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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Lumen (Dormant Desires #3) Payne Hawthorne

Book: Lumen (Dormant Desires #3)
Author: Payne Hawthorne
Filed On: Werewolves, over18
Page Length/Listening Time : 191 pages/ 4 hours 58 minutes
Current Cost (22/05/15) £2.14/$3.34 Audio £9.97/$17.19

What The Blurb Says:

*** “Thank you Alpha,” Lumen said politely when Mathew served her. She sat in her chair, fully dressed, and wore an expression somewhere between well manner lady and starved predator, and a small thread of drool dripped from her bottom lip.
Mathew sighed and went to wipe her mouth, she snarled and bit at him, and then immediately affected her best impersonation of a well-mannered lady. The spectators all snickered under their breaths, and Mathew shrugged, “You can take the girl out of the wolf…”

Part Three in the Dormant Desires Series. For a comprehensive back story please read Alpha Awakened and Omega Rising. This short story is approximately a five hour read.

In this third installment, Lumen is our focus. She is a lycanthropic wolf, shifted to human. Her perceptions are that of a wolf, and her psyche is absent of all human morals or civility. As we follow her development and integration with the rest of the Alpha Pack, we find out more about the ancient curse inflicted upon all shape shifters. With the lifting of the curse follows a multitude of ramifications, including the apparent mated status between Mathew and the now human looking, wolf acting, Lumen.

There are comical moments, heartbreaking moments, lots of passionate moments and more in-depth study of Jacob, Allison, Samantha and the rest of the Alpha Pack.

Graphic sex scenes are depicted and this title should be read by only a mature audience. 


I was gifted a copy of this audio book, by the author, and I thank Ms Hawthorne for that.

This is book 3 in this series, and you must, MUST read books one, Alpha Awakened, and book two Omega Rising first. You won't get the full picture, the full experience from this one if you don't.

Also, I should say, I have not READ this one, just listened to it. I both read AND listened to books one and two.

Imagine being a human, and shifting into a wolf for the first time? Matthew, the nurse who saved Allison while she was waiting for Jacob. Imagine, too, a wolf shifting into human form for the first time? Lumen, the omega golden wolf who stayed with Matt when he was injured. But Matt had some warning, he KNEW he might shift, along with his brothers, at that first full moon after Ally and Jacob reunite. Lumen, and the others, had no clue it might flip both ways.

This is their story. Lumen is hilarious and extremely clever, wicked smart. As she learns how to be upright on two legs, she also tries to keep some wolf traits (the tail wagging did make me laugh!) Her speed at learning is astounding, and she learns speech very fast, swear words, especially. She learns how to make the pack laugh, and does so often. She is, after all, an Omega female, and it is her job to look after her pack, as Ally does.

While predominately Matt and Lumen, we also get some Jacob and Allison, some Sam and Ian, some Samuel, and some Abigail. Jacob and Ally continue to develop their bond, and the bond of the whole pack. Sam and Ian have some problems, and Sam's wolf longs, so desperately longs to be free, and Ian must make a choice. Samuel disappears for a couple of months but returns in spectacular style, fighting off a bear attack. And Abigail, she arrives from Germany after her parents locked her in a cage for 6 months after that first shift.

The time line runs from the back of that first shift as a pack, to six months or so after. The pack is learning, developing, about what is it to be a proper pack, and how to behave as such.

Joshua Story narrates again, superbly! How the man could keep a straight face while narrating some of Lumen antics, is beyond me. Cos he DID keep a straight face, or his amusement would come across in the narration, and while the amusement of the other pack members comes across, Joshua's personal amusement does not. When Irene teaches Lumen that new swear word, I was driving, and I had such a laughing fit! My daughter wanted to know what I was laughing at, but I couldn't tell her, she is only 13 after all, but also, I couldn't, just couldn't for laughing! I love how Joshua narrates Jacob's voice most of all. When Jacob's emotions get the better of him, he accents becomes thicker, broader, and Joshua pulls it off perfectly!

Cain is next in this series, and I'll be READING that soon. Also I'll listen to it too, but I gotta wait longer for the audio, and I don't think I can wait that long.

5 stars for the story, and 5 for the narration, ya ken??

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Lumen picks up where Omega Rising left off. The pack is all together and they have just done their first full moon shift together. The only 'problem' is that Sam isn't sure if she wants to go back or not. Iain, her human husband, is not the mate that her wolf wants. Her wolf wants Jacob but he only has eyes for Allison. So she decides to be free and leaves the pack with no intention to return.

Lumen however is our wolf turned human and the escapades that she gets up to as she tries to understand her bi-pedal body are hilarious. Matt certainly has his hands full but somehow I don't think he's that bothered about it.

This book is fast-paced and well-written and carries on in the same vein as the previous two. This means that you feel completely immersed in the story and the characters. There is some heartbreak in this book which I won't further mention except to say that it came as a shock and certainly brought a tear to my eye.

If you like your werewolves a bit rough around the edges and more in touch with their 'animal' side than being smooth, these are just the books for you.

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