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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

BLOG TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - City of Roses by Donovan Pruitt

Book & Author Details:

City of Roses by Donovan Pruitt
Publication date: May 5th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult


A young man ventures to his lost love’s childhood home in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine. When a sudden accident puts him off-course, he awakes to discover a lively and vibrant culture living in a nearby village and a woman who reignites his heart. But something sinister lurks in the shadows, and he must face the terror and help defend the village from evil before it is lost forever. Go beyond the tragedy of Chernobyl and discover the magic in the City of Roses.



Collecting a pair of boots from the space beside the entryway that looked to be his size, Alex prepared himself for the outside world. Much like the floorboards, the front door opened with a chattering creak that resembled a woodpecker. He covered his eyes from the abundance of daylight that poured in. The angles the windows faced, or perhaps the dark wooden interior deflecting the sun’s harshness, contrasted sharply to the brilliance of the outside world. Two insects, or small birds, whipped past Alex’s face, and in his startled awe he flailed his arms above his head. The sound of their passing reminded him of that droning noise he’d recalled earlier.

The streaks of white settled outside of range, hovering in the air and staring back at him. Once his eyes fully adjusted to the outside light, he focused on the creatures that looked at him with the same fear and confusion he offered. They were certainly not insects or birds; in fact, they were people, or at the very least shaped like people. Tiny and nude, with skin that appeared as porcelain, the floating creatures could have fit in the palm of his hand. If he were to catch them, their soft white glow would enrapture him like a child trapping a firefly.

Alex wasn’t sure how to react to the sight of the fairy-like creatures, and instead of a proper question he babbled ignorantly. Despite their lack of wings, they flew in zigzags through the air with tiny trails of light that faded as dust in their wake. They continued to remain outside of his reach given his initial hostilities, but they seemed fascinated by him. When he extended his hand again, they darted off in separate directions, disappearing from view.

“Don’t mind the berehyni,” called a woman’s voice from his left. There was an intimacy in her tone that calmed him.

Turning to greet her, Alex aimed his finger at the runaway creatures. “A what? A be . . . a bear—what?”

“Berehyni,” she repeated. “Those fairy creatures you see. They are each a berehynia; berehyni means more than one.” Clutching a broom in her hand, the woman had apparently been going about her daily chores. She appeared simple enough in her plain blue and yellow dress, which would be considered old-world compared to his fashion.

Still, he could not help but notice how the dress hugged the curves of her hips, or the small beads of sweat on her cheeks that reminded him of dew trickling down a lemon in a way that made him thirsty. The muscles in her arms and legs were faintly outlined as she worked, but the dress softened her visage. Her hair was as blonde as sun-kissed wheat and her blue eyes were as bright as crystal. She was stunning, youthfully energetic, and entirely too cozy a sight. “Lemonade,” he whispered.

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Donovan Pruitt has a passion for science fiction and fantasy, especially those titles that trend toward young and new adult storytelling. City of Roses was his first standalone book as an indie author, though he has also written for video games and was previously published as a co-author in the fantasy genre. You can visit him online at or join the discussion on Twitter @KalaEmpire.

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  1. Sounds like a great book and I love the cover. Thank you for sharing!