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Friday, 12 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT (12 of 14) Remnant (Adventures In Payne #1) Payne Hawthorne

Book: Remnant (AdventuresInPayne #1)
Author: Payne Hawthorne
Page Length: 407 pages
Filed On (Amazon): Urban, Fantasy, Metaphysical/Visionary

What The Blurb says

"You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a Body." C.S. Lewis ***

Payne's soul was once known as Keston Queen, Talia, and is now what the Universe Inhabitants refer to as a Remnant. Held for eons as a prisoner of war on planet Earth, her vibrant core identity is now nothing more than a small shard of its original creation. Her very essence has been torn and shredded through multiple cycles of reincarnation. In her mortal human form, she is haunted by strange dreams of men she does not know. Her visions include glowing angels who promise rescue, flying horses, and an elusive aching passion which hints at a kind of love she can only wish for in her waking life.

Collin Brayden is here now, on Earth, as a mortal human male; he is a mighty Keston King from a far off Universe. His mission is to retrieve his captured mate and take her back to their home planet, Pegasus. He has spent more than a millennia searching for the spark of her lost soul--his soul mate. The time for her retrieval is near. He is not alone in his quest to rescue the Queen of Light and Love. Together with her second soul mate, and one time consort and mortal guardian, once known as Commander Levi, they are unified in their mission: Find, rescue, protect, love and empower her!

It has been said; darkness is merely the absence of light.
What if hate, malice, judgement and discontent were simply a deficiency of love?


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