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Saturday, 13 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT (13 of 14) Dormant Desires, The Alpha Bundle (3 books) Payne Hawthorne.


Book; Dormant Desires, The Alpha Bundle (3 books)
Author: Payne Hawthorne
Filed On: Werewolves, Over 18
Page Length/Listening Time: 540 pages/ 14 hours 37 minutes
Current Cost (11/06/15): £3.13/$4.73 Audio: £16.62/$28.69 (1 credit)

What The Blurb Says:

Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising and Lumen are included in this bundle.
Free 6000 word Preview of Alpha Pack, Book 4: CAIN.

Don't miss this title on AUDIO at AUDIBLE. Narrated by the talented Joshua Story... Can you say sexy Scotsman? *wink*

In this compilation of three novella’s we first meet Jacob and Allison and travel through a harrowing year of revelations. Their fierce passions that bring them together in a torrid moment in time, and then the separation that almost kills them. They are reunited in Alaska and must now face uncharted territory as their dormant lycanthropic blood is awakened. They've been welcomed into a burgeoning family with similar genetics and as the next full moon approaches they prepare for dramatic, and life altering events to unfold.

There are myriad dangers to our pack, both out in the world and from their often silent inner wolves. Our heroes and heroines must learn to deal with their innate selves, their new demanding passions and desires, and the constant battle between their humanity and their wolves’ desires to be free.

This book is about the passionate affairs of unsuspecting individuals thrust upon each other and unable to fight the magnetic draw they feel. Time, distance and even mythological forces cannot keep them apart in this journey of mated love.

There is graphic, erotic, passionate sex depicted. Naughty language and situations portrayed. This title is rated for a mature, 18+ audience. This compilation is approximately a fourteen hour read.

About my titles: This title is NOT a masterpiece of literature. It is a fun, sexy, erotic, naughty, comedic, highly inappropriate piece of fiction. Often, vapid, vain, unbelievable, two-dimensional and fictional characters are portrayed. If you expect perfection in grammar and punctuation, this title is not for you. If you find offense in politically incorrect dialog, terribly naughty language, and obscene situations, then again, this is not a read for you. No grammar Nazi’s, no prudes; no humans below the age of 18. If you have a stick up your ass, or if you’ve never considered pleasure from being spanked, then once again, move along. This is a work of fiction and the author is unapologetic about its tasteless content or the few errors you will certainly find. None of the characters portrayed are remotely close to anyone in real life; living or dead. Werewolves DO NOT exist. Please have fun and enjoy. Remember, you have to be of a certain type to enjoy this chick-lit. If you read my work, and find it offensive, please remain silent. If however, you like what you read, please leave me a review. I love to find more of my people. 


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