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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

VBT & #GIVEAWAY - Never Forgotten by Stacey Nash


YA Romance



The race is on! Continuing on from FORGET ME NOT and REMEMBER ME, this is the thrilling third and final novel in Stacey Nash's unforgettable YA series.

Since the strike on Collective territory during Anamae's rescue, things have taken a turn for the worse. Unprovoked attacks on innocent people have Anamae and her friends fighting day and night to minimise the damage. With hundreds of lives lost, morale amongst the resistance fighters has plummeted. But that's the least of her worries.

Manvyke still has Anamae's mom, Annie, secreted away somewhere and after the way they parted, Anamae worries it's not at her mother's bidding. Maybe Annie's disappearance all those years ago wasn't her choice. But with Manvyke scouring the world, there's something far more pressing than the need to find Anamae's mother ...

It's a fight against time to find the other keys before Manvyke. In his hands, the three relics could unlock enough power to reek a much worse havoc than the current issues at hand. If the councillor gets his hands on those keys, civilisation will bow down.


Long strides take me out the door. The halls in this place wrap around like a meerkat’s burrow, twisting and turning, and just as thin and narrow. But I know it like I do the farm so it doesn’t take long to catch her jogging up the stairs, her short legs pumping fast accentuate the way her jeans hug her rear. I take the steps two at a time to catch up, but she reaches the top before I’m halfway. Her palm connects with the fire exit and she stops, her forehead dropping onto the smooth metal door. She can’t blame herself like this; it’s not her fault. I snag the hand hanging at her side.

Mae spins around fast, like I shocked her, her face twisted with anger, her eyes stony. If only I could make it all okay. Wrap her up and take the hurt, pain, and anger away. Hell knows, I want to. Instead, I pull her in, closing my arms around her and fitting her head under my chin. The flowery scent that’s her shampoo or some other girly crap fills my senses. Love that smell.

She presses herself into me, her arms snaking around my waist to hold on tight. Neither of us says anything for a long time until finally she sighs. “We have to stop this.”

“I’m not sure how.”

If only it were that easy. I slide my cheek along her hair, my stubble catching in the waves until my mouth hovers over the crown of her auburn head. Pressing my lips to her hair, I take in a deep breath. She sighs and leans against my chest, her cheek pressed just over my heart. Damn, I’ve missed holding her.

“You’re swooning again.”

She’s suddenly a statue in my arms, but not for long because she steps back, her eyes cold. “I told you I need space, Jax. What about that don’t you get? Your father’s out to make my life miserable. He’s going after anyone I care are about and you’re flirting? Please, just give me some darn space. I can’t think about Will, about me, about us, with your dad staging attacks left, right and center to send me a message.”

She slams her hand into the door and shoves through it.

Idiot. Me, not her.

My insides feel like they shrivel. Maybe she isn’t fighting feelings for me after all. Maybe she hates me now she knows him. Knows his filthy blood runs through my veins. I follow her onto the rooftop and she spins around. My eyes search hers, but she doesn’t give. Just stands there, chest rising and falling a little too quickly.


“I want to be alone, Jax.”

Shriveled insides try to pool in my toes while she glares at me, her chin tilted up imperceptibly. I take a step back.



I knew it was there—the tension in the air between the three of us—but I didn’t realize it affected her so much. The tension between me and her, her and Will, him and me, always there and as thick as the air that now hangs around us. I shouldn’t have pushed her, be pushing her still.


She continues staring at me with an expression worthy of the way Cynnie’s always looked at me: pity.

Got it.

I turn, my right boot squealing on the smooth concrete. Then walk down the stairs without looking back. Even though the heat of her stare burns right between my shoulder blades making me want to peer over my shoulder, I don’t.

I can’t keep pushing her or I’ll push her away. I’ll give her the space she wants. Time to find herself after we both lost our minds—scratch that—had them stolen. Time to figure out who she is and what she wants. Besides, I should be focusing on this war.

She’s right, it is my father.



I have to stop these attacks. Even if he’s not the one behind them, his fingerprints are all over the attempt on her school. I’ll stop this mess.

For her.

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Sci-fi is almost reality

Telepathy, Invisibility, Teleportation …

Did you know that sci-fi is almost reality?

Well, maybe not the sci-fi in movies like Men in Black and E.T, but the sci-fi in my books sure is. Technology is something that is continually advancing. New products are announced all the time. Did you know that they’ve actually created a hoverboard like those used in Back to The Future II.  Of course, it’s not exactly the same … but the core concept is. And those holograms our parents and grandparents were wowed by in Star Wars, they’re an actual thing now too.  That’s why when I wrote the Collective Series, I researched all the technology I created. Not to see if it was a real thing yet, but to make sure the physics of each piece of tech was actually possible and there’s a LOT of tech present in the Collective books.

The main character in my series, Anamae, has a device that makes her invisible. In 2014 the Rochester Cloak was unveiled. It uses a series of optical lenses that bend light around an object, making it seem to disappear. The Collective’s invisibility tech works in a similar way.

Collective teleportation isn’t a real thing. It’s a tad more of a push than their invisibility, but it is based on warping the space around a person to force their molecules into a different space. Hopefully all my research means that the quantum psychics I used isn’t too much of a push of the imagination.

The Collective Series is full of advanced technology that one day may just be possible. There are devices that allow my characters to talk telepathically. There’s armour that is impenetrable by projectile weapons, tracking devices for tech use, blades that can cut any substance, and much, much more. 

Do you know of any technology from science fiction that is now real?

Stacey will be awarding an eCopy of Never Forgotten to 3 randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here

Stacey Nash is a writer, mother, wife, but not always in that order. Stacey went to the University of New England to study history where she fell in love and married her college sweetheart. Now, they live in the gorgeous Hunter Valley, Australia. Stacey has a passion for writing stories set in speculative worlds, from science fiction to fantasy and anything in between. She also loves to blog is a co-founder and a contributor at Aussie Owned and Read, a blog designed for readers and writers of young adult and new adult fiction, as well as World of YA, a blog designed for lovers of young adult fiction.

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