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Monday, 10 August 2015

BLOG TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Before Vengeance by Louisa Lo

Book & Author Details:

Before Vengeance by Louisa Lo
(Cosmic Balance #0.5) 
Publication date: 10th August 2015
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy


What if everything you’ve ever known, down to what you are, was a lie?

Growing up in the enchanted kingdom of Dualsing, seventeen-year-old Lady Serafina has always known she’s different. Her fae power never manifested itself during puberty, and her parents treated her like a tolerated houseguest rather than family. Even her childhood sweetheart, Crown Prince Eldon, distanced himself the moment he was old enough to know the secret about Serafina that everyone in their world seems to know—except her.

Now her upcoming birthday is being treated as a national holiday by the very people who’d neglected her, Eldon is in for a political battle of his life that she’s somehow being dragged into, and Serafina is developing abilities that feel terrifyingly right, but aren’t fae power at all.

As she starts to investigate her origin, Serafina has no idea she would be setting in motion events that would have far-reaching consequences not just for herself, but for all the planes.


I realized too late that Finny was trembling with rage, not fear or sadness.
 “You want to talk? Where shall we start? How about the fact that only today I was given the first piece of information about my own birthday celebration, and that was nothing more than an instruction about where to go the morning of? The planning for this began months ago.”
Finny gestured to the palace grounds spread out before us. Servants bustled about, carrying wine and bedding for five hundred guests, blissfully unaware of the unfolding drama above. “In two weeks I’m to have a massive, nation-wide festival planned in my name, and no one will tell me what the celebration is truly about.”
“Finny,” I began, but didn’t know what else to say, and it looked like she didn’t expect me to go on.
“Even before I became an Inadequate, they didn’t like me. They never have. Not my parents. Not anyone else in this palace. I know that and I’ve accepted it. But this, this farce…why? Haven’t I already been enough of a laughing stock?”
How could I forget how Finny hated being the center of attention? All this pomp and circumstance was putting her on display like a show unicorn. I was too focused on what the humans called the endgame.
“None of this is about me,” she stated flatly. “If it is, someone would’ve gone through the full itinerary of the day with me already. If it’s really about me, I would’ve gotten a visit from Madame Sutura by now.”
Finny was far too perceptive for her own good. It was true that everyone from the humble footman to the Lord Chamberlain had already had their measurements taken by the royal seamstress for the matching fineries prepared just for the occasion.
I could neither confirm nor deny her claim; all I could do was back up against the wall while Finny advanced on me. “Why, then? What’s going on? If it’s really about me,” her voice shook now, “why does Mother stall every time I ask her about the Trip?”
The Trip. A once-in-a-lifetime chance for Duelsingians to see the world, meant to be taken right after they became adults. Finny and I used to talk about taking ours together. Back before I knew that it would never be.
“Well say something!” We were almost nose to nose now. “Or don’t. You won’t tell me the truth anyway.”
At first I thought the tightness in my throat was an involuntary response to the glimpse of fear I saw lurking behind the fury in her eyes, then, to my horror, I realized that I couldn’t breathe. An invisible fist held my windpipe in a death grip, and the air seethed with the presence of magic. Not fae power, but something darker.
And it was coming from Finny.
What did she say to me? Well say something! Or don’t.
With those fateful words she had unintentionally cut off my airway. She was no Inadequate, yet the power she’d come into wasn’t that of the fae.
Because she was not fae.
I opened my mouth but no sound came out. My body grew heavy.
Then I saw it.
With the next burst of her power, a pair of wings sprouted at her back. They were gray in color, covered in tiny scales that gave off a pearl-like luster in the dark.
Definitely not fae wings.
Two words echoed in my head as my world turned dark.
Vengeance demon.

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“Louisa Lo has an exciting new voice to bring to urban fantasy and a fun and breezy writing style that kept the pages quickly turning well into the night! I need more!” –Michelle Rowen, National Bestselling Author

Louisa Lo lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, an aristocratic cat, and more cardboard boxes than she cares to unpack. She decided to write about vigilantes, because it seems like a better life choice than trying to become one and landing herself in jail. She just has that kind of luck.

Please visit to learn more about Louisa and her books.

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