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Monday, 14 December 2015

NBtM TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Athena's Secrets by Donna Del Oro


Romantic Suspense w/ESP elements



Athena Butler, the twenty year-old descendant of an ancient bloodline of psychics, yearns to lead a normal life. She wants a career, a boyfriend, independence. Her clairvoyant powers, however, have taught her that people can be false and dangerous. Although warned to keep her gift a secret, she's recruited by law enforcement to help search for a serial killer and uncover a terrorist cell.

Can Athena stay alive long enough to fulfill her dream?

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“Got it.” She slowly mounted, excitement and fear surging through her. He counter-balanced her weight while she settled in back and clasped her arms around his waist.

“What did you think of your portrait?” She’d given the painting to his parents the night before and they’d hung it over the fireplace mantel after much ado.

He was silent as he backed up the Jet Ski and maneuvered a turnaround as he pointed the bow towards the open water. Before taking off across the lake, he worked the throttle a bit to juice up the engine. Then he turned his head to look at her.  His guard was down. No stone wall this time.

“I liked it. You captured a side of me that I forgot was even there. I looked young, idealistic. I’d forgotten I was like that once. You’ve got a lot of talent, Athena.”

She’s a girl but looks like a woman. What would it be like to make love to her? She could even be the one Mom has foreseen in my future, or maybe not…don’t even go there, just Mom’s fantasy dream, wants me to settle down…Never mind, it’s all nonsense, even though it’s superstitious of me to refuse to ride in a car with Alex, my own brother…just bullshit the way Mom manipulates us… Might as well not tempt fate, she tells us…she’s right most of the time… Fate? Is this pretty girl my fate? Hell if I know…this girl, Athena, she’s like a magnet, no doubt she has a powerful pull on me… I’ve got such a hard-on for her…oh well, the cold water will take care of that soon enough… I’m a big boy, I can resist her if I want to…

Do I want to?

His thoughts and feelings revealed so much more than what he said. Now she knew he liked her. Very much. As much as she liked him.

4 out of 5 (very good)

This is the story of a young nineteen-year-old who has clairvoyance and a touch of psychometry too. Although her father is a British Diplomat, she still has led a fairly sheltered life but this all changes when threats against her father suddenly take a drastic and realistic turn for the worse. Athena has to make a decision to help others or to bury her head in the sand. At the same time, she meets someone and develops a connection that she hopes will lead further.

This is an intriguing story that kept me turning the pages. However, this DOES NOT have a HEA so if you are looking for one, you're out of luck. I am hopeful for a HEA further along in the series - it is fated after all - but it certainly doesn't happen in this one.

Well-written and smoothly paced, there were no editing or grammatical errors that I saw. Definitely recommended if you want something different from the norm with a slight twist.

* I received this book from Goddess Fish Promotions in return for a fair and honest review. *


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THE DELPHI BLOODLINE Series: Behind ATHENA’S SECRETS: ESP/PSI and What Inquiring Minds Want to Know

by Donna Del Oro

Psi is a fascinating field to study, and so the research for my romantic thriller enthralled me every step of the way. I’d been interested in ESP phenomena since early adulthood. My cousin was a full-time, practicing psychic who claimed an approximately 85% accuracy rate in her readings. I’d had a number of experiences that proved to me that I was highly intuitive. But Psi is its own right is fascinating because it calls so many basic beliefs, scientific and otherwise, into question.
Researchers of Psi divide psychic phenomena into several primary areas, and then tend to pick one on which to focus their study. Those areas of research and testing are: Telepathy, the study of mind-to-mind communication; Precognition, the transfer of knowledge about future events that cannot be inferred through any known way; Clairvoyance, studying the transfer of information about faraway places without using the normal senses; Psychokinesis, the mental interaction with material items, whether animate or inanimate; and Biological psychokinesis, the mental interaction with living systems (for example, healing from a distance or the communication with living creatures of different species).
In ATHENA’S SECRETS (Book One, THE DELPHI BLOODLINE series), my heroine Athena Butler, the modern-day descendant of the powerful and ancient Delphi bloodline, displays abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance and biological psychokinesis. Her mother and grandmother all show similar abilities, as does the mother of the hero, Kas Skoros. They are heirs to the bloodline, women whose ancestry can be traced back to the clairvoyant and healing priestesses of ancient Greece.  The challenge in ATHENA’S SECRETS is her and her mother’s need to keep their gifts a secret. Nevertheless, Athena’s mother helps the Metro Homicide detectives track down a serial killer of little girls; soon Athena is roped into doing the same. Despite the requirements of her art classes and part time jobs, she decides to help her father and his staff at the British Embassy, who have uncovered a terrorist cell’s plot to kill both the Prime Minister of England and the President. Keeping their secret is not always possible as more people become aware of Athena’s talents.
Until recent decades, many psychologists and psychiatrists viewed psi with skepticism. Today, the field is open to the connections between psi and psychology, neuroscience and physics. Many top-notch, international academic institutions, such as Cambridge, Princeton, the University of Virginia and SRI (Stanford Research Institute), have psi labs. The same natural laws that apply to physics and other sciences also apply to psi. ESP phenomena can be tested in the lab and has been for decades, the results of which gave rise to the Department of Defense’s Stargate mission, which many believe is still an ongoing but classified program involving remote viewing (a type of clairvoyance).

Many scientists agree that psi might actually be a type of mental process or state, such as memory, learning or consciousness. The psychic women in THE DELPHI BLOODLINE series exemplify the extraordinary mental processes that science labs all over the world are now studying.

Donna Del Oro will be awarding a print copy of The Delphi Bloodline, Born to Sing, Scheming, or Dreaming in Los Angeles to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Click HERE to enter the giveaway - ends 5th January

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here

Donna Del Oro lives in Northern California with her husband and three cats. She taught high school and community college English classes for 30+ years and is now happily retired. When not writing novels or reading voraciously, she travels and sings with the medal winning Sacramento Valley Chorus.

Donna is a member of Capitol Crimes, the Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime in addition to the Valleyrose chapter of the RWA. She has judged RITA entries and does developmental editing on the side. Two of her novels, Operation Familia and Born To Sing, have won national and international awards.

Follow clairvoyant artist Athena Butler in the next book in The Delphi Bloodline series: ATHENA’S QUEST.

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