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Monday, 20 April 2015

VIRTUAL TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - One Night in Boise by Troy Lambert

One Night in Boise

by Troy Lambert



Detective Derek Marshek and his wife Cheri like to play games. It’s not that they don’t have a great sex life, but Cheri came up with the idea to keep things even spicier. Suddenly, events at the Seven Bells Motel reveal she may have had other motives. Their son Alex, now in college and seeking to escape the shadow of his father has a new girlfriend. In their efforts to find privacy, he is drawn back into his parents’ lives, and sees a new side of Susie. Could she be the one?

On this night in Boise, will lives be ruined, hearts be broken? One thing is certain. It’s a dangerous game they all play.


Alex’s Parents’ Home, 10:45pm
“Give me your hand,” Alex said.

Susie reached out, and he helped her through the window.

“Thanks,” Susie said, looking around. “Was this your room?”


There was nothing on the floor, nothing that indicated it was ever inhabited by anyone. A dresser stood in the corner, a few partially open drawers betraying the fact they were empty. A bookshelf leaned against the wall next to it, dust and a discarded magazine the only things on it.

The bed was a twin, made neatly with a plain blue comforter, two pillows offering minimal comfort at the head.

The whole thing looked sad illuminated by the street light coming through the window. There were no curtains, only blinds pulled all the way to the top.

Alex slid the window closed, scowling.

“You don’t look happy.”

“I’m happy to be with you Suze. Just not here.”

“What is so bad about this place?”

“Do you know what it is like to be a cop’s kid?”

“No,” she said quietly.

“You can’t go anywhere without being questioned. I got lectured on safety and drunk driving when I was nine. Nine! It didn’t stop until I left. If I even hinted I might be at a party, I got the same talk.”

“My parents hounded me too. It’s what they do.”

“Did you visit the morgue?”

“The what?”

“Yeah, dead bodies, the whole bit.” Alex sat on the bed without thinking.

“Why would he do that?”

“To show me what could happen if I screwed up. He only used one discipline tactic: fear.”

“That’s horrible.”

“Tell me about it.”

Susie sat next to him and took his hand. “Alex, he was probably just trying to be a good dad, and didn’t really know how.”

“I know. Why do you think I feel so guilty? I got so angry at him, really upset Mom, and for what? Because I thought he should take a different approach?”

“It’s okay,” she ran her hand up his leg, liking the feel of his firm thigh muscles under his jeans. “You can still make it up to him you know.”

“Maybe,” he turned to look at her, and she saw the pain in his eyes.

She couldn’t help herself. Moving her chest against his arm, she kissed him, first on the cheek, then the corner of his mouth. The beginnings of stubble tickled her lips, sending tingles up her spine. He turned his face, and their lips met.

At first that’s all it was. A meeting. She could tell he did not want to be here, didn’t want to do this now. He had come here at her urging, and in doing so had brought back the pain of his earlier years, a wound not yet healed.

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

*Disclaimer* I received this book from Goddess Fish Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.

This is the second book in the City Nights Series that I have read, that was book 7 and this is book one. They are only related in that they take place in a different city over the course of a single night. That was Edinburgh, this is Boise. That was short, sweet and delicious. This is longer, darker, deadlier and sexier, but just as delicious!

Derek and his wife Cheri llike to play games, only this time, lives are at stake and secrets are uncovered.

This has murder, mystery, secrets, drug running  and pimping! It has a long standing marriage trying to keep the spark alive, and a young love, finding their time together where they can, even if it means breaking into his parents house.

Its written differently: Derek has his say, in the FIRST person. Everyone else has a say too, but in the THIRD person. Different, yes, took a little getting used to, but absolutely perfect for this book.

To pack so much in a short book (about an hour and a half for me) takes skill, and Lambert excels at that skill here. I've not read anything by Lambert before, but I will certainlylook to in the future!

4.5 stars

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author Troy Lambert, recently nominated for the Idaho Statesman's “Best of Treasure Valley” publication as an “Author of the Year”, and now an active member of the International Thriller Writers Organization recently released the third and final book in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, titled Confession, and a collection of short stories titled Into the Darkness with Marlie Harris.

Passionate about writing dark, psychological thrillers, his work includes Broken Bones, a collection of his short stories, Redemption, the first in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, Temptation, the sequel to Redemption, along with the horror Satanarium, co-authored with Poppet and published by Wild Wolf Publishing.

Don't think he lacks diversity as, this year, Stray Ally (for dog lovers) was published March 4th by Tirgearr Publishing and an erotic thriller novella, One Night in Boise, part of the “City Nights” series also by Tirgearr Publishing, was available as of May 27th.

Mr. Lambert began his writing life at a young age, penning the as yet unpublished George and the Giant Castle at age six. He grew up in southern Idaho, and after many adventures including a short stint in the US Army and a diverse education, Troy returned to Boise, Idaho where he works as a freelance writer, analyst, and editor.

 Troy lives with his wife of twelve years, two of his five children and two very talented dogs. He enjoys the outdoors as an active skier, cyclist, hiker, angler, hunter, and a terrible beginning golfer.

Author Website:

Book Buy Links:

Broken Bones





One Night in Boise

Stray Ally


  1. Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

  2. I always have others edit my books, even though I work as an editor. You can never see the errors in your own work, it seems. This one is with a publisher, and I had a great editor.

  3. Thanks for hosting me, and for your great review! I am really glad you liked the story.

  4. I loved the excerpt. This review was outstanding and one of the best I have read.