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Sunday, 31 May 2015

REVIEW TOUR Beautiful Collison, Toni Vallan

Release Date: May 27th 2015

Eighteen year old Gray McAllister is on the run. Leaving her dangerous past behind her is easier said than done, even when she finds herself at last able to forge a new life.

But then the planets align and Gray finds herself bumping into super-hot Thane Blackwell. Drooling over him from afar is safe but that's only until she is forced to look after Thane while he recovers from surgery.

Being holed up in her apartment is a bad, bad idea. Can Gray control the fire that Thane seems to light inside her, or will she give in to her deepest desires. Can Thane achieve his goal without hurting Gray in the process?

The stakes are impossibly high, but love and lies don't play nice with each other. Will Gray's past catch up with her first? Or will Thane's own secrets explode and tear them apart?

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Book Chatter Promotions in exchange for a fair and honest review**

Gray McAllister has lived a horrific life starting in her later teenage years.  She has had to endure the death of her parents and the possibility of her brother selling her body for sex in exchange for him making money.  She has lived several months on the run from the very man she thought was going to protect her. Finally she settles down and gets registered to attend college.  She thinks that life can become normal again. Then enters Thane and her world is uprooted again. What will happen with Gray? Will she overcome the impossible situation she is in?

This was an intense story. It was dark and sad and depressing at times.  At other times, it seemed like there was a light shining through the clouds. Emotions were high throughout the story.

 This book does not have a HEA but a major cliffhanger, which I disliked.  It is completely up in the air as to how Gray will overcome her current situation and if Thane will be successful in his mission. 

My one complaint, aside from the cliffhanger ending, was at the beginning when it was going back and forth between Gray and Thane. There were quite a bit of the conversations that was repeated between the two of them and seemed quite redundant. This cleared up about ¼ of the way in the story, thankfully. Even with the story line being dark and depressing, overall, it was a good story. If I had the opportunity, I will read book two for closure!

Meet the Author

Toni Vallan is the author of two contemporary titles in the contemporary suspense series DESPERATION, and her ongoing Thriller line. Toni loves the dark side of the soul, and studied to become a neuropsychologist. A career path taken over by her first love - writing.
Toni lives in the land of the Hobbits, and secretly wants a Hobbit house, although her husband and two daughters may not agree.
Twitter: @tonivallan

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