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Monday, 8 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Omega Rising (Dormant Desires #2) Payne Hawthorne

Book: Omega Risng (Dormant Desires #2)
Author: Payne Hawthorne
Filed On: Werewolves, Over 18
Page Length/Listening Time: 202 pages/ 5hours 25 minutes
Current Cost (22/05/2015): £2.14/ $3.34 Audio £13.92/$22.92

What The Blurb Says:

*** "Aside from the mythology and lore aspect that these creatures did in fact exist, and aside from the fact that she was apparently one of these creatures, and actually mated to another. Yeah, aside from all that hooey, she was just a bit excited. For the first time in her life she felt as if she belonged. There was a family downstairs that wanted her, an impressive man that desired her, and to top it all off, she was somehow integral to their pack balance. So yeah, she was into this.

She no longer would be forced to merely survive. Maybe, now she could thrive and become all she was meant to be. Bring it! She nodded at her reflection one more time, checking that her hair was up and tight against her scalp. As tight as that much curly hair could get, and she left the bathroom on a mission. Let’s get bit!" ***

We first met Jacob and Allison in ALPHA AWAKENED and traveled through a harrowing year of revelations. Their fierce passions that brought them together in a torrid moment in time, and then the separation that almost killed them both.

In Omega Rising, they are reunited in Alaska and must now face uncharted territory as their dormant lycanthropic blood is awakened. They have been welcomed into a burgeoning family with similar genetics and as the next full moon approaches they all prepare for dramatic, and life altering events to unfold.

Allison and Jacob complete the mating rituals necessary to cement their eternal, lifetime bond and together they find a new level of awareness and connection.

This book is about the passionate affairs of unsuspecting individuals thrust upon each other and unable to fight the magnetic draw they both feel. Time, distance and even mythological forces cannot keep them apart in this journey of mated love.

This Novella will be approximately a six to seven hour read and contains adult situations and erotic themes throughout.

*originally read oct 2013, listened to, march 2015*

Jacob has found Allison, in the wilds of Alaska. she has been learning about her Omega status and what that means to her and those around her. Jacob turns up, and together they experience their growing attraction and what needs to be done to complete their bonding. but the new moon is coming, and there are more questions than answers as to how this will affect not only Jacob and Allison, but those (both human and animal) around them.

i enjoyed this one much more than the first. the time scale in this book is short, weeks only, compared to the months and months in the first, and it flows so much better (for me, anyway). i love the way that Allison greets her new status, and how she deals with it. Jacob is a proper Alpha male, but first and foremost he is human. he has to deal with not only his wolf's emotions, but his own. emotions from both humans are written well and you feel for them, you really do.

i will be looking for the next one, because i feel love in the air for several characters, both human and animal.

I also LISTENED to this in audio. I found that there was much I did not remember reading, and it made for like I was reading it as a new book! Thats not like me, I can usually rememebr much of a book, once I start reading it again, so it came as a great surprise to me, and it also put the book star rating up a notch!

Joshua Story continues to narrate this series, and he excels here. His *reading* voice is smooth, really smooth! He has new characters, new accents and I loved it! Jacob does tend to be more Scottish in his speech here, but that does get explained in the tale.

I have Lumen next to listen to, indeed, I started it already, and its gonna be another great instalment!

4.5 stars for the story (up from my original 4) and 5 stars for the narration.

I received this book free from Amazon UK as part of a promotion.

This story continues where Alpha Awakened left off and you are straight back into the thick of it. Jacob and Allison really are the perfect pair. They balance each other out, are physically (VERY) attracted to each other but are also mentally compatible. There is a lot to contend with, not least Allison's fears that the Omega is nothing but a punch bag. Samantha manages to explain it to her but it is Jacob's love for her that gives her the strength and courage to become the Omega.

Omega Rising is written with flair and style and will draw you back into the characters' lives. There is plenty of steam in this book but also parts which will have you laughing out loud, mainly due to Allison's comedic streak. One thing I must mention is that I loved how Allison stood up to Jacob when it came to Matthew. "Telling, not asking"!!

There is a twist to the end of this book that I won't spoil but let's just say that I can't wait for Book 3! Definitely recommended.


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  1. This is a great listen the whole series is awesome!