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Friday, 12 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT (11 of 14) Fire Clothed In Skin (My Demon Master Series #1), Payne Hawthorne


Book: Fire Clothed In Skin (My demon Master Series #1)
Author: Payne Hawthorne
Filed On: Paranormal, over18
Page Length: 154 pages
Current Cost (11/06/15): £1.54/ $2.05

What The Blurb Says:

Dillon has followed her heart through life, and now that she is a month from her fortieth birthday and she often wonders why she's never met Mr. Right. She is a gorgeous, tall, redhead with a masochistic side that enjoys pain and the surrender a good Dominate requires. She is a bit of an aberration among other human women, but she has happily given herself to other dominate men without fear of abuse, even though at times there has been just that. She’s picked herself up and dusted it all off and continued on, always waiting, always hoping that, he, will find her. -----

Ezekiel has waited hundreds of years to claim his demon mate, and the time has finally come. She has been raised as a human, still pubescent for an immortal demon female, completely unaware she is anything other than a normal, average woman. She is a redhead though, and she’s battled a fierce temper all of her life. She requires a master of great fortitude if he wishes to conquer all that she innately is. ------

When Ezekiel finally claims Dillon as his, and his alone, the sparks not only fly, but a conflagration is begun. The King of all Demon kind has met his match in his perfectly engineered mate, Dillon, and once together, the fires of their passions will scald any that get in their way. The transformation is arduous and painful and after weeks of mating rituals that instigate Dillon’s final conversion from human to Demon, the pair in question are unsure if they love or hate their counterpart. -----

There are many comedic, emotional and passionate moments in this short piece. -----

This is a short novella and will be approximately a five hour read. It is the beginning of a new series from Payne Hawthorne. It is full of adult themed, graphic, often violent sex and BDSM scenes and situations. Mature audiences only please.


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