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Saturday, 10 October 2015

BOOK BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Sentencing Sapphire by Mia Thompson

Book & Author Details:

Sentencing Sapphire by Mia Thompson
(Stalking Sapphire, #3)
Published by: Diversion Books
Publication date: October 6th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Thriller


Sapphire Dubois is back in the follow-up to the international bestsellers STALKING SAPPHIRE and SILENCING SAPPHIRE, fighting her most grueling serial killer yet.

A summer has passed since the catastrophe at the country club. Heiress and vigilante Sapphire Dubois has escaped to Paris, where she has shed her rich persona and lives as the infamous Serial Catcher. When the handsome Detective Aston Ridder tracks her down, Sapphire returns home to find Beverly Hills in chaos. A new vigilante has taken over Sapphire’s old job, and will stop at nothing to get her predecessor out of the way.

Meanwhile, a man with dark intentions and a deceiving smile has nestled his way into the rich community and is killing off heiresses. It doesn’t take long before Sapphire finds that this man, the next killer she has to catch, is none other than her estranged father. Already plagued by sickening memories, Sapphire is pushed to the limit when her father initiates a deranged game that threatens both her sanity and the lives of everyone around her.

While Aston struggles to keep the woman he loves from drowning in her father’s madness, Sapphire battles to outwit her merciless opponents before time runs out and more innocent blood is spilled.



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How did you come up with the idea for vigilante, Sapphire Dubois?
Oddly enough, the initial idea came from a reoccurring dream I had, where a man—a killer—was stalking a young woman through a dark forest. After having the dream a handful of times and fearing for the girl, I finally realized I was wrong. She wasn’t the victim, he was.
I woke up thinking: “who the hell is this girl?” And I didn’t stop thinking about it until I started writing Stalking Sapphire.

Sentencing Sapphire is the third book in the Sapphire Dubois Series. Does it end as a trilogy, or do you have more books planned?
The series will have a total of five books, but I always saw the first three books running together like a trilogy as many of the storylines, from Stalking Sapphire and Silencing Sapphire, will be resolved in Sentencing Sapphire. However, there’s an almost invisible storyline running through the first three that will explode in books four and five. It’ll be a game changer for everyone: Sapphire, Aston, and the reader.

Speaking of Sapphire and Aston, who’ve had a very “will they, won’t they” relationship so far, will they finally end up together?
After Silencing Sapphire was released, I got a lot of pleads from readers around the world to put them together in book three. Some were even angry. Though it may seem like I’ve kept them apart for dramatic purposes, drama has little to do with it; I could’ve put them together at the end of book one, and it may even have intensified the rest of the plot. But Sapphire and Aston are extremely flawed characters, destructive at times. In short, they haven’t been emotionally ready for a relationship.
If Sapphire and Aston get together, it will be because they’ve grown as people, and have earned their way to each other.

What was that like to grow up in Sweden, and how has it affected your writing style?
According to others, somehow, my years in Sweden were spent wearing pigtails and yodeling in the Swiss Alps, while listening to Abba and eating lutefisk.
This is only partly true. I did all those things while sitting in my Volvo.
No, honestly: the weather is sh*t and we have way too many drinking songs, but Sweden is a nice, sheltered country to grow up in, whether the Swedes know it or not. I don’t think Sweden, or America alone influenced my writing style, but the perspectives I gained from living in two places with different ideals certainly did. I believe the bigger your horizon is, the more characters you can understand and write.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
If I recall correctly, the first time I said I wanted to be an author I was eight or nine. But, like most kids, I went through the usuals: Hair dresser. Veterinary. Movie Star. As well as the unusuals: Spy. Ice picker (??) Gum-shoe style detective. And, Lois Lane—not a journalist; I literally wanted to work as Lois Lane.
Through all this, I was always writing, always plotting stories. I’m glad I circled back to author because, one: I would’ve made a terrible hair dresser, vet, or actress. Two: the world would’ve been a lesser place had I chosen spy or detective. Three: Ice picking sounds terrible, and apparently, there are no Lois Lane college courses.


Mia Thompson is a Swedish-born author living in Sacramento, California. Her international bestsellers, Stalking Sapphire and Silencing Sapphire, were published in 2013, and followed by the third book in the series, Sentencing Sapphire.

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