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Saturday, 12 December 2015

BLOG TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Breathe Me by Jeri Williams

Title: Breathe Me

Author: Jeri Williams

Genre: New Adult Romance

Publisher: Gone Writing Publishing

You know how you hear those stories about once abused kids growing up and overcoming the difficult lie they have been dealt? They become majorly successful—  like FBI agents or lawyers or something cool and never have any lingering problems?

Well, this isn’t one of those stories. In fact, those
stories are just that, stories. They are things that I read about in the many books I bury myself in when I’m alone. I used to know how my life was going to be, how I was going to live out my lifeless days: unloved and fearful. Hopeless to the possibility that life, my life, could be anything better than what it is now.

I knew that I would either give up, or give in, either one would eventually be the end of me; I didn’t think that was so bad. I would no longer be constantly reminded that I was sh*t, and would be sh*t, no matter how hard I tried to make it different. I thought it was all easier just to slip away.

But that was before, before Deklan. 


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“What’s with you? You’re so quiet today.” She eyed me.

Breathe, act normal.

“Nothing, just tired, I suppose,” I replied in a meek voice I couldn’t help. I hated that I gave her the satisfaction of knowing I was scared of her.

“Tired of what? It ain’t like you work hard at a stupid bookstore.” She sneered, and I fought hard not to correct her grammar.

Life, I was tired of life, I thought, but instead, I just shrugged my shoulders, and that was good enough of a reply for her. But I really was tired, of being lonely and feeling stuck and pretending. Damn, I was tired of pretending. There was a part of me, a rather big part that [WH1] was small, weak, and vulnerable and just wanted someone to love me. Wanted to have a mother who didn’t look at me with such hatred and disgust, to be loved. That part, that longing, was what I hid because that part made her stand up and cheer and made me want to give up.

And it always showed around her.

Some days I wished I could show someone the real me, the fragile dreamer destined to live a lifeless life. But instead, the only person I talked to when I was off was my mother. Ember had long since stopped trying to get me out of the house on my days off because I’d finally told her that my days off were for “family time,” and she left me alone. Family time, what a fucking joke.

I hated making small talk with my mother. When I was young, I learned that small talk usually resulted in me saying something to piss her off, and that meant getting my ass beat. No, it was better for me not to say much.

About The Author:

Jeri Williams lives a super fabulous lifestyle (by fabulous,
she mean's kinda lame) in the hot Florida sun and loves reading of any kind (except instruction manuals and cereal boxes). She has always written stories and made her family listen to them since she was young, although this is her
first book she has ever published. She is a mom of an up-and-coming Jerry Seinfeld (in girl form) and also enjoys being right and knowing everything, although she is hardly ever right and really doesn't know anything and is obsessed with inventing miniature zoo animals you can carry around in your pocket (although not really).

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