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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

VIRTUAL TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - His Target, His Desire by Aspen J. Lee

His Target, His Desire

by Aspen J. Lee



The rules of survival in this line of work: trust no one, hold no assumptions, don’t fall for your target. Bryant Holt breaks all three.

For 1.5 million, Cypress Howard is now his target. Ex-black ops, Bryant finds he can’t resist her temptations.

He’s way out of her league, sexy as hell and asking her out for dinner. It just doesn’t make sense. But Cypress is frightened of letting any one in.

Why? Because Cypress now lives incognito. The real her is dead, or so everyone thinks.

A deal is struck between secret factions and Cypress is now being hunted. Bryant’s claimed her, and he’ll do anything to save her. But first he must unravel the maze of her past.

When her life begins to implode, Cypress’s lover turns into James Bond. Who the hell is he? It’s too late to question, Bryant’s already chained her heart. All she can do is hold on.


“I’m heading this way.” He indicated with a small flick of his head in the opposite direction to the one they’d been walking.

“Oh, sorry, I just assumed you were heading out the main entrance.”

“I’ve more to attend to before I leave.”

“Okay. Well, I guess I’ll hear from you tomorrow.”

To reenforce his position and cement her interest, he leaned over and brushed her lips with his. When he drew back, he saw her eyes had widened and a flush dusted her face. The move was like his own personal signature, or more accurately, a branding, not that she would understand his motive. He wanted to sear the memory of their meeting into her mind, wipe from her conscious anyone else who lurked in the periphery. The dossier had categorised her as single, which meant she wasn’t married or living with someone, not whether she dabbled with casual flings or regular partners. His job would be a whole lot easier if there was no other guy thinking his was part of the show.

Bryant took his time watching the crowd swallow her. Her long hair, tied tight in a pigtail, swung pendulously behind. It looked nice down.

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

Cypress bumps into Bryant in the lift and embarks on a relationship with him. But both have secrets and when Cypress' comes back to haunt her, Byrant's goes into full on protection mode.

I have a couple points I would like to make, this book has a lot of sex. I know its Siren Publishing and they do tend to be more, but this had, even for me, too much. It took away from what could have been an amazing story, it really did.

The story itself is really good, and I liked the suspenseful nature of the book. I just got a bit lost somewhere along the way, and I can't pinpoint where. I think it was when Cypress' past came back, and it got a bit technical for me to follow when reading at 11pm!

Its told from both Cypress and Byrant's POV and I LOVED that. Watching Byrant descend into the puddle of goo he became for Cypress was amusing at points. Such a big bad man, too!

The ending, while a HEA, just sorta .... finished! I expected more, wanted more, needed MORE.

Not a bad read, though, and I cant quite stretch to 4 stars so..

3.5 stars

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How I made my first Sale

I’d always been an avid reader, becoming lost in other people’s creative imaginations, appreciating their talent and grateful they’d felt driven to write these stories and share them with the world.

During my sabbatical from work when I had my first child, I started toying with the idea of swapping careers. Not always an easy task, trying to discover what you love. Of course the first thought that popped into mind was becoming an author, but the goal seemed like a dream, almost unobtainable. Every time I read a novel, I would question whether I could do it, come up with an interesting plot, develop believable characters and hold the consistency to the end.

After a few years of holding on to that dream, I finally convinced myself I could do it. I enrolled in a Masters of writing, joined my local writing center and attended workshops.
The biggest turning point came when I meet two inspirational women, whom helped me find my genre and feed me plenty of encouragement. My first novel was born and quick on the heels of this came a contract with Siren-Bookstrand. I thought the hardest was behind me, now all I had to do was start the next book.

However, I was wrong. The hardest was yet to come. Writing your novel is the easiest part, selling your novel, is the hurdle.

These days very few publishers have the budget to market their authors. It’s only the well known who manage to scrape any of the funds from the merge budget available, which meant I found myself needing to step into the role of marketer when I hated the idea and had no experience.

So what did I do? Panicked. But like anything worth doing, you have to strive, so I started researching and attending workshops. Slowly I began to unravel the complicated world of book marketing, which in many ways is still an overwhelming task.

I learned fancy jargon such sales funnel and landing page, which was all good, but then I needed to develop ways of implement my learning.

First step, a website, including a blog, so I had a place for any interested readers to drop by and learn about my books, and as an extension, me. Social media is also vital as it is a great place to reach out to your readers, and interact, taking the place of fan mail, but in a more efficient way. Next came the blog tours, a fantastic way to showcase your writing to a broader reach of people.

Of course one of the best ways to get the very first sales is through word of mouth. I have two critique partners, whom I love and trust with my work, whom support me through everything I endeavor to do with my writing, plus are a fantastic trampoline for ideas. These two darling critique partners were the first to buy my first book Slipping Though His Fingers. They leapt on to the Siren site and preordered it, which meant I had two sales before the book was released. My husband started spreading the word at his work and some of the women brought the book, then told their friends about it.

In reality selling books is hard, and making a living from writing even harder. But if it’s something you’re passionate about, then the effort is worth it. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal. I have loads more stories inside of me bursting to come out.

With two books contracted, I’ve found the courage to consider self-publishing. I’ve discovered how easy it is with ebooks and Amazon coming on board with print on demand, means even selling paperbacks is within the scope of self-publishers.

The world of authorship is at times frustrating, lonely, and when faced with rejections, a big hit to your self-esteem. But when it works it’s exhilarating, acting like a drug. You just want to write more and more while the stories are flowing.

This is what I love. I have no desire to do anything else.

Aspen will be awarding $30 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour - enter HERE

 Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here

After joining her local writers’ centre and attending a workshop on romance writing, Aspen J lee decided she was set on the wrong career path. Swapping sides from factualising to fictionalizing life, she quit her job and started a Masters in Writing.

Soon after she discovered passion rather than academics was the key ingredient, so picked up the pen and began to fashion her own stories. Another workshop introduced her into the world of spicy writing. The end result was Slipping Through His Fingers, published by Siren-Bookstrand (2014). Two novels followed His Target His Desire (Siren-Bookstrand, 2015) and Bound (Eternal Press, 2015).

Aspen is currently crafting her fourth erotic romance and dipping her quill into a dystopian, both of which she hopes to have published later this year.

When Aspen can extract herself from her characters, she can be found in her kitchen, crafting magic of a different nature, with dogs and cats in tow. She lives on 6.5 acres, which she shares with the wildlife, a husband and three children.

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  2. Do you let the book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it to edit?

  3. Hi Mai, perhaps not a month, but it's best to let it stew for a while. If you go back and edit straight after finishing the story then you're bound to miss a lot of mistakes. Leaving it alone for a while means you approach it almost as a reader would.

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