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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

COVER REVEAL - Tau's Pride: Deception by Wendi Kelly and Deborah Dorchak

"Hard to believe it’s been a year already since Wendi and I broke ground on Tau’s Pride. We had started in mid-October and didn't stop writing for the next four months. Seriously, we were on a writing jag and cranked out the first draft of three or four books, the equivalent of completing four NaNos back to back. Maybe more, considering our word count for any given book is double the minimum of one NaNo.

What we produced was amazing, yes, but damn did it need work. Talk about tangents galore. As we go through the rewrites now we look at some stuff and scratch our heads saying, “What the hell were we thinking there?”...

Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

Click HERE if you are interested in an amazing offer on the first 4 books by Deb and Wendi.


  1. When will this be available even on Goodreads?

    1. Wendi and Deborah are hopeful for a release early in 2016. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter as you will find out there first :)