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Sunday, 27 September 2015

BOOK SLUMP by Debbie Attenborough

Do you ever get in a book slump?

I read, a lot. And my reading diary (sounding 5 years old!) is always full. One after the other after the other. I have to book weeks off with the blogs I read for, just to TRY to read something for me. I took most of August  off, and actually managed to read some books for myself, but not many. More and more, I get emailed directly by authors to read their books, filling the diary up for months in advance. I currently have books in my diary, due December and January. It's only September!

So, consequently, I get to a point where I cannot read. Book after book, they don't appeal. The way it's written doesn't work. I don't get it. Any and every reason, excuse after excuse.  I'm fairly certain at least one book tour operator has made  a point to avoid me like the plague!

Add into that, the upheaval that's taking place in my personal life at the moment, and I'm done for.

11 books I started in 3 days. 11. How many did I finish? Not a one. Nope, not a single book was started and finished in my house over the last three days. I finished a couple that had been started prior, though.

THEN we get a new problem. Writing the review.  That is a feat and a half, I tell ya.

If I'm struggling with my reading, the review writing is twice as torturous. If I read the book, but it didn't do anything for me, three times as bad. Sometimes, being able to say what I want is a good thing, because I loved a book, or hated it. I can word what I want to say, get my points, negative or positive, across.  When it's a bleurgh kinda of reaction, I really am up the creek without a paddle.

All in all, life is pretty dull and dismal on the reading front. I have some books coming up that will either til me over the edge, or pull me back on track. I'm sincerely hoping they pull me out of it. I hate not being able to read, hate it. I get crabby, anxious, all kinds of grumpy. Not a nice person to live with!

So, back to my question? Do you get in a reading funk? And a bigger question, is how to get out of it. My sister will reread. She is a big rereader. I forget how many times she has read Twilight, 50 Shades, or her current reread are the Walker brothers, Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards. Me?? Nah. I am not a rereader. If I get a book that is in a series I'm up to date with, not even then to recap. I can pretty much pick up where I left off, no matter how long ago it was. Only books I can remember reading more than once,  are Stephen King books. The Green Mile, especially.

Pre-kindle days, horror was my go to. My total and utter sure fire way of getting out a funk. I don't read so much horror now, maybe I should get back to roots and read some old, good old fashioned, Stephen King. My post-kindle go to is what I call my shifter sex or vampire violence collection. Short, not too taxing on the plot line or brain, something to clear the cobwebs away after a difficult book. Usually it works. Not so much at the moment.

So, any help getting out a funk would be good. I'll try anything so long as it doesn't cost me anything. Pennies are currently hoping up in a pot as spending monies for two, maybe three UK author events I plan on visiting next year. They don't come cheap!

Thanks for reading, folks, just getting it all out, even if it makes no sense, has helped. I originally started this post 3 weeks ago. Things have perked up no end. Can't pinpoint when things got better or which book did the trick, but they have got better. I thought you might still like to hear the ramblings of ill ole me, just the same.


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