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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

RELEASE BLITZ damages Incurred (Bound #4) J.R.Gray

Damages Incurred



Their world is crumbling on the King's shoulders.

Elliot is missing.

George has failed and his demons are threatening to swallow him whole.

Jesse's life is slipping through his fingers.

Zac is doing everything he can, but he's plagued with flash backs of a life he can't remember.

Can they get it together to save themselves or Elliot?  

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

That was my first thought when I finished this book. So many layers, and subplots. So much pain. So much anguish. So much love too!

George fetches Jesse (yes, he FETCHES him!) from Cill, George also open up, a bit to Jesse, but we still don't know the real George, the one thats locked away so deep and for so long that I don't think even George knows THAT George anymore.

Daniels and Raf had an issue, that while they talked about it, opened up to each other as they should have done last time, its still unsettled.

Elliot goes missing and Zac and Jared go on the hunt to find him, both wanting so desperately to be the one who finds him. And Kennedy thinks about leaving town.

My overwhelming feeling after finishing this book is MORE. I want MORE, I need MORE. Let me try to explain a little, cos let me tell ya, its so hard to word what I want to say! I usually say I want more when we only here from one or two persons in a story, not so here. We get everyone here. I usually want more when I don't get all the information I need, not so here, at least, for this book, I get what I need, in so much as the story goes and flows and maeks sense.

 WHAT I need more of here is this : things are thrown wide open, lots of things unsettled, unfinished, unresolved, unsaid. Lots of questions thrown up in my head!! So many questions that the answers can only come from a further book. And there HAS to be another book, there really does. My life will not be complete without those questions answered and these people get their HEA. Although I'm not sure George can ever really be truly happy.

This is a much darker, deadlier instalment. Forced drug abuse, drug dealing, kidnapping and even murder take part here. Its makes for a much more compelling read. The others ain't no picnic, but this one is much heavier! And I LOVED it!

I really can't stress how much I enjoyed this book, but equally how much I hated that ending! I hate being left hanging so badly!

This is, so far anyway, my stand out book of the year. I'm so glad that Merissa passed them to me!

5 full stars

It was dark when he stepped out into the back entrance of the penthouse. His footsteps echoed through the halls as he walked. George should be in bed as he was generally an early riser, but Jesse half expected him to be consoling his pain with a slave.
He paused in front of the play room, swallowing hard. What if his actions had been the final straw in George moving on? What if...
It was too painful to finish the thought. He set his hand on the handle, telling himself he could face what he found inside. He turned it silently and pushed the heavy door forward. It was dark inside, only the lights of the city illuminating the toys spread over the massive wall. The door was soundproof, but now that it was open, all he heard was the light snore of a slave. He closed the door quickly and then pressed a hand into his aching chest. He stalked forward, seeing the flicker of a fire on the wall as he approached the living room.
He stepped around the corner to find George looking pensive staring into the fire, drink in hand. He paused, waiting for an invitation. One never came. George acted as though he didn't see him. Jesse opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. There wasn't an apology that could even cover the pain he'd put George through.
He fell to his knees. "Forgive me," he whispered.
George didn't respond. Jesse fell forward pressing his forehead into the cool hardwood floor. Warm hands closed around his arms, dragging him to his feet, and he was enveloped in Georges arms. His eyes started to mist, and he couldnt catch a full breath. It was all too much to bear. Hed left his heart when he left George, and there were no words for what it felt like to be back here. He buried his face in Georges neck and wrapped his arms around him. George kissed every spot he could reach on Jesse in their position.
It was so much more than dominant and submissive like this. Jesses heart ached. The pain radiated through his bones. Hed been holding off losing it for so long he hadnt even realize how bad the pain had gotten, how numb hed been.

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