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Monday, 3 August 2015

BOOK BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Caught in Us by Layla Hagen

Book & Author Details:

Caught in Us by Layla Hagen
(Lost #3)
Publication date: August 3rd 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Dani Cohen knows Damon is trouble the second he walks in during senior year. He has bad boy written all over him. . .from his arrogant smirk to his perfectly toned abs. He is arrogant, intense, rebellious.

Dani has her future all planned out. She’s not the type to fall for a bad boy, no matter how panty-melting his grin is or how shamelessly he flirts. But something about Damon draws her in, awakening a desire she’s never felt. Slowly, she uncovers the secrets Damon hides: underneath his arrogance lies a tortured soul, his flirting smile masks despair.

Damon arrives in Dani’s life against his will. Carrying the scars of a dark past and facing an uncertain future, he knows he should stay away from her, but can’t. Her innocence consumes him, as does the desire to indulge in the passion igniting deep inside her.
An all-consuming bond blooms into a reckless love. But when mistakes from the past threaten their already fragile future, can their love survive?

A steamy and emotional full-length, standalone love story from the USA Today Bestselling author of Withering Hope.

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

Dani meets Damon in their final year at high school. Dani is a good girl, good grades, good enough to get her into Oxford University in England. Damon is a bad boy, and he knows it. But he also carries some pretty deep pain, and he only feels himself around Dani. A wrong decision by Damon puts Dani in danger, and he can only keep her safe by letting her go.

I read Withering Hope by Layla Hagan, and really enjoyed that one. This book is very different to that one, and I loved this one too.

And this is book three in the series. I'm assuming there is some overlap from previous books, just from reading the blurb from them, but I have not read them. Maybe I'll go back and read, certainly, I will be adding them to my wish list!

Dani and Damon know they should stay away from each other, both received warning from one parent or the other, so what's any self respecting teenager to do when told no? Do it anyway, and what follows is, in my opinion, a beautifully written story full of firsts. First love, kiss, detention, C grade, sex, heart break and make up. I loved this book, even if it's written in the first person, and it flips. At first I thought it might only be written from Dani's POV because it's a while before Damon has his say. But it's evenly spaced out between the two, so you get everything, from both of them. Meeting, talking, kissing, that date, and everything that follows there after.

It's billed as new adult, romantic comedy and while it does have it's funny parts, it also also has sexy parts, difficult parts, heartbreaking parts, dangerous parts and happy ever after parts. It has falling out with parents, and going off the rails, seeing what you are doing is not right, making things right, getting back on track and falling in all over again.

I loved this book, and I think most readers of any sort of romance will too. Not too explicit, some violence, but not graphically so.

5 stars.

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