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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Book Blitz - Rebellious Soul by KaLee Ray

Title: Rebellious Soul

Author: KaLee Ray

Genre: MC Romance / Erotica

Lacie is a hot shot doctor from Oklahoma who was raised by a very
strict mother. Growing up Lacie was only allowed to see her father and
brother on holidays and summer vacation. It isn't until her dad is
killed that she learns he is the President of the Devils Descendants
motorcycle club. Now the gavel has been passed to her brother Force and
he wants Lacie there to learn the real family legacy. Titan is the road
captain for the Devil's Descendants. Titan only knows club life and has
no time for relationships, that is until Lacie comes to live with the
club. Force has made it clear to everyone that Lacie is off limits.
Lacie is soon to learn the club has some illegal secrets and some
enemies. When Lacie is kidnapped by a rival club Titan will stop at
nothing to get her back. 

   "I love you too Titan, but you are scaring me." Lacie said.

    I rolled off of her and held her tight in my arms. I knew this
would be the last time I would hold her or get to tell her how much I
loved her. This would be the last time I would see Lacie, my Lacie.

  "I have to go have a meeting with the rest of the club. I want you to
stay here." I said as I got up and put my clothes back on.
      "You'll be back. Why are you acting like you aren't coming back?" Lacie cried.

   "I don't know what's going to happen Lace, but I want you to stay
here and remember one thing for me Lace." I kissed her head. "You were
worth it." I kissed her lips and left her forever.  

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