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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - The Bleeding Heart by Amy Giuffrida

Author: Amy Giuffrida
Genre: NA Psychological Horror

Brooklyn is a talented artist with an obsession for blood; one that she satiates at her uncle’s tattoo shop. It’s here at The Bleeding Heart that Brooklyn practices the art of dispensing pain onto others. Yet, nothing can dull the desire running through her veins, especially since the man she really wants to torture rots in jail for murder. 

When Daniel comes into her life, Brooklyn’s obsession with tattoos and blood quickly turns into desire for him. She dreams about getting him on her tattoo table as her first official customer, marking him as her own. But Daniel has a different idea as to what they should be doing with their bodies. 

As Brooklyn spirals out of control, her sanity begins to slip right along with whatever is left of her humanity. Daniel may be the only one left to save her, if she lets him in. In the end she will have to choose between exacting vengeance, staying alive, or loving Daniel.



~ A ~
As soon as my needle touches his skin, I know this guy is different. He talks to me about the weather and then I feel him sliding down in the chair. Very slowly. No way this is an accident. As he moves down, my face is closer to somewhere it shouldn’t be. If he wants to play, he’s come to the right place. Time to up the ante so I move my shading needles faster and deeper into his leg.

“Ow, that hurt.”


~ B ~
Grabbing my hand, Daniel leads me to the stairs. Guessing, he continues in the direction of my bedroom. I shut the door with a kick of my foot. Turning, I move my hands up his chest, my eyes taking in everything manly about him. “I hope you’re one of those guys who keeps a condom in his wallet, because if not, we’re going to have a problem.”
Daniel’s hands find the edge of my t-shirt and rolls it up and over my head. Without hesitation he says, “Yeah, I’m one of those guys. Take off your pants.”

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books, I was gifted this copy by HEA BookShelf in exchange for my review.

I'm not gonna write a blurby bit, just jumping straight in with my review.

There I was merrily reading away, loving, I mean loving the way this was going, then....its gone. Finished, just like that! I was loving the way Brooklyn was growing into the person she was, with Daniel, and the way we could she that she maybe, just maybe, might get over that trauma she had when she was twelve. I was loving it, even if it was first person AND single POV AND in the present tense. Not my favourite, you'll know if you follow my reviews, but I did not mind it here. I was loving that we get told some of said trauma, although we didn't get the WHOLE picture, just snippets, hints and nasty man come back for more. I was loving the whole supporting cast Brooklyn had backing her, her uncle, the tattoo shop team, bar one. And I was loving that previously mentioned nasty man was getting his just desserts.

THEN it was all over. No build up, no indication it was coming, nothing, boom! Just done, and while I did actually like the ending, with that teeny tiny bit of Daniel, I also hated it, and this is why it gets 4 stars and not five.

This is not a fluffy romance, people, not by a long chalk. Brooklyn had a diffifcult and almost deadly upbringing, and her mind is *somewhat* warped to that upbringing. It makes for some difficult reading, emotionally, not because it badly written.

Because it is stunningly written, I have to say! And the author profile page on Goodreads states this is her first novel. If that is the case, I'm so sorry I can't stretch to 5 stars, really I am, but you should be very proud of this work, you really should. It really was that unforeseen ending (cos not at all while I was reading did I see THAT one comin!) that stops me from giving it a 5 star rating.

4 stars

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Amy Giuffrida teaches language arts to teens by day, while working nights as supermom and a bookseller. The teen in her is never far away, calling to her to crank the tunes and write stories about the darkness that surrounds us all. 

Amy is known for taking the path less traveled, but can always be found on Twitter @kissedbyink or online at one of her haunts:,,, or