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Friday, 25 September 2015

REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Stay With Me by Isabel Winsor

Stay With Me

by Isabel Winsor



Two strangers indulge in a chance encounter only to walk away and find each other again.


"Here she is," Boyd said softly, stopping where a purse and a pair of nude, patent leather heels had been discarded by a stone bench.

Speer jerked to a halt. She had come even earlier than he had.

Regina stood in the center of a labyrinth made of thigh-high, manicured rosemary. The last golden rays of sunlight softened her profile as she stared at something on the ground.

Speer held his breath. His hands clenched at his sides, thighs tightened as if he'd spring off the ground and take her down to the bare earth. He'd touch her this time. His hands fisted and flexed. This wouldn't be a business meeting and they could no longer hide behind anonymity.

The sooner he got her to himself, naked and legs spread, he could start to get her out of his system.

As he stared at her in that gauzy, ethereal dress falling in creamy waves from her shoulders to mid-thigh, he felt one thing: mine.

Boyd turned to him. "I've instructed her how to let you into the Tower," he said. "You know what to do next I presume."

Speer nodded not taking his eyes off her. But he felt Boyd's silent warning before he walked back to the front of the mansion.

When Regina heard the crunch of Boyd's footsteps, she jerked out of her thoughts. Her smile touched her eyes first when she saw Speer.

"You're here," she said, wringing her hands and then purposefully letting them hang at her sides.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Regina delivers some paperwork to her boss's home, and gets turned around trying to get out. She come across a god of a man, chained to the all, and abandons her good girl attitude for just the one time. Coming face to face with Regina after their encounter knocks Speer off his axis. He never thought he'd love again, not after the last time, after the betrayal and loss of his brother. But Regina sparks something deep inside, and he begins to hope.

This is book two in the Pleasure Grove series, and I have not read book one. I did not feel I was missing anything, and this is quite happily a stand alone within a series. I would like to go back and read book one, though.

Speer carries a lot of pain, of angst, of guilt over his brother's death. It takes Regina to show him that it wasn't his fault, and there is much pain in everyone. 

And I cried when Regina revealed her pain. When Speer visits his dad, I cried. At their reunion, I cried. When Speer finally lets go of his guilt, I cried. Actually, I cried a lot during this book!

There is enough steam to boil a kettle, enough passion to fog up the windows good and proper! It is all very well written from both Regina and Speer's POV. 

There is no major break up, no danger save from an ex hell bent on bringing everyone down with her.

All in all, a very well written, well delivered story. First I've read of Ms Winsor, probably won't be the last.

But tell me, Ms Winsor, does Boyd, Speer's best friend, get a book? He needs one.

4 Stars.

**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, and I received this book from Goddess Fish Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.*

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Isabel Winsor is the author of Unleashed Under the Mistletoe and Stay With Me. She is the superhero identity of a multi-published author who began life writing romantic comedies and chick lit. When she was told to tone down the sex, she wondered what it would be like to really let loose! One year shy of turning 40, and tired of being a chicken, Isabel wrote her first erotic romance. There’s no stopping her now!

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  1. Characters often find themselves in situations they aren't sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?

    1. Hi Mai! When I find myself in an impossible situation, I try to get through it than out of it. There's always a lesson or a blessing on the other side, although it sure is hard to remember that when I'm boiling in the thick of it. Thank you so much for following this tour!

  2. Thank you so much for your review. You almost made me cry! Yes, Boyd will get his story told in the next book, Mysterious Ways. I have plans for him!

  3. I liked the excerpt, thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing your review, I enjoyed reading it :)