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Thursday, 3 September 2015

BLOG TOUR, INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Memory of Dragons by Julie Wetzel

For The Memory of Dragons
Dragons of Eternity, (Book 2)
By Julie Wetzel

This is a Crimson Tree Publishing Title
Release Date: August 31st, 2015

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction

What do you do when a dragon crash-lands in your backyard?
That's the question Terra's faced with when one of these creatures plows down into her cornfield. Should she help out the hunk of a man the dragon turns into, or turn him over to the trigger-happy 'authorities' that have come looking for him? The deciding factor—he has no memory. Giving him up just doesn't seem right… at least until she knows the truth of who he is.
Alex has forgotten a thing or two—his name being one of them—but he knows there is something important that he needs to remember, if he could just get his battered brain to work properly. A little rest might help, but there's no time for that when the bullets start flying.
Now he has to follow the few clues he has to discover who he is, and why people are trying to kill him. But that's the easy part. The hard part will be keeping his hands off the lovely lady helping him.
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~Read what people are saying about The Dragons of Eternity Series~

"...a fantastic tale of dragons living among humans. The plot is fast paced and captures readers from the get go. The characters are witty and complex and give this story depth. " 
- Viola Robins, InD'tale Magazine - 4.5 stars

"Action packed with amazing characters, intense passion and high stakes, On the Accidental Wings of Dragons by Julie Wetzel is an engrossing, thoroughly entertaining read - a complete package of incredible action and sizzling romance." 
- Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite - 5 stars

What has been the toughest criticism you’ve been given as an author?

One of my reviews called me a ‘snore fest’ and accused me of buying reviews. I wasn’t so much 

hurt by the ‘snore fest’ comment as I was the ‘buying reviews’. I know my books aren’t going to be 

everyone’s cup of tea, but just because someone doesn’t like the book doesn’t mean that others 

don’t. I have never paid for a review of my novels and it painful to be accused of that.

What has been the best compliment?

I love it when I get a review that tells one of my favorite authors to make room on the shelf. I love 

to think I could hold a place next to some of these other paranormal series, but having others put 

me in that category warms my heart.

Which character speaks the loudest, to you? Do any of them clamour to be heard over the 


All of my characters speak to me, but the one that speaks the loudest is usually the one I’m 

working on at the time. Although I have had a few instances where a side character or one from a 

completely different book will jump in and let me know they are there. At this moment Noah, from 

For the Heart of Dragons, is the strongest voice in my head. But that makes sense because I am 

working on his story at the moment.

What sort of writing environment do you create? I.e. music or not? Pen and paper or laptop/PC?

Anywhere I can, as long as there’s enough room for my mouse and coffee. I’m just kidding. But 

seriously, there isn’t really a good spot in my home to dedicate to writing, but I have carved out a 

little space in the living room. I have one of those swing rockers left over from when my son was a 

baby. I use that as my chair and break out a tv tray to hold my laptop. I’ve got it tucked into a 

corner next to an end table that holds my coffee, pencils, and notebooks. My husband is always 

yelling at me to put my things away, but there really isn’t a place for me to pack it away, 

especially when I’m working with a deadline. In addition to that, I’ve got a little candle that and a 

few little stuffed critters that stare at me accusingly when I stop working. It’s a lovely little way to 

make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be do,

Is there a certain type of scene that is harder to write than other? Racy? Love? Action?

Transition scenes. Not every scene is going to be jam packed with action or romance. There’s 

that space between high points where the characters are just going about their everyday lives. 

The can be monotonous and tedious to write, but you need them in there for the spacing and 

timing of the story. Those are the ones that kill me. Writing the exciting bit is easy. It draws me in. 

It’s everything between those bits that gives me issues.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you. I don’t know where you picked up your first piece of my work, but I appreciate the time 

you’ve taken out of your lives to come visit with my characters. It warms my heart to know that 

you’ve found a bit of enjoyment out of my imagination. 

Is there one subject you would never write about? What is it?

I’m not sure. I write to entertain people. To give people an few hours of escape. So far I haven’t 

found any subject that I wouldn’t write about. I’m not sure I want to delve into some of the seedier 

subject, but if I could bend them into entertainment, I might. I will never write a book to make a 

point. I wrote enough essays in college to know I don’t give two shakes about trying to change 

people’s minds. Most of the time it’s pointless to try. I don’t like having an issue thumped over my 

head in a narrative, I’m not going to subject people to that in my stories. Sure, a few of them deal 

with sensitive subjects, but that’s part of the story. It’s not intended to teach people anything. I 

write for please. For both mine and my readers. So as long as it brings enjoyment… I’m game.

Do you have any strange writing habits? Like writing in the shower?

I don’t know if you can call what I do habits. They come and go when I want. I usually have a 

drink; mostly coffee, sometimes wine. I don’t usually write on paper, although I have been known 

to outline on paper. If I get stuck on something, I’ll either take a nap or a shower to give my mind 

time to process things. If I’m really stuck I’ll take a drive or call my mom to bounce ideas. Other 

than that. I’m pretty flexible. As long as I can concentrate and I have my computer, I can write. 

If you could cast your characters in a Hollywood adaptation – who would you choose for which 


This is one of those questions that I can’t answer because I’m a horrible person. I don’t get out to 

see movies very often and then when it comes to names of actors, I point to a move and tell you 

the guy that starred in that one. The only actors that I could pick out of a line up have played in 

Doctor Who or one of the Marvel super hero movies… Or Nathan Fillion (but I’m a Browncoat 

forever!). So I’ll leave the casting of my books to others. Who do you think should play in them?

What is your least favorite part of the writing or publishing process?

That would have to be the dreadful round of editing. I have a pretty sweet editor, but I hate having 

my work picked apart and being told to redo it. I usually spend the first read through swearing the 

paint of the walls before sitting down to accept that these people are here to make sure my work 

is presentable. And for that I both love and hate them. But they understand that so we get along 

just fine.

Julie Wetzel is a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, and what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling she's crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.

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