said flatly.  “Elizabeth was that fat girl with facial hair and liked to yell at everybody.  I gave her this job three days ago.”
         “I just took this job from a blonde girl,” I said.  “Sorry.”
         “Ooooh,” he said, interest peaked, looking around.  “Was she cute? Where’d she go? Did she prefer soup over sandwiches?”
         “I don’t know.”

Tour-wide giveaway (US/CAN only) - ends 4th February

A signed copy of the The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse + an apocalypse survival kit

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Daphne Lamb was raised in the wilds of Colorado and now resides in a very different wilderness known as Los Angeles. She is a comedian and award winning writer who has worked in television, film and video games. In her spare time, she enjoys collecting comic books, discussing awesomely bad movies and thinks about what it would be like to own a cat.

She loves connecting to fans and readers, so feel free to connect!

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