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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Just South of Biloxi by Lauren Hammond

Just South of Biloxi

Release Date: 07/21/15


Summary from Goodreads:

Just south of Biloxi there was a girl with spunk, a girl with spirit.


A girl with fire.


A girl with a heart full of rebellion.


Just south of Biloxi there was a boy, with a dazzling smile and a kind demeanor.


A boy with morals.


A boy in love.


Just south of Biloxi there was a boy and a girl who realized too quickly, too swiftly, that there is such a thing as shattered hearts and cracked dreams.


Just south of Biloxi there was a boy and a girl who would never truly understand the meaning of some hearts and some worlds are better left broken.


*This is the 4th book in the Asylum series but can be read as a companion standalone*


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She has a routine, my mother.
She has an agenda.
She has memorized lines that she spouts off every, single damn time that she walks into my bedroom with another dress. Do you know what I'll tell them, Rory? Do you know what I'll say?
Have you seen my daughter, Aurora Jean? She's the prettiest peach the South has ever seen.
It's not that she's proud of me or believes in me or anything like that, no, no. She puts on her best A game when she waltzes through my bedroom door with another fluffy dress draped over her arm. Half of the time, I think about telling her, I know what you're doing, Mother. I know that you're playing nice and being overly sweet so that I'll actually try on whatever dress that you have on your arm today. More than anything, she's so worried about what her friends might think or that their daughter's are all going to be at this debutante ball dressed in whatever fluffy dress their mother's picked out.
It's during these times that I wish that I could let my voice out of its box.
Out of its cell.
Out of its cage.
I wish that I could tell her what's on my mind or how I feel about this debutante, fluffy dress nonsense. 
Just South of Biloxi is a companion novel to the Asylum Trilogy, but can also be read as a standalone novel. It is the first novella in a two part series. Check it out if you get a chance!


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About the Author

Lauren Hammond knew from a young age that she was born to be a writer. After publishing her first novel in 2007, she then went on to write several screenplays and a few award winning poems.She aspires to be a positive role model for young people who have a pencil, a piece of paper, and a dream. Never give up on your dreams, you might wake up one day and regret not pursuing them.She has two more novels in the works, as well as some film projects


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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you.

  2. I looked up the other books in the series and it sounds like something I will enjoy reading! Thanks for sharing :)