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Thursday, 29 October 2015

REVIEW TOUR - Rolling Thunder Series by Candace Blevins

Title: Brain
Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book Two
Author: Candace Blevins
Genre: PNR, MC, Romance

Someone has hacked past Brain’s firewalls and sold the MC’s information. Brain and Bash are on a mission to catch the hacker, find out who hired him, and then make him pay.

Until Brain discovers the hacker is a woman, and just as smart as him. She’s so clever, he chases her a full week before he finally catches her.

She’s the enemy, and yet his wolf wants to protect her from Bash. Worse, his wolf is beginning to decide he wants to claim her.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

*Warning: Fights with full-on violence and lots of blood, as well as descriptions of horrendous tortures to a captured female.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Let me start by saying that this book comes with a warning. If you have any triggers at all - PLEASE take note of that! This story covers subjects at kidnap, rape, torture, humiliation and degradation. If you don't like reading about any of those, then I suggest you try a different book! That being said, I thought that all of the above subjects were dealt with incredibly well. There was no 'overkill', if it was there, it was there for a reason and dealt with.

Ice's story is horrific and I am full of admiration for this character to have both survived and coped with what she went through. Brain has his own issues but, to be fair, they are nothing like what Ice has had to deal with. She is his equal in so many ways and I loved how patient and caring he was with her.

The paranormal aspect of this book almost takes a backseat to everything else. It is rarely mentioned apart from if his wolf is having a reaction to something. To be honest, I both loved and hated this. I love paranormal books with shifters so I was a bit disappointed. Although, I do feel that if it had been any more, it might have detracted from the overall story. Yes, I'm conflicted! LOL

Overall, this was an intense, enjoyable, horrific story that was high on emotion and low on paranormal. Definitely recommended.

* I received this book from Bit 'n' Books in return for a fair and honest review. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Duke, Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book One

Duke’s friend’s little sister had been off limits when they were growing up, but Gen is all woman now, with the sexiest curves ever. However, bringing her into his life now, as the new Rolling Thunder chapter establishes itself as a powerhouse in Chattanooga, would put her in danger.

Gen has no idea she already knows one of the bikers until she arrives to show them some downtown properties they’re looking to buy.

They live in different worlds, and despite being a successful businesswoman, Gen has led a sheltered life. She wears couture, while Duke wears Levi jeans and his MC colors on a black leather vest. Not to mention, he's a werewolf and she's a blissfully unaware human. Can two people, so different, possibly work?

*Warning: A controlling, drop-dead gorgeous werewolf who happens to be president of a motorcycle club.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Although this is the first in the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club series, it apparently has characters crossover from a different series, which I haven't read. Although this was in no way detrimental to the storyline itself, it did mean that I was glad when a bit more detail was given about who did what and where!

This is a case of opposites attracting and for some reason, I could just never picture Gen and Duke together in my head. They are both well described but it just never gelled in my mind. I guess the most obvious reason is that Gen is so high maintenance and prissy in parts, that I just couldn't figure out how the two of them managed to stay together! Gen's reactions to some situations was over the top, that even with her history, just couldn't be quite explained away. In other cases, I loved her reactions and thought that she was sassy. Duke is called controlling in the synopsis, but I would also call him overbearing too. I liked him, but I would have kicked him into touch a few times!

This is a long book but big chunks are taken up with the rules and regs of the MC, backstory and suchlike. Then other things come along and blindside you, like the fact that Duke and the MC were having trouble with the local cops, headed by Gen's ex! There was nothing even hinting at this.

Overall, an enjoyable read. Recommended more so for fans of the MC world, than for those who like paranormal.

* I received this book from Bit 'n' Books in return for a fair and honest review. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

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