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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

BLOG TOUR Bound Series, books 1-3 J.R.Gray

Legally Bound


            The last thing Daniel, a hard-working public defender, expected to see the morning after a one night stand was his hook up staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Assigned to work his case, Daniel vows to keep things professional with Rafael but has a hard time controlling his craving for dominance, the control and the connection they shared. Rafael, a paid dominant in the Chicago underworld, has been dealing with a cop problem for far too long. Used to sex with no emotion, hes entranced with Daniels submission, his innocence, andcould there be something more?

            Can Daniel clear Rafael's name, keeping him out of jail and in his life, with the odds, a cop, and the mounting evidence against them?


            Daniel scanned them, looking for anything interesting to lift the dreary Monday, and his eyes went wide when they landed on the face of the man whose bed he had been in last night. “Oh shit,” he said too loudly, drawing the attention of the bailiff. He waved her off, muttering, “Nothing.”

            “What?” Jesse hissed.

            “I fucked one of our cases last night,” Daniel admitted, knowing he would get it out of him one way or another. There was no point fighting his partners excellent extraction skills.

            “Which one?” Jesse asked, looking over his shoulder, way too amused.

            He tried to nod subtly to one of the prisoners.

            “You have to give me more than that.” Jesse stood up and blatantly turned around to study the men sitting in the rows behind them.

            Stiffening in his seat, Daniel tried to keep his back to the man he had seen every naked inch of, as well as had his tongue buried inside of, till the early hours of the morning.

            “Dark hair, six feet plus, green eyes.” He tried to speak out of the corner of his mouth so no one could read his lips.

            “The one with the sleeve tattoo and the huge arms?” Jesse asked.

            “Yeah,” he answered in a low, sheepish voice.

            “I knew it was that one. You so have a type.” Jesse flipped back around to take his seat once more. He instantly went for the files, lifting up folders and setting the large stack right in front of him.

            “What are you doing?” Daniel kept looking over his shoulder to see if the guy showed any signs of recognition.

            “Whats his name?” He didnt look up from the stack of files as he spoke. “Rafael,” he whispered as his face flushed just saying his name. “What are you doing?”

            “Figuring out what your lay did,” Jesse said, positively glowing by now.

            “I really hate you,” he responded, pulling at his tie and trying to loosen it.

            “Youll thank me later.” Jesse hummed, plucking out the file and flipping it open. “Oh, hot damn, you picked a good one.”

            Daniel snatched the file out of his partners hands, his eyes going wide. Life just got a little more interesting.

            All through the arraignment hearing, he found it hard to keep his mind off the previous night spent at Rafaels apartment. Theyd had an instant connection. He groaned to himself as it became increasingly hard to focus.

            “Do you think he did it?”

            “Who knows, but how many innocent men do we represent?”

            Daniels stomach knotted. He didnt want the allegations to be true. “Good point.”

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

Daniel's newest case is Rafael. Rafael who Daniel took home last night. Rafael who is keeping secrets from Daniel and Raf's boss George. Rafael who lit something inside Daniel that he never knew needed lighting.

A mistake Rafael made comes back to haunt him, he and Daniel cannot keeps their hands off each other, and Daniel suffers. Legal lines are crossed, favours are called in, and Daniel and his work partner Jesse fight to keep Rafael out of jail.

Remind me, won't you, to NEVER EVER read one star reviews for a book BEFORE I read it! Every single thing those reviews mentioned I spotted, noted, thought about and it spoilt this book for me, it really did!!

For I loved this book, those points aside (and I'm not gonna say them, because I don't want to spoil it for you) I am a fan of male male element, of the BDSM element, of the awakening of your true self element and of the finally finding someone for you element.

Daniels and Raf's relationship is intially based on the sex, it really is, but Daniel pushes all of Raf's Dom buttons. He also pushes all the buttons around his heart. The way Raf took care of Daniel after.. THAT... happened was beautifully written, in a hard way, if that makes any sense! Raf is not a hearts and flowers romantic. He is a Dominant who had a difficult upbringing and early life, but he cares for Daniel, deeply, and for the first time in his life, he has someone who cares for him too.

There is pain in the book, both emotional and physical. There are lies, secrets, blackmail, hidden agendas galore. BUT there is heat, passion and lots of love, too.

And there is that little bit at the end that throws a secondary story at you, and I cannot wait to see how that pans out! LOVED it!!

Reading those one star reviews really did spoil it, and because of that I cannot, in all honesty, give it the full five stars. I'm sorry, but I can't. I WILL NOT read any reviews for books two and three, which I also have to read ( and indeed, while writing this, I am midway through book two, and its brilliant!!)

so...4.5 stars

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Breach of Contract


            With the legal trouble behind them, Daniel Caplin and Rafael Argon are ready to settle into a low key d/s relationship, but life is unrelenting, when blackmail shatters their illusion of happily ever after. Pictures from one of the Rafaels public scenes instill fear into his new Submissive, Daniel, acting as a wedge driving the new couple apart.

            The building peril in Georges community weighs heavy on his shoulders as he struggles to find the culprit while hiding his feelings for his new house guest. Jesse is torn between ending his marriage, picking up a rebound he should have left fifteen years in the past, and the dangling carrot of a possible relationship with a man. He is forced to fight for what he wants most, a leap he may be too chicken to take.

            In the sequel to Legally Bound George battles to take down an unknown enemy, while watching helpless, as those he cares for most are broken beyond repair. Can Rafael and Daniel rebuild their trust after it's broken with lies?


            The back elevator dinged as he approached, and the doors slid back to reveal Jesse's face. He had circles under his eyes and worry lines in his forehead. Two fingers held a garment bag over one shoulder and a duffle over his other.

            Is it still okay if I stay? He put a smile on his lips that George knew was fake.

            But of course. Let me help you. George approached him and tried to take the bag, but Jesse didnt move to hand it over.

            Ive got it.

            Dont be absurd. I would have a slave do it, but hes rather tied up at the moment.

            The statement earned a chuckle out of Jesse, and he gave up the bag. Even hurt Jesse had a light in his blue eyes and his heart on his sleeve, a trait that made him wholly unique compared to the masks most wore to impress George.

            I can stay on the sofa or something if the slaves use the guest rooms.

            George laughed and turned his back to stalk down the hall. When he didnt hear Jesse following, he cast a glance over his shoulder.

            Slaves in bed how naive you really are, handsome.

            Jesse started after him, brow creased. Where do they sleep then? He caught up and followed George to the other side of the penthouse.

            He realized Jesse was serious, and he laughed throatily again. I have cages for them.

            I love you and Daniel, but your lifestyle is fucked.

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

This is book two in the Bound Series, and you really must read book one, Legally Bound, first. BUT do not read any one star reviews, please don't!
Rafael and Daniel settle into their newish relationship. But Raf wants Daniel to do something he doesn't want to do. Daniel starts to feel the pressure in a way he never did before. Elsewhere, George and Jesse take their relationship up a notch. This is all against the blackmail plot that is hitting George's high profile club members. Can they work it out in time to save the destruction of so many lives??
Its bascially two stories, wound together. We have Daniel and Raf, they are continuing their relationship, learning about each other. Daniel's training is coming along and Raf wants Daniel to try something new. Daniel agreed to this on paper, when they were laying rules and limits down. But nerves and the blackmail threat causes him to have second thoughts, and he doesn't open up to Raf as he should.
We have George and Jesse. We got a tiny glimpse of these two at the end of book one, and you just knew they were gonna be amazing together. They did not dissapoint! Jesse lived through Daniel's sexul exploits, and now he gets to experience them for real. But Jesse is a different submissive to George's slaves. Jesse gets in his head, and his heart is opened up for the first time in a very VERY long time. No one has ever shared George's bed either. Jesse gets into all George's corners that have been walled up for some time, and just when things start to look good for them, Jesse is forced to choose.
I did figure out who was doing the blackmailing very early on, but then my mind went off in a different direction, then came back to my orginal thought, all long before the book revealed who it was. I love that you don't get to know (unless you worked it out) who it was til very late in the book.
We get to meet Zac, Jesse's brother, who is smitten by Elliot, one of George's more hard core slaves. We meet Jared and get a little more of Kennedy too. Lots more to come, I hope!
5 Full stars

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Illicit Activity


The Christmas season is fast approaching. Jesse and George try to keep their connection alive with stolen late night dinners and secret meetings, which never seem to be enough. 
Zac doesnt take no for an answer, and has set his sights on Georges slave Elliot as his newest conquest. Determined to see Elliot and bring him some holiday spirit, Zac starts a battle of wits with George. But Will George be able to outsmart Zac, and keep him away from Elliot, for long? 

The doorbell rang early in the morning. Elliot had finished his chores and was sitting on the floor next to the fire, working on his homework. There was no one else in the penthouse, and he wasnt expecting anyone. When he wrenched open the heavy, ornate door he found Zac, Jesses brother, staring back at him wearing fireman pants and suspenders to hold them up. His body was smeared with charcoal, and he looked oiled. Elliot was entirely confused.
The exact face I wanted to see.
Can I help you, Sir? Elliot reverted to his training.
Yes, I have a hose that needs servicing. Zac grinned wickedly.
Elliot tried not to let the shock show on his face. Im sorry, the King is out. Can I take a message? He shifted and squirmed, getting flustered at the seeming advance from the beautiful redhead.
I didnt want it from him. The bulge in Zacs pants was noticeable, and Elliot tried not to stare. And I knew he was gone.
How did you know he was gone?
I watched his car through the camera I installed above his parking space til it left. He flattened out his mouth and raised both brows like it was no big deal.
Elliot stared.

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.
Book three takes place between the end of book two, and the epilogue, so you need to have read those two books first. I think so, anyway!
Zac won't take no for an answer from Elliot, but Elliot is under contract to George. Zac turns up at Elliot's door, in various stats of undress. But the blackmail plot from Breach of Contract is affecting Elliot, and he runs and hides while he rides our the aftershocks. Zac, though, finds him. And gives Elliot what George never could, or would, give him.
Only short, 56 pages, but they pack quite a punch!
Jesse and George are meeting in secret, stolen moments are all they can manage. But George is onto Zac, and plays him at his own game. George hides Elliot. Zac, being Zac, uses his considerable contacts and resources to locate Elliot, right on Christmas Eve.
Its a little darker, and edgier with what Zac gives Elliot, but this is what he wants, make no bones about it. THIS is what Elliot has been waiting for. But its also funnier, cos Zac is a witty little man who will get what HE wants!
I can't wait to see what happens next. Jeese and George have a way to go, as do Zac and Elliot. And I'm sure that Raf and Daniel will face a hiccup or two before long.
I can't give it 5 stars because it is so short, but..

4.5 stars
Author Bio

When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found basking in the warm glow of the Miami sun, or at the gym where it's half assumed Gray is a permanent resident. A dominant, pilot, and sword fighting enthusiast, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. Gray frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns, to jot down nonsense. The bane of Gray's existence are commas, and even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder.

If Gray wasn't writingwell, that's not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave or possibly a mental institution where the tales would end up on the walls in crayon and finger paint.

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