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Sunday, 7 June 2015

AUTHOR SPOLIGHT Payne Hawthorne Everything You Need To Know


This starts our Author Spolight Week for Payne Hawthorne, Author of The Dormant Desires Series, The Elysian, Fire Clothed In Skin, and the brand new revamped, Remnant, Book one in the Adventures In Payne Series.

This is the first week, so be kind! :-)

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Payne Hawthorne is a new driving force in the indie author/self-published world of, Romance/fiction/erotica and her favorite genre, Paranormal Romance. She currently has four series to her credit: Dormant Desires, Alpha Pack trilogy and Dormant Desires book 4, Cain. My Demon Master. AdventuresinPayne, and her latest addition, The Elysian.


Payne's stories are full of steamy, passionate sex. Her consistent thread is love as an untapped source of power and should remain the most important ingredient in all human existence.


Payne's characters are identifiable and well developed. Her plot and story lines are as unique as you will ever read. Her vision is an odd combination of ethereal/spiritual/emotional, with highly charged erotic scenes throughout each story.

Her imagination is vivid, modern, futuristic, and never ending. She often sprinkles in her favorite dynamic between a dominate male and a submissive female.  She also detests formula anything, so you can be guaranteed the most original and unique read/listen ever!


She has now released 4 titles as audio books. All narrated by an up and coming male narrator who is a master of accents. Payne’s passion is producing audio books so look for her other titles on audio as she can afford to produce them.



My titles on Digital, Print and Audio:

Alpha Pack Compilation, Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising and Lumen


Cain, Dormant Desires Book 4



AdventuresinPayne, Remnant (release date May 31. 2015)


Fire Clothed in Skin


The Elysian


  1. I love Payne Hawthorne books they a different and wonderful! I'm always looking for my next great read from her! Please keep them coming!

  2. HI! This is super exciting for me. I've been anonymous for a very long time. I can't thank you guys enough for promoting me. I love you! <3 <3 <3