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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

VBT & #GIVEAWAY - Lake of Sins by L. S. O'Dea

Lake of Sins

by L. S. O’Dea



YA, paranormal, dystopian, sci-fi/fantasy


In a world where class distinction means the difference between imprisonment and freedom and even life and death, being chosen to stay in the encampment and breed is the only way to guarantee survival for a teenage Producer.

Every year after harvest, the finest examples of teenage Producers are assigned mates; the rest are loaded onto carts and hauled away, never to be seen or heard from again. Trinity, a sixteen-year-old Producer, knows that she has no chance of being chosen to stay. She isn’t even full-blooded Producer. Her father is a House Servant and she’s spent her entire life hiding her differences, especially her claws and fangs.

She has one week to sneak into the forest and discover what happens to those who are taken. Her plan is simple, but she doesn’t count on being hunted and captured by predators long believed to be extinct. Can she elude her captors to uncover the fate of her kind and return to camp before her escape is discovered?



“Something’s following us,” he whispered as he unsheathed his knife. 

The quiet rustle of vegetation behind them signaled that night was not the only thing approaching.  He pointed to a large tree.  She scurried up it and stopped on a limb high off the ground.  He signaled for her to wait and then walked several yards farther before climbing another tree.  He crouched on a low branch, knife in hand.

The woods were gray, the shadows growing wider as time passed.  She waited, scanning the forest below, her heart pounding in her ears.  What was hunting them, besides Guards?  She pulled her knife out of the sheath and adjusted her position.  Gaar always said that predators had to have patience, so the smart prey would too.  She was still working on that.  She shifted around again for a different angle.  So far, she hadn’t seen anything dangerous in the forest, but she had traveled mostly with Mirra.  She tried to relax her breathing, but it was coming in short pants.  She had to calm down.  Fear could be smelled.  Fear attracted predators. 

There was a soft whisper in the vegetation and a pair of glowing red eyes appeared in the brush.  A few feet away were two more eyes and then another set.  There were at least ten pairs, shining in the darkness.

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Benedictine is a complex character.  He is a drunk and is cruel but he loves his family and is never hurtful to them.  I’m not sure why he drinks as much as he does.  He didn’t tell me that.  Like most drunks he probably doesn’t even know.  I think it’s because he does not like his life, his work.  Once, he let me in to explain that at first he had a hard time with what happened to the Producers, what he was going to have to do when he inherited the family business.  He is a product of his culture, his world.  He’s learned to accept his place in life, but I think the drinking shows that it eats at him on the inside.

From him, I’ve learned that we should not accept things forced on us by our culture and society if we know that it is wrong.  It will eat us up on the inside and destroy us.  Doing what society expects when you know that it is wrong will eventually turn you into someone that you don’t like.  Benedictine had been lonely as a child and had wanted the Guards and House Servants to play with him.  They could not.  They were not allowed.  He changed that for his children.  He lifted that rule.  He should have fought a little harder to change the rest of his world for his children.  If he did, he’d probably not drink as much (of course, he may have been destitute).  There is always a price for standing up for what you believe, what you know is right.  The brave and perhaps foolish do it anyway.  The rest of us, trod along the path set for us by society and merge into someone our younger selves would hate. 

L. S. O'Dea grew up the youngest of seven. She always wanted to do what her older siblings were doing, especially reading stories.

Ill at a young age, she immersed herself in books. Her life changed when she read a short story written by her older brother and realized that normal (somewhat anyway, since her brother was a bit weird in her opinion) people created these amazing stories. From that day forward, she wanted to write.

However, as with all good stories, obstacles rose in her path (mostly self-created obstacles) and it took her many years to put finger to keyboard and type her first book.






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  1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

    1. Hi Mai,

      Not sure if this is really "daring" but it is the best that I can come up with (I don't live a very exciting life - thank goodness :))

      I was driving to work one Sunday (we had a big project due) and saw a Rottweiler running down the road and heading for the expressway.

      He was a full grown male with a spiked collar (exactly what you would imagine a Rottweiler would look like). Now, I love dogs but I had always been afraid of Rotties and they knew it. Even at the pound, they would bark and growl at me (probably smelling my fear of them).

      Anyway, in good conscience I could not just leave him heading for the expressway without trying to see if he would come to me. I pulled over and he stopped. He was still quite a distance from me. I got out of the car. He stared at me. (I left my door open in case I had to jump back in quickly - although, like I said he was a ways away). I opened my back door and said, "Come on. Do you want a ride?" I was hoping the entire time that he'd head off in the other direction and I could call Animal Control (although in that city, they don't work weekends).

      Well, he didn't run in the other direction. He trotted toward me and jumped into my car. I shut the door. Now, I had a 90+ lb Rottweiler in the back seat of my little Saturn. I got into the front seat and glanced in my rear view mirror. All I could see was Rottie head and mouth (he was panting) coming toward me. I said a prayer---"Please don't bite me, please don't bite me." And got a big, wet, slobbery tongue on my face (over and over) while his whole body wiggled in happiness and his little stub tail wagged.

      Well, I never found his guardians so I ended up keeping him. I called him Buddy because I knew two guys named Buddy and everyone loved them and it was the same for the dog. He was big and friendly and great. I had him for about ten years and then he died of bone cancer. It is common in Rotties. I still miss him.

      It's funny. When I would have a party and my friends' kids wanted to play with my dogs (I had 6 or 7 dogs at the time), I would always bring out my pittbull and Rottweiler because they were the friendliest and best with kids.

    2. Your bravery awarded you with another awesome companion for life. Don't you think? The rescue is marvelous. I wish Buddy and you the luckiest and happiest days of life.

  2. Great to learn about Benedictine!


    1. Hi Trix, glad you liked the post. I don't think any of us are 100% villains or heroes but a combination of both and that holds true for my characters. The bird is a villain to the worm but not to the cat.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Rita,
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for following this tour.

  4. Enjoyed the guest post and excerpt, sounds great, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Eva, thanks for reading and following.

  5. I love your dog story. I was fortunate enough to actual find the dogs owner. They were so happy to have him back. The boyfriend had let his girlfriend's dog out, and she was ready to dump him.

    1. Hi Misty, thanks. I have a lot of dog and cat stories. The best are when you find the owner and the person and dog/cat are happy to be together again.

      The rest usually end up staying with me, although I have had to take some to the pound. I have a lot of pets but I won't cross into the "hoarder" territory.

  6. Thank you to Archaeolibrarianologist for hosting this stop on my blog tour. It's been a lot of fun.

  7. What's your favorite mythological creature?

    1. I love mythology. There was this great book in the library when I was a kid. It had great illustrations. I love the gods and all their foibles, but I guess my favorite creature would have to be Pegasus - the flying thing again. Although, there were a lot of other creatures with better stories.

  8. Sounds like an awesome series, thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway :)

  9. Happy to be a part of this tour, thank you for sharing!

  10. I started reading Lake of Sins today because the blurb and excerpt were so compelling to me! And I'm loving it!