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Saturday, 18 April 2015

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - Paranormal Heat by G. Mallone

MADNESS- Vincent finds himself in the same room as his beautiful wife and the handsome shifter he's been having an affair with on the side one night. Will catastrophe follow or is there something more?

COUGAR'S HEAT- Beckham Marlow returns home for summer break from college and runs into his old babysitter. Allie Buchanan, recently widowed and harboring a secret, may make their reunion a little friendlier than originally anticipated. Cougars can be fun and somewhat naughty, but what happens when Beckham discovers Allie is the real deal?

CHAPTER FORTY-TWO- A twenty-something author decides he needs a change and moves halfway across the country in hopes of overcoming his writer’s block so he can finish the ultimate fantasy romance novel. Instead he inherits a pretty little blonde ghost who can’t seem to keep her hands off him. Most ghosts have an appetite for mischief, but Keegan Taylor’s ghost girl is hungry for him.

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Independent reviewer for Arcaheolibrarian I dig good books. 

I was given a copy of this to review BUT I also purchased it, before that.

3 very short, but very sexy stories that I have just one complaint about, or two, rather, and I'll get to that in a minute.

MADNESS. Vince loves his wife, Penny. But he also love Jeremiah. When Penny comes into heat, she plays them both to get what she wants.
Sexy shifters, multi partners, M/M M/M/F M/F/M these three get down and dirty right quick!

COUGAR'S HEAT. Beck comes home for the summer and bumps into his old baby sitter, Allie. And Beck has the shock of his life when Allie reacts to him in a way he never knew possible.
Again, shifters, but also, they dont shift, at all, here. A young man's dream come true!

CHAPTER FORTY-TWO. Keegan moves clear across the country to find it in himself to finish his book. But the house comes with some extras, ghostly extras!
I had previously read this one, by itself and reading it a second time was just as enjoyable as the first. It ends differently to what you would expect! By far the longest of the three too.

Now, for my two little things.

1. They are short, so very very short! Blink and you missed it. I would love to read something longer by Mallone, I really would.
2. Each story is written in the first person from the lead male. You all know I like to hear from everyone! That aside, it would have been nice to read one in the third person. Just to change things up a bit.


for three short stories, a bath book, lunch break read, hangover cure...perfick!

4 stars

**same worded review appears on Goodreads, and**

G. Mallone resides in rural Tennessee. He punches the time clock every day and then comes home to get lost in worlds of magic, sex, and romance. He's still under the age of 30, but not for much longer. He enjoys movies, music, reading, writing, and 'muddin', but make no mistake--his male characters are nothing short of southern gentlemen. G currently has one book available, a collection of erotic paranormal short stories that can be enjoyed by readers on-the-go while they wait for doctor's appointments or while traveling. MISTRESS and HOOK IN LOVE are expected to be released in 2015

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